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SAM4S EPOS Review - Best Products for 2018

The SAM4S brand is owned by Shin Heung Precision, a Korean company founded in 1968. With a grouping with 4 affiliates they purchased the Samsung Electronics ECR and POS business in 2001 and now develop and distribute EPOS products worldwide.

The company focuses on competitive and innovative products and their mission is to become the leading technology innovator in store automation technology. In 2009 the company won the IF Design award and in 2013 they launched an Android POS.

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Product categories

SAM4s POS product categories include electronic cash registers (ECR) and POS terminals. They also produce a range of related peripherals including pole displays and cash drawers.

SAM4s supplies three ranges of ECRs. These are:

  • TITAN series – these are the most powerful SAM4s terminals and include a range of CPU options.
  • Tabby series – this is a web server integrated solution which can be accessed by up to 6 mobile devices.
  • ST series – provide a quality price/performance solution and can be used in demanding applications. They are fan free and silent in operation.
Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
EPOS Systems• RetailSAM4s SPS-2000 & SAM4s SPS-2200Cost effective silent POS terminal with built in OS and configurable POS software
SAM4s TitanHigh specification touch screen with powerful processer for POS applications
EPOS Cash Registers• Retail
• Outdoor events
SAM4s ER-230 portable cash registerPerfect solution when there is limited space with no mains power supply. Popular for outdoor events.

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SAM4s SPS-2000 & SAM4s SPS-2200

sam4s psp2000 epos terminal

The SPS-2000 has recently been replaced by the SAM4s SPS-2200. This is a POS terminal with a 12.1” colour LCD touch screen and can be connected to a range of peripherals through its four serial communication ports. The SPS-2000 does not use a hard drive and all data is stored in on-board flash memory and non-volatile RAM. It is limited to running its built-in POS application.

Although its inability to run PC POS applications might be considered to be limiting, the POS software built in is flexible and can be tailored to alternative environments. The price is typically around £800 + VAT.

Some of the main features are:

  • No hard disk drive meaning greater reliable and reduced maintenance
  • EPROM Program Storage giving improved reliability, stability, speed and with faster boot up times that PC-based POS systems
  • Quiet fan-less operation reducing maintenance requirements

SAM4s Titan 550 POS terminal

sam4s titan 550 epos terminal

This is the most powerful POS terminal in the SAM4s range. It includes and i3 3GHz CPU and can support the most demanding POS requirements. It has a bezel free design which prevents the accumulation of debris. It is also resistant to splashes and easy to clean. Cables are easily hidden as they connect through the base.

This is an excellent terminal for any powerful PC based POS system and can be used configured as either a workstation or a server.

SAM4s cash registers

sam4s cash register

There are four model ranges of SAM4s cash registers. These include:

  • NR-series – these have a compact design and are easy to relocate.
  • ER-series – fast and reliable, these are a perfect solution for small and larger retail and hospitality businesses
  • SPS-series – stylishly designed, they are able to interface with a wide range of peripherals

SAM4s ER-230

The SAM4s ER-230 is a portable cash register and a great solution if there is limited space and/or you need to run a cash register without access to mains power. This battery powered SAM4s till is a popular solution for outdoor events when power is unavailable. It can be purchased either with or without a cash drawer. The price is typically £139.95 + VAT.

Features include:

  • Attractive design
  • 7 inch touch screen display for operator
  • Powerful flexible software
  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of peripherals

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The SAM4s POS terminals and ECRs are affordable and a cost effective solution for hospitality and retail businesses. They are simple, attractive, reliable and easy to use. There is a wide range of product options, and it is easy to add peripherals to tailor your POS as you would like it to be. The SAM4s portably ECRs are a great choice for outdoor events and other situations where you don’t have access to power.

If you have hospitality or retail business SAM4s POS should certainly figure in your short list. With over 40 years experience of the business it has developed excellent technology both in hardware and software.

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