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Best Magento EPOS Software - 2018 Reviews

Magento Reviews

Owned by eBay Inc, Magento is possibly the most well regarded eCommerce platform in the word. Initially released in the Spring of 2008, the cross platform operating systems has become one of the most popular in the EPOS industry.

A global leader in one of the most innovative and competitive industries, Magento POS system software is omnipresent across the whole range of EPOS related sectors, including restaurants and bars, various retail outlets and many other specifically related industries. An enormous presence in EPOS software, Magento are one of the best selling suppliers in the world of eCommerce.

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Magento Software Products And Features

Because Magento software is manufactured by eBay, it is perfectly suited to all the machinery that makes up the eBay experience, including the ubiquitous Paypal payment system. Flexible and scalable, Magento EPOS is perfect suited to many industries that utilise point of sale software, especially those that need increased integration with digital commerce and global marketing.

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• Retail
• eCommerce
Magento Community EditionHighly flexible free edition
Magento Enterprise EditionFully featured business edition

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Best Selling Magento Software

Magento Community Edition

magento community edition

The Magento Community Edition is the perfect option for those that need a software platform that is highly flexible. A feature rich product that is easily integrated into existing systems is essential for most businesses in retail industry. An online store is available to download for free and is easily modified for specific purposes.

As it is free there is no Magento support for the Community Edition but there is a very helpful user forum available for more technical problems that might occur.

Magento Enterprise Edition

magento enterprise edition

Unlike the community edition, Magento Enterprise is not a free application so you would expect a lot more features and advantages. Happily that is the case with this enormous and very impressive piece of ecommerce software.

The greatest benefit of the Enterprise Edition is it manages to simplify the process while offering far more options for various business requirements. Personalised shopping, for example, has become central to many forward thinking businesses in retail and you are unlikely to find a better product for your operation than this. It is intuitive for the customer while remaining uncomplicated for the retailer and this combination of simplicity and depth is its greatest asset.

The price of Magento Enterprise depends on just how many features you wish to utilise. Magento price ranges are extremely varied depending on the level of features you require and can set you back anything from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds.

Magento Enterprise Edition For Fashion

Possibly the industry leader, Enterprise For Fashion is a clever piece of software that is tailor-made, for the fashion industry and can be easily modified the suit the various needs of specific companies, something extremely important for this particular sector.

Exclusive offers and private sales create an environment where the customer feels their needs individually catered for, while unique content only serves to enhance this experience. Responsive, easily managed and flexible, this software is in frequent use within the fashion trade and can have positive effects on all areas of the business.


Magento offer a simple yet in depth range of software to suit the various needs of each EPOS related industry, With a high level of integration, Magento modules and support has lead to it being one of the heaviest utilised software packages in the world. This is perhaps unsurprising baring in mind they are owned by eBay Inc

Magento inventory management in general is of a very high level, as you would expect, but the options available in other areas of retail are what makes the company a celebrated entity.

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Even within the retail sector there are very specific needs that do not always easily overlap. There is no one size fits all software program and there are certainly no all encompassing system that can be bought without serious consideration.

The problem is, with so many options available, how does one sift through the enormous range of software, systems and components that make up the EPOS industry? With our easy to use web form, you can negotiate through the products that are not relevant to your size, scope and budget, helping you compare the right products for your enterprise, whether large or small. It takes just a few moments and can save you an awful lot of time, frustration and money.