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What Is EPOS And How Does It Work?

At its heart an EPOS system is an integrated system of hardware and software that allows an in depth understanding of the inner working of a business while providing an efficient way to process, and track, sales and other procedures that specific business sectors operate.

EPOS Systems And Integration

EPOS systems integrate a number of parts of a business to give a perfect overview of all its working parts. In a restaurant, for example, an EPOS system connects the waiters, who take the customer’s orders on handheld devices, which are then sent directly to the kitchen. When the order is ready the waiters receive the message from the kitchen. All this, as well as enabling the manager to oversee the entire operation.

It isn't just the outer layers of the business that are integrated. Stock control, keeping a track of the best selling items and an overview of employee’s performance and attendance are all made much simpler by an EPOS system. This is why industries as diverse as retail, hospitality and even health care can benefit hugely by implementing such a system.

How Does EPOS Work With The Internet?

Because EPOS systems are being increasingly used wirelessly, the Internet is becoming more and more central to the process. Firstly it should not be thought that you should be surfing the web with your EPOS software, anything that can be accessed via the Internet can also be hacked so security is vital.

Cloud hosting is the fastest growing, Internet based system for EPOS systems at the moment. This is a way of storing and sharing data and integrating different EPOS software to maximise the efficiency of your business. Cloud systems are perfect for businesses that wish to focus their energies on the running of the business and not the complications that software systems can bring.

As you would expect, there are many proliferated technologies that do the same thing. SAAS (Service As Software) which is a version of software use over a broadband connection, or ASP (Application Service Provider), which is a business that provides computer based services over a network, such as EPOS software.

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Wireless EPOS Connections

Wireless devices are central to many EPOS systems. Hospitality industries are probably the sectors that are at the forefront of this flexible and portable technology. Handheld devices at restaurants, pubs and clubs reduce the need for paper receipts and the human errors these can involve. It is also ideal for the customer’s convenience to be able to supply an efficient and speedy table service that is easily adjusted and quickly integrated into other parts of the operation, such as the kitchen in a restaurant or keeping track of a bar tab.

It is not just the hospitality industries that can utilise this technology however. The retail sector is employing wireless devices in its customer service areas as well as integrating it with modern EPOS tills and warehouses are perfectly suited to using wireless devices to keep track of orders and stock control.

EPOS Systems – EPOS Software

There are many different types of systems or software that can be used to improve the performance of a business. Many business owners spend huge sums of money on hardware but pay little or no attention to the software they use on it. For more advice on which software you might require, please fill in our web form.

What Is An EPOS System – EPOS Software

EPOS hardware runs specific software, which in turn connects and integrates the whole process. Because there are many different uses for an EPOS system, the software is specifically designed to suit the sector the business operates in, the size of the operation itself and the EPOS components it uses. As with all things EPOS, integration and efficiency are key.

Software can be task specific, such as inventory software, or it can be central to the whole system’s integration. Obviously retail specific software should not be used for hospitality and vice versa but the principle of its function remains the same.

Next Steps

As you may have realised by now, what is an EPOS system is not a question answered easily. With so many choices available in every corner of the EPOS world, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow the options down to those that are relevant to your needs. By filling in our simple web form, you can save yourself time, frustration and money. It takes less than a minute and can be very useful to your search for an EPOS system, component or software.