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Point One EPOS Review

Offering award winning EPOS products and services, Point One are a UK based EPOS provider for the hospitality sector. Due to its focus on hospitality, they are able to tailor their service to suit the needs of specific businesses, which has made them one of the most highly regarded EPOS suppliers for bars, clubs, hotels and a variety of other businesses within the sector.

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The Point One EPOS system is an all-encompassing and intuitive method of helping your business reach its full potential. Cloud based data storage and reporting allows you to stay on top of even the smallest parts of the business. With inventory control, automated ordering, transit management, integrated kitchen software, the Point One EPOS system is crafted to meet the needs of large and small businesses alike.

Point One devices are also intuitive to use for your customers. Chip and Pin, contactless and online payments take a matter of moments and increase customer satisfaction with their innate ability to speed up the transaction process. For staff, ease of use means less training is required and human error is minimised to the extent that they become rare occurrences.


As each product and service is tailored to the industry it is employed in, Point One are able to provide the type of service that is easy to integrate, while maximising income and efficiency. While most EPOS providers understand the needs of pubs/clubs and restaurants, the mainstays of the hospitality industry when it comes to EPOS systems, Point One have cultivated systems for other businesses too.

Industries include:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs, Bars And Clubs
  • Venues
  • Hotels


No matter the size or type of restaurant you are running, Point One provide a platform that can be easily integrated. Weekly reports cover everything from stock control, profitability, staff performance and customer feedback. The overview allows you to develop a profound understanding of the inner workings of your restaurant, including which meals sell best at which time of day, week or year. There are also tools to supervise inventory and staff performance.

Menu editing not only allows daily editing of menus, you can also provide customers with special offers by the minute, the timing of which can suit the daily capabilities of your staff and stock levels. Table management can also be employed in the longer term, helping you manage private functions and busy periods.

Integration, as ever regarding Point One EPOS, is intuitive and largely automated, with Android tablets able to provide efficient table service, sending orders directly to the kitchen for maximum efficiency.

Fast food outlets often have different needs to that of a standard restaurant, something many EPOS systems do not cater for. Point One, however, offer everything from customer payment terminals to multiple integrated features, including card reader to kitchen automation.

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Pubs, Bars And Clubs

Before EPOS systems were introduced, staff required a high level of training and the memory of a computer in order to process customer requests quickly. Modern EPOS systems mean that even minimally trained staff are able to take complex orders and process them with the minimum of fuss.

As with restaurants, Point One Android tablets provide the means to take table orders and process them automatically. Touch screen tills mean that each drink can be processed through an intuitive menu that requires the user to simply select the drink. The entire process takes seconds.

Point One EPOS goes beyond the usual features associated with the sector, however. Biometric fingerprinting helps with customer and staff management, automated promotions, such as happy hour, can be applied daily and social media campaigns are easy to construct and manage through the EPOS system itself.


Venues, such as theatres, are often overlooked in the specifics they require from an EPOS system. This can be problematic because, while there is plenty of overlap, venues require bespoke features that are not relevant to other industries in the sector.

Point One have worked with several theatres to construct features such as interval ordering, whereby customers can pre-order drinks to collect or be served without the need for queuing. Portable bars can also be set up to alleviate crowding at venues of all types and mobile payments cater for in outdoor venues.


Hotels typically require many of the features of the other industries in the sector. Restaurants in a hotel can benefit from table services and table management in the same way as any restaurant. For hotels, however, the nature of the business means that integration is key.

To this end Point One have cultivated a platform that is enormously well designed and easily integrated. Room billing means that no matter the service, whether that be room service, restaurant or bar, billing is simple.

Hotel management tends to be a lot more complex than a stand alone restaurant or bar. This is why Point One have created a system whereby the entire business has a transparent overview and customisable levels of automation regarding inventory, media campaigns and special offers. What’s more, real time reporting means you are able to stay on top of things without chasing various departments, a must for large enterprises.


The level of support offered by Point One has been described as astonishing by their customers. Less of a supplier and more of a partner, this makes them perfect for those with little or no experience with the technology.

Point One Staff have been trained to deal with individual cases, allowing them the flexibility to provide the right support for each case. This makes it more likely they will offer a solution in a timely manner.

But it isn’t just when you have an issue that Point One provide support. Ongoing advice on how to get the best out your system, and how to expand and develop your business in accordance with the technology, means they are able to provide support that goes beyond the typical level of service you would expect from an EPOS supplier.

Installation, staff training and development has also led to Point One being a leader in EPOS systems in the UK, and their consistently positive reviews from customers and industry insiders alike is proof of this.