The Best iPad EPOS Systems 2020

By Dan Barraclough

iPad EPOS systems are the revolutionary way to take payments. Let’s take a look at the ones you should be investing in

ipad epos system

Modernise the way you take payments with an iPad EPOS system

Over 60% of retail and restaurant businesses are choosing to invest in an iPad till system over a standard cash register. It's not hard to see why – iPad till systems are cheap, clever, stylish, portable, and popular.

And the great news is, turning your iPad into a cash register is super-easy, too. All you need to do is choose an EPOS supplier, download its software, and hey presto – you have a payment system at your fingertips. And if you don’t already own an iPad? Most software suppliers will provide you with one once you sign up!

iPad EPOS systems have been designed to solve the pain points of the evolving retail and restaurant industries. Customers are expecting more, so an iPad EPOS system helps you deliver more. 

In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of the best iPad EPOS system suppliers. When making our choices, we looked at the software products themselves, as well as pricing plans and customer satisfaction rates.

If you'd like to find out more about iPad EPOS systems, head to the bottom of the page. If you already know that an iPad system is the right investment for your business, why not receive quotes from top iPad EPOS systems suppliers?

The best iPad EPOS systems

Based on our research, the best iPad EPOS systems are supplied by Lightspeed, Epos Now, Square POS, iZettle, and Vend.

SupplierBest forStar rating
LightspeedTailored software
Epos NowSoftware integration
Square POSRestaurants

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Best for tailored software

Whether you’re turning to Lightspeed for restaurants or for retail, you can always rely on this supplier to perform. In fact, Lightspeed is so popular, it provides iPad EPOS systems to over 34,000 customers.

Whether you’re tracking your stock, setting up marketing emails, or using employee data to discover who’s selling and who’s not, Lightspeed provides a smooth user experience throughout, so you can expertly handle every area of your business.

Lightspeed's basic package is the most expensive of all the suppliers' in our top five. Don't let this deter you, though – in fact, Lightspeed's ‘basic' package offers the same features as its rivals' ‘Pro' packages.

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Prices start from £69/month

Epos Now

Best for software integration

Epos Now is a big name in the world of iPad EPOS systems. It’s closely behind Lightspeed in terms of customers, with a respectable 30,000 clients across both retail and hospitality.

This supplier is all about innovation. Not only does Epos Now’s software cover a variety of industries, it also offers you the option to create your own EPOS software package. This is thanks to the system’s ability to integrate with a huge range of POS apps.

Add to that a 9/10 TrustPilot rating, plus the fact you can train your staff to use the software in just 15 minutes, and investment is a no-brainer.

Prices start at £25/month

Square POS

Best for free software

Yes, there really is such thing as free POS software – and it’s tailored, too. Square has designed POS software for both the retail and the hospitality industry, ensuring all of its customers are equipped with the tools they need to run their business as successfully as possible.

As with anything that seems too good to be true, there is a slight catch. Square’s credit card processing fees are slightly higher than other POS providers, which makes up for the fact that you’re not paying anything for its software.

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Software is free, but 1.75% credit card processing fee


Best for retail stores

iZettle is only getting bigger and bigger – its turnover grew by 300% in its first two years alone. And now, not only does it supply merchant accounts, it supplies excellent iPad EPOS systems, too.

The software itself isn’t just great at the basics, such as taking payments or stock management. You can also do clever things like set up pre-ordering, so that customers’ items are ready before they come into the store.

iZettle is very similar to Square, in that it’ll also give you its software for free. And also like Square, it’ll charge you a 1.75% credit card fee to make up the costs.

Software is free, but 1.75% credit card processing fee


Best for ecommerce

Last but certainly not least, Vend recognises the importance of digital presence. The company has created an iPad EPOS system that allows you to sell via the internet, as well as on the shop floor.

This is an EPOS system for those who want to target as many channels as possible. Social media apps can be integrated easily, giving you access to your customers while they’re on the go.

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Pricing starts from £25/month

What's next?

All in all, we reckon the term ‘electronic point of sale’ is an understatement for iPad EPOS systems. Combine EPOS software with modern POS hardware and you have not just a means of taking payment, but a full retail or restaurant management system.

While we’ve provided the base price for all of the EPOS systems listed above, the amount that you pay will depend on how many EPOS systems you need, and the features you require. You’ll also need to consider installation costs, and your chosen supplier’s credit card processing fees.

The best way to receive an accurate cost for an iPad EPOS system is to fill in our quick quote-finding form. Once you’ve popped in a few details about your business, the best suppliers for your requirements will be in touch with more details and costs.


What are the benefits of investing in an iPad EPOS System?

These are just some of the benefits of investing in an iPad EPOS system:

  • It’s a complete retail/restaurant management system
  • It’s stylish – a great addition to your bar or shop front
  • It’s portable – take the till to your customer
  • You can create your own software package
  • It’s cloud-based – access your sales data from anywhere
  • Manage your stock – set up auto-ordering and make stock takes a breeze
  • Easily expandable – opening up a new premises? No problem.
  • Affordable – Pay monthly, or use an existing iPad

Why is some iPad EPOS software free?

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘nothing in this world comes for free’ – and that applies to POS software too. Some POS software suppliers, such as iZettle and Square, choose to charge a slightly higher credit card processing fee to cover the cost of their software.

Are iPad POS systems compatible with other POS items?

Yes – iPad POS systems usually connect to receipt printers, credit card readers, scales, barcode scanners, and more via mobile or wireless internet connection.

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