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ICR are one of the largest EPOS providers in the UK, with over 70,000 customers using their platforms daily. ICR have partnerships with tech giants, such as Casio, Sanyo and Sharp, allowing them to combine cutting edge technology with innovative design.

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Products And Features

With so many features available with ICR Touch, it is little wonder they have become such a force within the UK EPOS market. There is something for every business in the retail and hospitality industries, with specified features to enhance the each area of your business.

These include:

  • Touch Point
  • Pocket Touch
  • Touch Kitchen
  • Touch Menu
  • Touch Office
  • Touch Loyalty
  • Touch Takeaway
  • Touch Reservation
  • Touch Top Up
  • Touch Abacus
  • Touch Stock

Touch Point

One of the cleverest designed touch screen till interfaces, Touch Point has been around for 15 years. Over this time ICR have updated, customised and perfected the platform, making it one of the most intuitive of its kind.

Pocket Touch

As the name suggests, Pocket Touch is software for handheld devices, specifically wireless card readers, which allow businesses within the hospitality sector to take and process orders from the customer’s table. Pocket Touch is perfectly designed to take complex orders, such as how the customer wants their steak, meaning greater customer satisfaction.

Touch Kitchen

Whether you are running a small deli, busy café or large restaurant, Touch kitchen can be tailored to suit your needs. As soon as an order has been taken, this information is automatically relayed to the kitchen, allowing for maximum efficiency and lessening the chances of orders becoming misplaced or incorrectly processed.

Touch Menu

Touch Menu is an innovative twist on the menu system, presenting customers with a digital interface that is easily that can be easily edited minute by minute by staff or management, depending on your resources and expertise. This groundbreaking platform prevents waste, makes menu building simple and presents a cutting edge image to your customers.

Touch Office

Allowing for greater integration for all areas of your business, Touch Office is a streamlined, yet in depth platform for all your reporting needs. Providing a clear overview of every aspect of your business, it allows you to compare the pricing of yours and your suppliers, grasp trends in the industry and understand some of the most important areas of customer feedback and experience. There is also the Touch Office Web platform, a cloud based back office application that is fully integrated into the Touch Point software system.

Touch Loyalty

A small add on feature with huge potential, Touch Loyalty encourages customer loyalty by rewarding their custom. It can be implemented across multiple sites and is customisable to a high degree, allowing you to cultivate schemes that suit your business.

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Touch Takeaway

As takeaway restaurants require unique features from their EPOS systems, it is vital that the platform they us is specifically tailored to their requirements. Touch takeaway is an online program that can be utilised by a variety of takeaway outlets. Providing the online platform itself, marketing strategies and full integration into your EPOS system, Touch Takeaway could not be simpler to implement.

Touch Reservation

A booking platform for restaurants of all sizes, Touch Reservation allows you to get the most out of your seating, cuts down on customer waiting times and makes long term planning as simple and efficient.

Touch Top Up

Touch Top Up is a premium scheme for businesses that use pre paid cards as their main method of transaction. Fully integrated into all areas of the EPOS system, is allows for greater efficiency, high levels of security for both you and your customers and online top up capabilities.

Touch Abacus

With a bespoke design for the education sector, Touch Abacus is utilised by catering companies that provide catering for schools, colleges and universities. Intuitive to use and reliable, it prevents the need for young children to carry cash and ensures university students can budget their food budget. Free meals and allows parents some degree of control over the catering process.

Touch Stock

Combining hand held devices, a transparent overview and barcode reading, Touch Stock is perfectly suited to large warehouses and small retail or hospitality inventory. Real time reporting allows you to stay on top of things, stock tracking means a greater deal of control over deliveries and automated ordering provides peace of mind regarding stock levels.


Support is free to access for all ICR clients and with over 30 years experience in the field, including designing and cultivating EPOS systems, expertise is at the very highest level.

  • Features – Software has an enormous range of functions and can be tailored to suit businesses as widespread as prisons, education, retail and hospitality
  • Ease of use – Intuitive designs mean even the most complex systems are appropriate for first time users
  • Help and support – Basic support and advice are available for free for all ICR customers