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RMS EPOS Software Review 2018

RMS stands for Retail Management Systems and is a subset of the Microsoft Corporation. With such an illustrious, and not to mention enormous, company behind them, RMS systems are widely used and highly thought of with an international customer base that exceeds 50,000 businesses.

Formerly known as QuickSell 2000, Microsoft have continuously tweaked and improved each component of the RMS package to suit the EPOS requirements of the present age. As you would expect for a product related to such a prestigious corporation, this has led to many innovations for this cutting edge supplier.

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RMS System Products And features

RMS POS system manufacture products that are mainly suited to small and medium sized businesses and are specifically designed to be flexible and easy to use with most EPOS products easily integrated into the system.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
EPOS Software• RetailRMS POS SoftwareFlexible software suite that integrates easily with most hardware components and other common software bundles like Peachtree
Cloud-based solutions• RetailRMS OpSuiteFully-featured cloud-based POS platform

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RMS Software

RMS POS Software

The RMS system is in fact a software package that can be easily integrated with other EPOS hardware. With the ability to run smoothly together with almost every kind of hardware on the market, RMS POS software is as flexible a package as you are likely to find.

Because of this flexible design it is suitable for nearly all EPOS relevant functions. How does it manage to be so flexible in this arena? With an enormous amount of add on options that makes the whole system fit almost any requirement.

RMS And Hardware Integration

Because it has been designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, RMS POS software is easily integrated with most EPOS hardware. Operable with devices that are at the forefront of almost all businesses that utilise EPOS hardware, such as card readers or scanners, RMS systems are also designed for more specific functions, such as signature capture.

What’s more, the RMS POS design also integrates perfectly with other software that includes QuickBooks and Peachtree, meaning if your system’s software does not cover all your EPOS needs, RMS software, and its add-ons, might.

RMS Cloud Based Solutions

RMS OpSuite

Cloud based systems and storage are now widespread in the EPOS world, as well as many other web-based practices, and the ability of a software package to upload and manage information this way is paramount to its success in the future.

Secure and easy to work with, RMS POS systems are one of the most popular platforms for all OpSuite users and it remains a perfect working partnership for almost all that use this combination.


Although not the cheapest software package on the market, RMS systems are very well regarded, reliable and has a high level of support while their customer service reputation is said to be excellent and responsive. Available from £300 it is far from the most expensive product but it also cannot be described as a high end product.

What sets RMS software apart from most others is its ability to integrate with a variety of EPOS components. It is rare for POS software systems to integrate so easily with other software and its hardware flexibility is nothing short of impressive.

As RMS expands to worldwide availability, the frequency of this system will become more ubiquitous. So far Canada, The USA, Australia and The UK use RMS POS software to great effect but don’t be surprised if you see its influence spread to all corners of the globe. Its simplicity is infectious and with the influence of Microsoft behind it, innovations are likely to be just around the corner.

Save by Comparing EPOS Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have an EPOS System?

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