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Excell EPOS Systems Review 2018

Based in Birmingham, UK, Excell EPOS systems have been supplying EPOS related software to their legoin of customers for over 40 years. As they are a UK based company, their focus is directed towards the needs of companies based within its borders.

Cost efficient system that are backed up by the very highly regarded TouchSoft software are the main selling points of an Excell EPOS system. With over 1000 independent based businesses using Excell EPOS, they are one of the most popular EPOS suppliers in the country. David Lloyd Leisure and Virgin Active are amongst the larger operations that use Excell EPOS but with such competitive rates, Excell EPOS have a widespread small business customer base.

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Excell EPOS Products And Features

Excell offer software solutions that are suitable for retail and hospitality sectors. The three packages on offer vary from the Starter Pack to the full Posiflex and Variflex systems. With just three options available, Excell EPOS systems do not offer a great range of products but those that are available are extremely popular and highly thought of. Their free software support is also a welcome addition for those with less understanding of EPOS systems in general.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Integrated EPOS systems• Retail
• Hospitality
EPOS Starter PackEntry-level kit which includes a lifetime EPOS software licence
Varipos EPOS SystemFully featured, customisable EPOS system available in many different colours
EPOS Software• Retail
• Hospitality
Excell TouchSoftIncludes an accountancy package as standard

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Excell EPOS Systems

Excell Starter Pack

excell epos systems starter pack

All three EPOS packages are available for retail and hospitality. Although there is little difference in principle between the two, their TouchSoft software is well designed for each sector’s specific purposes. For example, a barcode scanner is only included in the retail pack. The Excell Starter Pack is suitable for companies who need the most basic EPOS components. These can be companies that already have some components and just need to replace the basic hardware that the Excell Starter Pack offers. Usually, however, this is the best option for companies with a tight budget. As the system is easily upgraded, this can also be a great option for those who wish to try an EPOS system for the first time and do not have an understanding of the technology.

As this is an entry level package, the components that come with the system are minimal. No computer or extras are included and as such the Excell Starter Pack is available at a very competitive price, £595.

Excell Varipos System

excell epos systems varipos

At the other end of the Excell EPOS package scale is the Excell Varipos System. Whereas the Excell Starter Pack includes the most basic working parts of an EPOS system, Varipos offers all the EPOS properties a retail or hospitality business might require. Touchscreen, flat panelled terminals save space and make each transaction efficient and accurate while offering a second interactive screen makes it ideal for bars, restaurants and other hospitality businesses. With its contemporary design and availability in various colours, the Excell Varipos System also looks as impressive.

The Excell Posiflex System is the other EPOS package offered. This is better suited to the retail sector and is slightly cheaper than the Varipos system. Although it should be noted that both options can be purchased for retail and hospitality operations.

You might think with such extras this Excell EPOS system might be costly but the Excell Varipos System is available from an extremely competitive £1095. For a full EPOS system, this provides terrific value for money.

Excell EPOS Software

Excell TouchSoft

TouchSoft is the Excell designed software running through all their systems. Excell offer two variations of TouchSoft, one for the retail sector and one for the hospitality sector. These can be run in conjunction with any of the three EPOS packages. One of the selling points of Excell’s EPOS software is its free software support, which is positively reviewed and a terrific resource for those with little EPOS or computing experience.

Touchsoft also offers a comprehensive customer history record with full details that can be used to create loyalty schemes and individually tailored promotions, a practise that has been well utilised by the fashion sector. For restaurants, the highly thought of and very popular booking system makes for an efficient arrangement that manages to speed up customer traffic as well as make best use of table availability.

Whether it be inventory tracking, staff transparency or receipt printing, Excell TouchSoft is a widely used and highly effective piece of EPOS software.


For value for money and customer service, Excell EPOS Systems offer three very extensively used and highly thought of systems that are reliable and simple to use. While each package cannot be described as high end, for less complicated ventures that have small budgets, Excell are often the first port of call.

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Unlike the small but effective range of EPOS systems that Excell offer, EPOS is a complicated and varied world. Despite its tendency to simplify and streamline a business, the purchase of the system itself is far from stress free.

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