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IBM EPOS Systems - Best Solutions for 2018

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a US International company headquartered in New York. It was founded in 2011 as CTR (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company). IBM Retail Store Solutions was a division of IBM that focussed on software and hardware for the retail sector, in particular the IBM cash register POS solutions. Hardware included the IBM SurePOS systems while software included IBM 4690, a POS operating system, and IRES (IBM Retail Environment for SUSE LINUX).

In April 2012, IBM and Toshiba announced that Toshiba would be acquiring IBM’s Retail Store Solutions business and that the new company would be called Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. Toshiba paid $850 million for what then was a $1.15 billion a year revenue business.

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IBM is known for high-spec POS solutions that are great value for money. Their most renowned products are fully integrated EPOS systems and touchscreens such as the TCxWave. These products are now manufactured under the Toshiba brand. IBM products can be more expensive than EPOS systems from other brands, but their quality is very high and they rarely need to be replaced or upgraded.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
IBM /Toshiba SurePOS solutions• RetailSurePOS 500 Series• SurePOS 563 – Dual backlight advanced model with audio
• SurePOS 543 – Entry level with dual backlight
• SurePOS 533 – Entry level with single backlight
SurePOS 700 SeriesMost advanced system on the market with high speed processing and energy saving technologies

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IBM SurePOS 500

The IBM SurePOS 500 series has been designed to provide high POS performance and optimum customer experience in hospitality, catering, and retail settings. It has an attractive design with a small footprint and its robust construction ensures that it won’t be compromised by rough use or damaged by liquids and foodstuffs.

It includes a bright high contrast screen with a wide viewing angle. It is easy to see even under brightly lit conditions. The infra red touch sensitivity can be adjusted, optimising transaction speed and minimising errors. It is sensitive to many different kinds of touch including gloved hands and credit cards. It never needs recalibrating during the lifetime of the screen; 12 inch and 15 inch screen models are available.

Connectivity includes USB, serial, legacy and PC cards allowing you to customise it with scanners, printers, Chip and Pin machines, biometric equipment, RFID, and other equipment.

Additional features include:

  • Presence sensor wakes the system up saving power
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Compact keyboard and pointing device
  • Ruggedised construction

SurePOS 500 series models include:

  • SurePOS 563 – Dual backlight advanced model includes audio system
  • SurePOS 553 - Single backlight model includes audio system
  • SurePOS 543 - Entry level with dual backlight
  • SurePOS 533 - Entry level with single backlight

SurePOS 700

The SurePOS 700 series is the most advanced of the SurePOS series. It is energy efficient with maximum performance and adaptability for smarter store solutions. It uses Intel Core i3 processors as an option and memory can be scaled up to 8 GB. The system also offers high speed networking, high quality graphics, and duel video display options.

Special features include:

  • Processor choices including Intel Core i3 for high speed processing
  • Enhanced graphics with dual video display options for improved customer experience
  • Highly serviceable with a tool-free design
  • Improved airflow design keeps the system cooler
SurePOS 700 models include:
  • SurePOS 740
  • SurePOS 780

IBM 4840

The IBM 4840 is essentially the same as the 500 series in that it is based on the same technology, the main difference being that the 4840 is specified for a higher temperature range (5 to 40C) than the 500 (5 to 35C). This is because the former was designed to work in a kiosk. It also has an optional button cover to prevent customers from changing settings such as its brightness. Otherwise the variants are the same as the 500 series. The 4840 is no longer manufactured.

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While development and manufacturing of SurePOS systems is now carried out under the umbrella of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, the same quality, attention to detail, and advanced technologies apply as they did when it was an IBM business. Toshiba has continued to improve and advance the various solutions and provide a complete offering ranging from affordable models through to some of the most advanced EPOS systems on the market.

New energy efficient technologies mean that the cost of ownership is kept down to a minimum, helped by high levels of reliability and ease of servicing. You will find all the functionality you need along with super-fast processing speeds.

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