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Epositive Solutions - 2018 EPOS Software Review

Epositive provides software solutions and services to retailers. The company has 15 years experience of delivering its products to diverse retailers across a range of markets. These include small independent businesses through to large high street stores. Their background combined with their flexible approach means that they can work in any market size and in any sector.

The company is a little over 2 years old; it was incorporated in August 2012 by the current managing director Mr Vishal Patel. Customers include Glyndebourne Opera House, Dundonald Old Mill Gift Shop & Café, Here Organic Chelsea Farmers Market, Rusdens Furniture Store, along with several toy retailers.

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Epositive StoreVision Products and Services

Epositive StoreVision provides a wide range of products. These include:

  • Epositive StoreVision EPOS
  • StoreVision Hand Held Terminals (HHT)
  • StoreVision Management Reporting
  • StoreVision Customer Loyalty
  • StoreVision Digital Signage
  • StoreVision Services
Known forIndustry
RetailStoreVision EPOS
StoreVision HHTSoftware for HHT functions
Management ReportingReal time management information systems
Customer LoyaltySoftware for handling CL campaigns
Digital SignageCustomer orientated displays
StoreVision ServicesA range of professional services including advice and sourcing of POS hardware

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Epositive StoreVision EPOS

Epositive Storevision solutions encompass head office, back office and POS processes. They are designed to provide additional functionality along with real time information that enables businesses to improve efficiency and profitability. With many configuration options, bespoke POS and menu design, stock control, companywide or store wide reporting options, promotion management, and loss prevention through cashier monitoring, Storevision has the potential to revolutionise the way your retail business POS systems operate.

StoreVision Hand Held Terminals (HHT)

StoreVision HHT is a stock management solution based on Windows that encompasses a range of functions. These include taking orders from customers, ordering products from suppliers, stock taking, price auditing and issuing to shelf label requests.

StoreVision Management Reporting

StoreVision Management Reporting provides real time management information across all stores in your group. Reports include current stock, sales, customer histories, and other dynamic functions. Data can be presented the way you require it for instance using a data cube approach along with a cloud based dashboard which you can connect to via a mobile device worldwide.

StoreVision Customer Loyalty

StoreVision customer loyalty solutions can handle a total loyalty campaign including tracking customer spend, customer special offers and rewards, in store purchase using rewards, gift card and voucher tracking.

StoreVision Digital Signage

StoreVision Digital Signage allows you to replace simple customer displays with a quality colour screen on which you can provide information on products and promotions, display videos, create bespoke playlists based on store or till, and support other promotional and information screens around the store.

StoreVision Services

StoreVision Services include:

  • Professional Services to support its software products and projects
  • Hardware options through their selected suppliers
  • Bespoke software development using a wide range of technologies
  • Training programmes developed around your specific needs
  • Cabling installations through their business partners


Although the company claims 15 years experience in its sector, Epositive is just over two years old and according to its latest accounts it has a negative net worth of around £24,000. That doesn't mean that you should reject using it; while there is no reason to suggest that it won’t deliver what it promises, it does suggest that you need to be careful before setting up a large project. We advise you to run a small project with Epositive to test the waters and avoid over-committing your resources.

Next Steps

If you are seeking a store wide or group wide POS system that includes bespoke features designed to match your business needs, then you might consider Epositive. Certainly you would lose nothing apart from a little time by speaking to them. However you might feel that a larger well established company is safer to work with; however Epositive is likely to be a less expensive.

Finding the right solution for your specific business is never easy, especially when you want to maximise potential gains and minimise your risk. However we can help. If you complete the web form on this page you will receive a number of quotes tailored to your specific business needs. This is an excellent place to start so why not make it your next step?