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Geller EPOS Systems & Cash Registers 2018 Review

Review of Geller EPOS Cash Registers

Founded in 1975, Geller was Britain’s oldest distributor of cash registers and EPOS systems. Although closed down by their parent company in 2012, Geller cash registers are still highly thought of within the industry.

With a large variety of products available, Epos Now supply EPOS technology to all sectors, including Michelin star restaurants, small newsagents and hotel chains. A growing customer base of over 2000 clients would suggest they know what they are doing.

With a very impressive range, Geller tills are reliable, durable and easy to maintain. For those in the know, it was no mystery that Geller were the largest and oldest company in the United Kingdom, so although new products are not being manufactured, buying Geller EPOS hardware is hardly a risk. With their parent company, Consolis Systems Group, still offering a high level of support for Geller systems, you can rest assured an investment in Geller will be worthwhile.

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Geller Products And Features

With so much experience in the field of EPOS hardware, there is a terrific variety of Geller tills available to purchase. Geller cash registers are not known for being particularly cutting edge, unlike certain other suppliers, but the reliablility and quality of their products should not be overlooked in haste. Right up to the point that Geller was discontinued by Consolis Systems Group, the company was manufacturing products that were both popular and well reviewed.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Compact cash drawers• Retail
• Wholesale
• Beauty
AX 100Cheapest entry level model
ET 6600Flexible and highly customisable entry level model
Fully featured cash registers• HospitalitySX 595Flexible system that is well suited to hospitality sectors

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Most Popular Small Geller Cash Registers

Geller AX 100

geller ax 100 cash register

The Geller AX 100 is a small draw cash register that is known for representing terrific value for money. It carries a thermal receipt printer and a printable electric journal that is handy for keeping track of all sales. Certainly an entry-level piece of equipment, this reliable Geller till is perfect for small businesses with simple requirements.

As the Geller EPOS hardware range has been discontinued an exact price for the Geller AX 100 is hard to predict. Usually it should be available from around £150, which is a terrific price for an EPOS till. Buying some second hand EPOS hardware can lead to problems in the future but the resilience of the Geller cash register range means you can be assured of its longevity.

Geller ET 6600

geller et 6000 cash register

Another Geller till that represents tremendous value for money is the Geller ET 6600. Suitable for both retail and hospitality industries and with a customisable 128 button keyboard, the Geller ET 6600 is possibly a little more flexible than some other entry-level EPOS tills.

Again it is hard to pin down one price for second hand EPOS equipment but you should be able to find the Geller ET 6600 for as little as £200 and, as previously mentioned, although Geller EPOS hardware is extremely durable, making sure you get a decent warranty is important.

Most Popular Large Geller Cash Registers

Geller SX 595

geller sx 595 cash register

With larger cash registers comes more features and the Geller SX 595 is a great example of that. As durable as the previous small Geller tills mentioned, this impressive EPOS till has a very useful clamshell thermal twin station printer and scanning ability. With three payment methods available and a huge draw that can carry large amounts of coins and notes safely and securely, the Geller SX 595 is particularly well suited to busy hospitality environments.

Unlike the Geller EX300 model, which has more functions and is therefore more expensive, the Geller SX 595 is typically available at a more affordable price, around £400.

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Geller EPOS hardware were sorely missed when their parent company pulled the plug in 2012. For 37 years the company was very highly thought of in the industry and their products still sell well in the second hand and refurbished markets.

Fortunately Consolis Systems Group still offer support for Geller tills and other hardware so there is little reason not to invest in these enduring EPOS tills.

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