Top EPOS Tills for Small Businesses

By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

While large and small businesses alike can benefit from implementing a full EPOS system, or even just some of its technology, small businesses will often have vastly different needs than larger ventures. Less complex systems, fewer devices and the ability to grow into larger packages are all more likely concerns for the smaller business and any research will need to be undertaken with these things in mind.

Small Business EPOS Requirements

Many of the features utilised by a small business will be similar to any other venture but will likely be set in the context of the size of the business. These requirements include:

  • Reliable and Affordable Devices
  • Simple Intuitive System Design
  • Flexibility to Grow
  • Setup and General Support

epos small business

Reliable and Affordable Devices

As the technology has evolved, the cost of EPOS systems and devices has dropped significantly. This has been of great advantage to the small business as it allows those who previously couldn’t afford it to be able to implement technology that can help in all areas of the business.

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Affordability, however, should not come at the expense of reliability and poor devices or badly designed systems can end up costing small businesses significant problems. Thankfully the technology has also become a lot more durable and a little research into the subject should yield plenty of options for even the smallest venture.

Simple and Intuitive System Design

Small businesses will generally not require complex systems with enormous integration in various areas of the business and as such should look at systems that are simple and intuitive to use. This is an advantage as simpler systems are typically more affordable, although affordability does not always mean simplicity.

It is important to make sure all possibilities for your business are covered by the EPOS system you purchase but unnecessary and overly complex features will generally cause more problems than they solve.

Flexibility to Grow

It is one thing buying a system that is suited to your current needs but another entirely planning for the future. Small businesses are the most likely ventures to grow in the short and medium term so committing to technology and contracts that will only restrict you in the future is a false economy.

Your provider should be able to advise and offer additional features that can be implemented in the future should you need them and all without enormous additional expense. This will require some research and questioning of each potential system.

Setup and General Support

Some “affordable” providers may seem tempting on the face of it but those that do not offer free delivery and set up can often end up costing you more than they are worth. Most reputable providers offer the service as standard although you may be able to access discounts if you have knowledge of technology and wish to set it up yourself.

Support is essential to any package, however, and should be researched as thoroughly as the technology itself. Small businesses are particularly at risk from technical issues so it pays to ensure the service provides full support throughout the terms of the contract.


There are many bespoke EPOS providers for small businesses and many of the larger suppliers cater for SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) as a matter of course. This can make research seem a little overwhelming but with extra competition comes better deals for the customer. Making sure the service is reliable and reputable is essential, however. Some of the best providers include:

  • EPOS Now
  • EPOS Direct
  • Wasp


With more than 10,000 businesses using their systems and devices, EPOS Now are one of the fastest growing providers in the country. Reviews from customers and experts alike are hugely positive and most of their systems are affordable and suited to small businesses.

EPOS Direct

The first thing that strikes you when researching EPOS Direct is the sheer range of products available. This makes them highly suitable for small businesses as they can choose between some of the more affordable options without restriction. From software to devices and full systems, there is something for businesses in all sectors and of all shapes and sizes.


One of the best known providers in the UK, Wasp are an innovative yet highly reliable source of EPOS systems and technology. With three packages to choose from, the standard version is affordable and perfectly suited to small businesses. Full systems are on the higher end of the small business range but the flexibility and potential of each package makes Wasp a popular choice for small businesses that promise future expansion.

Aimee Bradshaw Writer and researcher

Aimee is Expert Market’s resident telephone systems, point of sale, and field service software go-to. If she’s not writing about business products, you’ll find her daydreaming about Dorset beaches.

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