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EPOS Touchscreens

Touchscreens and tablet devices were once the preserve of top of the range electronics but as the technology has become cheaper to produce, it’s a feature that has become ubiquitous, affordable and reliable.

What Are EPOS Touchscreens?

EPOS touchscreens are essentially on screen buttons that allow a much larger range of options than standard physical buttons. This means a greater versatility of use, which is important because no successful business stands still.

Likewise, tablets, similar to mobile phones, have become powerful enough to run an impressive amount of multiple complicated applications for such a small portable product. Some EPOS systems use this technological leap forward in their systems to great effect.

Because of this versatility, even the most standard EPOS tablet or touchscreen will be less likely to need upgrading in the near future meaning less downtime for your business and less money spent on the false economy of poor, outdated equipment.

Should You Buy An EPOS Touchscreen System?

Touchscreens can be very practical in their application, saving the salesperson time and making the sales process more efficient and customer friendly. However, touchscreens are not suited to every environment and in some cases they can even be disadvantageous. heck our table below to see if a touchscreen system is well suited to your industry.

RetailA touchscreen can be extremely well suited to the retail industry because it can do pretty much all that the keyboard can. If your enterprise is a particularly large one a keyboard layout might make more sense though. The same might be said for very small businesses with little need for technological integration.
HospitalityA keyboard simply cannot serve the functions a touchscreen can in regards to the hospitality industry. If you have the space and need for a full EPOS system a keyboard terminal can be useful.
ManufacturingIn businesses where space and portability are not an issue a keyboard system works perfectly well. Keyboards need less attention care and maintenance are easier to use and are generally cheaper than their touchscreen counterparts.
WarehousesStock control and delivery are well served by a keyboard interface especially in a warehouse environment. There is little point in spending extra money on a touchscreen that is more likely to become damaged and serves little purpose beyond the capabilities of a keyboard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of EPOS Touchscreens

EPOS touchscreen interfaces have various advantages and disadvantages. Find the biggest benefits and most common issues below:

epos touchscreens


  • Protable devices eliminating the need for queuing – If you ever been to an Apple store you will have noticed there are no tills. Instead Apple staff can assist, then serve you, where you stand. This is particularly useful for businesses like restaurants.

  • Touchscreen means more interface options – With no need to fill the device with hundreds of buttons, a touchscreen can give a tablet or other EPOS system numerous options that are always changeable. This means less training time for your staff and results in something that takes just a few seconds rather than a few minutes.

  • More information at your fingertips – Say you have a customer who does not have a full grasp of the local currency and wants to know how much the purchase is in Indian Rupees or Chinese Yuan. With a tablet you literally have all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Less space – With small mobile EPOS devices and touchscreens you free up valuable floor space otherwise taken up by cumbersome machines and nuisance wires. If your business is in the hospitality or retail industry, this could mean and extra table at a restaurant or more space for displays.

  • Speed of transaction – With small and simple EPOS touchscreens, transaction speeds can increase enormously. This is a particular advantage to restaurants when an order can be placed and received by the kitchen staff automatically. Ultimately this means less waiting time for customers and more time waiting for waiters.


  • Touchscreen Sensitivity – One of the biggest disadvantages with touchscreen technology is the sensitivity of the technology itself. Sometimes the lightest touch can cause problems for those not used to using it, which in turn can cause delays, deletion of files and the opening of unwanted applications.

  • Touchscreen Hardiness – Our fingers are full of oils and dead skin cells that can block the functionality of a touchscreen. Maintenance is therefore very important but the cleaning of the screen can itself damage the device. Damage to the screen is a worry with touchscreens so careful use is very important.

Using a Tablet As An EPOS Touchscreen

EPOS touchscreens and tablets do vary. A restaurant will want certain features that a manufacturing business would not need and vice versa. But whatever your requirements the nature of the technology makes EPOS systems of all kinds are extremely versatile. Choosing the right one for your business, therefore, is important but fairly simple when you are aware of your requirements. Complete our handy and simple web form for help.

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Comparing Touchscreens With Other Devices

There are a few things to consider when comparing EPOS touchscreen devices with a full static system. Firstly it largely depends on what you will be using the system for. For restaurants, bars and clubs a portable machine is extremely useful. Firstly they allow instant transactions, integration with other devices, such as the maitre d at a restaurant, and keep an instant and accurate record of every order.

The lack of bulky tills, wires and technology also frees up space but there is only so much a touchscreen tablet can do. Usually for larger businesses a scheme that utilises the integration of the full EPOS system with the handheld devices works best. This, of course depends largely on what your business requires.

Next Steps

As there are an awful lot of options available to you and an awful lot of variation in what a business might need an EPOS system for, we have constructed a web form for you to compare EPOS touchscreens and tablets as well as other EPOS components and full EPOS systems.

Simply fill in the web form and narrow down your search to a few suitable options to meet your requirements.