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By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 1 October 2019

Sage is a software company with over 30 years’ experience dealing with small and larger businesses, providing solutions for EPOS and CRM to name but a few, and backing it up with a comprehensive, tailor made advice and support provision. The company professes to take a holistic approach to both its own employees and its customers to provide what they call a rounded strategy for corporate social responsibility. They maintain focus on the latest technology such as cloud based software and listen to their customers in order to develop more robust and useful products such as their highly popular Sage Pay solution.

Key to the success of the company and the product is the notion of EPOS Sage integration where their products work seamlessly with each other and other platforms. That means businesses have more of a chance of getting that much sought after bespoke solution which actually suits their needs. Sage EPOS also use vetted suppliers to roll out their products and only work with companies that have a strong customer ethic and are likely to provide a high standard of service locally. For business customers it’s not just about a system that is easy to use and responsive to their needs but also providing the opportunity to reduce the impact of fraud in all monetary transactions.

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Products and Features

With products such as Sage 50 and Sage Pay, and servicing over 50,000 companies across Europe, they provide a number of options for businesses of all sizes who need the right software to manage a range of POS transactions, including for mail and telephone, direct card and online payments. The systems are all about making it simple for customers to pay and providing them with the easy to use tools that increase productivity and help cut down on administrative errors. The products are paid for on a per monthly basis which cost anywhere between £25 and £75 per month plus VAT dependent on the options selected.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
EPOS Software• VariousMail & Telephone Order PaymentsBrowser based payment software with options for flexible EPOS Sage integration with other software
Sage Pay Online PaymentsBroad range of payment options with on user limits
Sage Card Machine PaymentsBrowser based payment software that lets you take payments over the phone
Sage EInvoice PaymentsSAAS (Software as a service) with 24-hour customer support

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Sage EPOS Online and Telephone

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Mail & Telephone Order Payments

The Sage EPOS software solution for mail and telephone order payments is browser based and allows customers to pay using a wide range of card options and in over 25 different currencies. The secure nature of the Sage POS software means that fraud is kept to a minimum and businesses get access to real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics including shopper trends. The payment gateway integrates with Sage accounting software and is compatible with most online platforms.

Sage Pay Online

More and more of us are paying our bills online and the Sage POS software provides a secure and easy to use environment for customers to do just that, whether they are paying a digitally transmitted bill or selecting a product option from a business website. The software enables many businesses to cut back on the administration time of processing online payments and it can all be linked to other accounting software for seamless EPOS Sage integration.

Sage EPOS Card and Invoice Payments

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Card Machine Payments

The ability to accept chip and PIN card payments is vital to the life blood of any retail or service industry and the Sage POS system is simple to set up and very easy to use. All you need to do is plug in the card machine and you can begin accepting payments. Sage also offers a range of countertop, mobile and contactless card machines ideal for any business.

E-Invoice Payments

With the Sage EInvoice Payments software businesses can make it easier for their suppliers and customers to pay on receiving a digital invoice. It allows a business to issue an invoice with a ‘pay now’ button which promotes more timely payments and can be easily integrated with other accounting software to keep track of transactions.

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Sage EPOS is just a part of the accounting and CRM software that the company produces and businesses can access a wide range of useful tools that cut down on administration and overall costs for just a small monthly fee. Sage deals with over 50,000 businesses across the European Union and counts some major players amongst its users.

They also provide comprehensive training packages that are suitable for small businesses and individuals to get the best out of the software, backed up by a comprehensive 24/7 support system. EPOS Sage integration means that the software works with a range of platforms and there are a number of complementary add-ons that can be accessed and which have been developed for specific business solutions.

Next Steps

Finding the best EPOS software solution for your business at a competitive price can be a time consuming process. Using a site such as Expert Market can help reduce the amount of effort you need to put in and give you a list of the best options available. All you need to do is type in your details below and begin comparing suppliers.

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