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Best Opticon Barcode Scanners 2018 - Product Review

Opticon Barcode Scanner Review 2018

Since 1976 Opticon have been at the forefront of scanning technology. A truly worldwide venture, Opticon barcode scanners are the cornerstone of businesses in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and, of course North America. With branches in Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Taiwan and Australia, as well as the several offices in the United States and Canada, this is a global phenomenon with fantastic products that are innovative and flexible.

As each office caters to the needs of the country it is based in, Opticon software and hardware support and business practices can be well suited to the global reach that they possess. With innovative products, such as the Opticon H21, they are one of a few genuinely pioneering businesses in the industry.

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Opticon Products And Features

With a selection of highly innovative technologies that encompass digital signage, Android terminals and Windows Mobiles, Opticon have their fingers in many pies. With a great selection of wireless and cabled appliances, Opticon barcode scanning equipment is both varied and easily integrated into other systems. Because of this focus on diversity, Opticon software has to be flexible and thorough in its functionality, something the company manages with impressive ease.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Barcode scanners• Various industriesOPR-3201Easy to use plug and play device
Opticon C37Intuitive entry level model
Bluetooth Scaners• Various industriesOPN 2002Top of the range bluetooth scanner

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Opticon Scanners

Most Popular Opticon Scanners – The Opticon OPR-3201

opticon opr 3201

Opticon offer a varied selection of scanners that make use of many kinds of technological aspects. Opticon Bluetooth scanners are well regarded and Opticon software is in heavy use worldwide.

The Opticon OPR-3201 has great integration potential with keyboard wedge, USB and RS232 connectivity. This means it can be used as a simple plug and play device, a huge advantage to those who do not wish to play around with drivers and other potentially tricky add-ons and software. Available from around £100, it is a terrific barcode scanner that is understandably extremely popular with many EPOS users.

Opticon C37

opticon c37

Speed is the key to the Opticon C37 being as successful as it is. Lightweight, ergonomic and durable enough to withstand heavy usage, it is a perfect fit for many businesses. As with the Opticon OPR-3201, it offers great integration into existing EPOS systems with its keyboard wedge, RS232 and USB outlets.

The Opticon C37 is a simpler scanner than others that Opticon offer. As well as being cheaper, available from around £60, it is also a simpler device to use for those who require less complicated appliances.

Opticon Bluetooth Scanners

Opticon OPN 2002

opticon opn 2002 bluetooth scanner

Now discontinued, the Opticon OPN 2002 was once one of the most popular data collection devices on the market. Although data collection has largely been surpassed by appliances that combine the process with other types of scanning, for those that still utilise data collection separately, this is a very capable piece of equipment.

Available from around £100, it isn’t cheap but for a top of the range Opticon Bluetooth scanner, you are unlikely to find another device that offers better value for money.


Opticon are truly an impressive entity in the realms of global technology. While other companies struggle to maintain quality over a large selection of disparate products and services, Opticon scanners are of consistent high quality and their customer service, due to its many offices across the world, is well regarded by all that use it. This all culminates in a company that produces products that are flexible, easy to integrate into various systems and businesses of all shapes, sorts and sizes. As the company has a global presence, the products they supply tend to be consistently available everywhere. This can make the whole challenge of choosing the appropriate product much more simple. See next steps for more help.

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