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Integer EPOS Review

With decades of experience in the industry, Integer are a small, UK based, EPOS software provider of the highest quality. Focusing on restaurants, including fast food outlets, the Integer bespoke design is enormously popular with businesses in the UK, Europe and even across North America.

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The sheer number of features provided by Integer EPOS software makes them more than a simple software provider. Each feature is designed for ease of use for your customers, staff and management itself. Innovation and integration with the latest technology, iPhones and text ordering for example, means Integer software is likely to remain at the cutting edge of restaurant EPOS software for the foreseeable future.

The main features include:

  • Caller recognition and post code automation
  • Touch screen interface
  • Price and menu editing
  • Kitchen order automation
  • Delivery management
  • Table management
  • Reports
  • Easy marketing tools
  • Inventory management

Caller Recognition And Postcode Automation

For regular customers it helps to feel appreciated. As the system recognises previous callers you can greet them with a familiarity that inspires customer loyalty. Postcode automation is also available, speeding up the ordering process whether it be online or via the phone. Previous orders may also be repeated, saving customers and staff time and reducing the chance of error.

Touch Screen Interface

With no need for peripheral hardware, such as a mouse, and icon led ordering, equipment takes up less space and staff require less training. Touch screen technology also reduces human error and speeds up the ordering process enormously.

Price and Menu Editing

Whether you wish to implement special offers at specific times of the day or week or simply adjust your menu as and when you require it, easy price and menu editing allows you a high degree of control with the minimum of fuss.

Kitchen Order Automation

As soon as an order is taken, from a table, phone, Internet or at the till, intricate orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, making the entire process highly efficient and professional. For business with a high customer turnover, this feature is key to maintaining a well organised work environment.

Delivery Management

The delivery service for many take away outlets is key to their success, and Integer have implemented a system that is in depth and easy to follow. Order management ensures staff are aware of the most pressing orders, map displays allows route planning for management and drivers, and text messages inform customers when their order is on its way.

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Table Management

For restaurants with seating, reservations can be easily managed in advanced and payments can be taken at the table for your customer’s convenience. Large groups waiting to be seated can also be managed as the automated table overview allows staff to inform customers when a table is free.


In depth reporting of the minutiae of your businesses can be accessed hourly, daily or monthly, allowing you to see which orders sell best at which time of the day, month or year.

Marketing Tools

For online ordering in particular it is essential that your business has a high profile in your catchment area. Integer provide easy to use marketing tools, such as bespoke special offers, which can be directed at previous customers from your database. New customers can also be sought with well targeted online campaigns.

Inventory Management

Automated ordering, wastage reporting and long term planning can all be managed with Integer EPOS software and with its transparent overview and intuitive management tools, you need never run out of essential inventory again.

Online Ordering

Providing a standard template for your website, those who are not versed in web design can get online instantly. Otherwise Integer provide bespoke web design services allowing you to promote your brand in any way you see fit.

All customers need to do in order to access your service is enter their postcode, state whether they require delivery or collection and select the items they want from the menu. If they are outside your delivery area they will receive a tailor made message informing them. The same is true if they attempt to place an order when you are closed.

Credit cards can be processed through their a secure gateway and the entire process takes a matter of moments. They can even help you set up a merchant account, which is required for processing card payments.

Customers with a smartphone can download an App that allows them to place orders instantly. This includes the free iPhone App that can be accessed via the iTunes Store. This also provides you with another avenue of marketing while providing you with one of the most cutting edge methods of food ordering available.


As well as the standard online customer support service, Integer offer free phone support for new customers for 12 months after purchase. This allows a high degree of peace of mind, particularly if you are not an experienced user. There are two lines, one for office hours and an emergency number that can be accessed 24/7. For long term support you can renew your software cover beyond the first year, ensuring you will always have help and advice in the long term.