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Epson EPOS Printers Review - Best Models 2018

Epson is a Japanese company that is well known for its computer printers and other computer and information related equipment. Headquartered in Suwa Nagano in Japan, the company is global, with subsidiaries worldwide. Epson was founded in 1942 and is publically owned. Annual revenues are around $9 billion and there are over 72,000 employees.

Epson produces a range of printers for a variety of applications including EPOS. The company has developed innovative EPOS technology that delivers web and mobile printing solutions and device management. Printing can be carried out via mobile, cloud-based or legacy, while printers can act as a connectivity hub for POS and peripherals. Epson products are popular worldwide and are considered to be good value for money and a good investment.

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Products and Features

Epson produce 3 series of POS printers. These range from light weight portable models that can be carried by your staff, through the intelligent printers with built-in computing power that can function as the hub of your POS system.

The printer ranges include: Epson Mobilink Printers; Epson OmniLink Printers; Epson TM-u220 Printers; and Epson TM-u220 Printers.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Mobile printers• HospitalityMobilink P20The smallest printer in the range with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
Mobilink P80Larger than the P20 with wider paper and longer battery life.
Mobilink P6011Ruggedised verion with extended battery life
Countertop POS hub printers• RetailOmniLink–i seriesFully featured and can act as hub of POS system
OmniLink –DT seriesUp to 6 USB ports are available
TM Intelligent printers• Various industriesEpson TM-T88V (042)Cost effective and popular model for many businesses
Epson TM-u220B (007)A popular choice with the added benefit of drop in paper loading

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Epson Mobilink Printers

epson mobilink printer

Epson Mobilink lightweight printers combine mobility, flexibility, and reliability into a state of the art receipt printing solution. The range includes three models: Mobilink P20; Mobilink P80 and Mobilink P6011.

Mobilink P20

The Mobilink P20 is the smallest of the Mobilink range and weighs just 225 g. and can survive a drop of around 2 metres. It has an 8-hour battery life and a fast printing speed of 100 mm/second. As is the rest of the range, it is compatible iOS, Windows and Android operating systems and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and fast NFC pairing. The paper width is 2 inches (58 mm).

Mobilink P80

In terms of print speed, connectivity and performance the Mobilink P80 matches the P20 model but with a larger size and a paper width of 3.14 inches (80 mm). It weighs around 500 g and can sustain a drop of 1.2 metres. The battery life is 20 hours.

Mobilink P6011

With similar performance specifications and connectivity to other Mobilink printers, the ruggedised P6011 weighs the same as the P80 though the paper width is 2 inches (58 mm). it’s main advantage is its extended battery life of 27 hours.

Epson OmniLink Printers

epson omnilink printer

Epson OmniLink printers combines Epson printer technology with mobile POS ability, cloud-based services and advanced display systems (KDS). The printers are able to drive web POS and information displays. They include a processor, Linux OS, a web server multiple USB ports for POS peripherals. There are two Omnilink series: Epson OmniLink-I series; and Epson OmniLink-DT.

OmniLink –i series

The main features of the OmniLink –i are that all models are mobile. The maximum number of USB ports is 4 and only one model has VGA. Two colour printing is available with the OmniLink TM-L90-i.

OmniLink –DT series

Only one of the models, the OmniLink TM-H6000IV-DT, is mobile; the others are desktop based. All models have VGA and up to 6 USB ports are available.

Epson TM Intelligent Printers

epson tm-t printers

Epson TM-T88v Series Printers provide high-quality high speed printing in multi-grey scale. They are economical featuring automatic paper saving and are reliable- Epson guarantees them for four years. The range includes many different models, allowing you to select one appropriate to your business needs.

Epson TM-T88V (042)

The Epson TM-T88V (042) is one of the most popular models in the range. It includes both USB and serial interfaces and is a cost effective solution for many business types. The price is typically £225 + VAT.

Epson TM-u220B (007)

Epson TM-u220 Printers are robust printers that offer many of the same features as the Epson TM-T88V series but with the added benefits that they are more user-friendly and flexible. They are compact and save space on your counter top, and they are able to print on a range of paper widths. They are also easy to load with paper which can be simply dropped in. The range includes 8 models.

The Epson TM-U220B (007) is one of the more popular models in the range. It is white and looks good on countertops. Rugged and hard working, it is an ideal impact receipt printer. Prints on plain paper up to 76 mm wide; other widths are 33 mm and 40 mm. The price is £205 + VAT.

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Epson has a wealth of experience in producing compact printers which has carried over into the development of thermal and impact POS receipt printers which have become an international standard; over 300 million of these have been sold. With high levels of reliability, rugged design, fast printing speeds, and many models with advanced intelligent features, there will almost certainly be a model that suits your business needs. Although you might find cheaper options, as a quality and price standard Epson POS printers will be hard to beat.

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