EPOS till rental

How much does it cost to rent an EPOS system?

Prices for a basic EPOS system start from as little as £24.99 per month, and our suppliers will tailor the quote to meet your specific needs

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An Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is an essential investment for any modern retail business. But with even a basic setup costing around £1,000 to buy outright, that investment can feel like a painful one.

That’s why more and more businesses are deciding against paying a hefty upfront sum and choosing to rent their EPOS system instead. And it makes total sense.

Prices for a basic EPOS system, consisting of a single till and simple software, start from as little as £24.99 per month. With more advanced EPOS systems costing in the region of £170 per month.

Check out the table below for a detailed breakdown of EPOS rental prices, or fill in the webform at the top of the page to get tailored quotes.

EPOS till rental costs

We compared prices from our leading EPOS suppliers to find the average cost of renting an EPOS system in the UK.

EPOS till hire

Basic EPOSEPOS for HospitalityEPOS for RetailEPOS w/ Scanner
1 week lease£25£35£45£75
1 month lease£70£85£95£150
3 months + (per month)£50£65£65£100
Delivery and Collection£25£25£25£25
Refundable deposit£50+£100+£100+£250+

Note: Prices are an estimate and subject to change. Rates determined by business situation and can be negotiated with the supplier.

Benefits of renting an EPOS till

There are many time and cost-saving advantages to using an EPOS system. Click on the relevant icon below to learn how your business stands to benefit from one.

Click on the relevant icon below to find out how your business could benefit from renting an EPOS system
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Bar and pub EPOS till systems

Bars and pubs are among the busiest retail environments. So choosing the right EPOS till system can play a big part in improving the efficiency of your staff.

Since the point of sale is at the counter, EPOS cash registers in bars tend to be countertop devices.

Renting the right EPOS till for your bar can:

✔ Improve staff efficiency

✔ Track staff and transactions processed

✔ Automatically count cash at the end of the day

✔ Take full control of stock management

✔ Streamline promotional deals

Retail EPOS solutions and till systems

There are plenty of retail EPOS solutions to choose from, catering for the wide range of different businesses within the industry. Some shops want a fixed countertop EPOS till, while mobile food vendors will prefer a portable card machine and app-based system.

Regardless of preference, the right EPOS system offers a host of benefits including:

✔ Better accountability through individual staff sign-ins

✔ Maximum control over stock and inventory

✔ Easy price adjustment from back office software

✔ Sales insights through detailed reports

✔ In-built ‘age challenge’ checks to age-restricted goods

EPOS systems for restaurants

Renting an EPOS till for a restaurant can speed up order processing, ensure customers get the right food quicker and create a central hub for waiters and front of house staff.

In restaurants, it is more common to find touchscreen EPOS systems for simpler order processing as well as mobile card machines that connect to the EPOS system by BlueTooth or WiFi technology.

EPOS systems for restaurants can:

✔ Improve table management with real time information

✔ Refine stock management and inventory control processes

✔ Handle daily set menus and rotate them as needed

✔ Track and manage customer loyalty points

✔ Automatically remove meal options if ingredients run out

Hospitality EPOS till systems

EPOS systems for the hospitality industries, including the hotel and leisure sectors, are powerful and flexible tools that not only ensure smooth transactions, but also provide in-depth tracking and customer management options.

Depending on the sector, EPOS solutions vary, with most hotels opting for a countertop EPOS system, while a more leisurely venue may opt for a portable EPOS solution.

EPOS tills for the hospitality industry can:

✔ Take and manage online reservations

✔ Improve stock control and tracking

✔ Streamline payment processes

✔ Track staff behaviour and improve efficiency

✔ Generate venue tickets along with receipts

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Types of EPOS tills you can rent

There are four types of EPOS systems:

Countertop EPOS tills

A countertop EPOS till is the most popular — and often the cheapest — type of EPOS system available. They’re operated using either a keyboard or touchscreen interface and can be integrated with a tablet device or wireless card machine to form a more mobile EPOS solution.

Touchscreen EPOS cash registers

touchscreen epos system

Touchscreen EPOS tills are rapidly becoming the standard option for many shops and retail outlets thanks to their ease of use and simple, intuitive interface.

A touch screen cash register could be ideal for your business if you are looking for:

  • An easy to learn system that is intuitive to use for employees — even the less tech-savvy ones
  • A quicker way of processing customer payments efficiently and accurately
  • A space saving solution: touchscreen EPOS systems take up less room as they don’t need a mouse or keyboard
  • A waterproof EPOS till that can handle splashes from drinks in a bar or pub

Handheld EPOS till systems

Handheld EPOS till system

Handheld EPOS systems range from simple handheld devices to innovative iPad/tablet-based EPOS solutions. Most packages are geared towards the hospitality and catering industries where the point of sale is often at the customer’s table.

Handheld EPOS systems are easy to operate and, in a restaurant setting, can be used to send orders directly to the kitchen with the click of a button.

The benefit of handheld EPOS systems are:

  • Clear and concise touch-screen ordering through the device helps minimise wrong orders and hard to read handwriting
  • Kitchens can receive orders quicker and prepare food sooner
  • Efficient management of tables and staff ensures a smoother shift
  • Easy to sync with EPOS hub via bluetooth or WiFi
  • Enables smarter scheduling of staff, helping to save you money

Cloud-based EPOS Solutions

cloud epos system

Cloud-based EPOS solutions store all the important information online, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Charged as a monthly subscription, cloud-based software is a an excellent way to reduce your upfront costs even further. And with a host of software startups wading into the market in recent years, you won’t have any trouble finding a solution that meets your requirements.

Cloud-based EPOS benefits include:

  • Access to reports, figures, staff information and any other metrics recorded through the EPOS software from anywhere in the world
  • Software stored on a remote server, with your supplier looking after security, backups and updates
  • Remote price adjustment and stock management

EPOS tills: renting vs. leasing

For many businesses it makes sense to rent an EPOS system. But if you do decide that purchasing is the best way to go then it’s worth considering a lease-to-buy deal.

EPOS leasing contracts typically run for about 18 months and at the end of it the system is yours to keep.

Rates are a little higher than with a rental contract but installation is usually free and most suppliers offer technical support inclusive of the leasing fee.

Typical monthly cost of leasing an EPOS system
(Price of system: £1,000)
12-month lease36-month lease60-months lease

How long can I hire an EPOS cash register for?

Short term till hire

Short term EPOS till hire is a great option for businesses that operate seasonally or for short or uncertain periods of time. In particular pop-up stores, start-ups without a fixed location and traders at festivals and events will benefit from short term EPOS till rental.

It can also be a solid option to reinforce your existing EPOS systems during peak trading periods.

Short term EPOS rental is generally charged on a weekly basis. You can expect to pay a little more in rates than you would leasing for a longer period.

Long term till hire

Long term EPOS hire is the go-to option for most businesses looking to lease EPOS tills. Not only do you get cheaper rental rates, but most contracts are open-ended so you can keep hold of the system for as long as you need it.

You’ll benefit from regular software updates from your EPOS supplier, usually free of charge, and hardware is usually upgraded annually.

The main benefit of long term EPOS system rental is that you’ll be able to build a data-rich picture of customer buying habits, employee performance and stock management. EPOS systems track all this and more, and by using the backend software, you can gain valuable business insights to help you optimise and refine your working processes.

EPOS till rental contracts, servicing and installation


EPOS rental contracts for retail outlets and shops work in a similar way to a mobile phone contracts: you pay a set fee over a fixed length of time, from one week to 60 months, it’s your call.

Costs tend to decrease as the contract gets longer. So to get the best rental rates for an EPOS till you need to think carefully about how long you’ll need the system for and sign a contract accordingly. Don’t just pay on a rolling weekly basis.


Nearly all EPOS till rental contracts include free installation. Though increasingly providers are offering a plug-and-play option where the system comes pre-configured and just needs to be switched on. Either way, with any reputable EPOS supplier, installation should be a breeze.

When you sign an EPOS rental contract you should expect to receive:

  1. Installation by a trained engineer
  2. Fully programmed equipment (e.g. with correct logos etc already pre-loaded. Your stock list can be added by the engineer.)
  3. On site training for all staff
  4. Quick-start guides and easy-to-use manuals
  5. Ongoing support as and when needed if issues arise

Servicing and repairs

Free servicing and repairs is included with most rental contracts — it’s one of the big advantages of hiring an EPOS system over buying one outright.

If you experience a problem with your EPOS till, suppliers will first try to fix it over the phone. If that doesn’t work they’ll have a replacement unit sent to you, usually within 24 hours, to minimise loss of earnings.

Clover Station EPOS system

The Clover Station EPOS till from Clover is one of the coolest in the business

Top 4 UK EPOS Suppliers

Best EPOS Suppliers In The UK
EPOS Now logoEPOS Direct logoIntelligent POS logo


EPOS Now is an award winning EPOS till supplier with a host of high profile clients, including Best Western Hotels and Universal Studios. With easy-to-use, industry-specific software and both countertop and tablet hardware systems available, you’re sure to find an solution to meet your specific business needs. But you don’t have to take our word for it. EPOS Now has a 5 star rating on Trustpilot from nearly 3,000 customer reviews.

EPOS Now offer tailored packages for the retail and hospitality sectors with industry-specific functions for each. Customisable table plans? Check! Barcoding and stock management? Of course! Customer loyalty schemes? Don’t make me laugh.

EPOS Now till systems come with powerful, cloud-based back office reporting software, allowing you to access your management system from any device, from anywhere in the world. Easily edit product information, roll out promotions and view detailed sales reports — all from your phone.

(excl. VAT)
Retail EPOS System
  • Touchscreen terminal
  • Retail EPOS Now software
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Installation and training
Hospitality EPOS System
  • Touchscreen terminal
  • Hospitality EPOS Now software
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Installation and training
iPad EPOS System
  • Apple iPad Air
  • iPad POS stand
  • Receipt printer
  • iZettle PDQ card machine
  • Installation and training
Android EPOS System
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Tablet stand
  • Cash drawer
  • Installation and training

EPOS Direct

EPOS Direct offers EPOS till rental, as well as leasing and purchase agreements. A super wide 15” touchscreen display makes navigating menus a breeze. And there are 12 tailored Emporium software packages to choose from for industries spanning retail, hospitality, fashion, and even plumbing. Their systems arrive pre configured, so just plug it in and away you go.

One of the major benefits of choosing EPOS Direct is the flexible nature of the rental contracts they offer. You can choose either a long term or short term till hire agreement. And there’s no maximum or minimum term, so you only pay for the system for as long as you need it.

EPOS Direct don’t require credit checks, so even fledgling businesses will be able to get their hands on the EPOS system of their dreams.

(excl. VAT)
EPOS System ED-850
  • Touchscreen terminal
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Emperium EPOS Software
EPOS System ED-630
  • Touchscreen terminal
  • Emperium EPOS till software
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Product menu configuration
Mobile Cloud EPOS System
  • Mobile tablet
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Emperium EPOS software
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Clover Merchant Solutions

Fiserv (now known as Clover) has partnered with tech startup company Clover to offer the beautifully designed Clover Station EPOS till. Billed as “the next generation of EPOS systems”, the Clover Station not only looks the part but delivers on performance too, with fully customisable EPOS software and an intuitive user interface.

The Clover Station is WiFi, ethernet and BlueTooth compatible — and even has a couple of USB ports for good measure. For a fee of £49.99 per month you can access the Clover App and Software store, where you can choose from a range of apps to further customise the functionality of your EPOS till.

And if you’re looking for a mobile EPOS solution then Clover has you covered there, too. The Clover Mini is a portable EPOS solution designed for businesses where space is at a premium. Offering much of the functionality of its bigger brother, but costing half as much, the Clover Mobile is the perfect EPOS till for small businesses.

(excl. VAT)
Clover Station
  • Touchscreen Clover EPOS till
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Clover Mini Customer Facing Display
Clover Mobile
  • Touchscreen Clover Mobile EPOS system
  • Charging dock
  • Receipt printer
Clover Mini
  • Touchscreen Clover Mini EPOS system
  • Embedded hi-res camera
  • Connectivity hub


Compact, attractive and reliable — IntelligentPOS’ EPOS till systems are just what you’d expect from the team behind iZettle. They’re ideal for smaller businesses who want to save on space without compromising on functionality. And prices start from as little as £39 per month.

IntelligentPOS specialises in EPOS till systems for the hospitality sector. The company offers tailored packages for restaurants, bars and cafes with a host of business-specific features for each including table management, tableside ordering and tools for easily splitting the bill and opening a tab.

The powerful back of house software provides detailed reports sales, productivity and inventory, helping you to make informed business decisions and improve efficiency.

iPad EPOS station
  • iPad tablet
  • Back office software
£39 per month
Hospitality accessories bundle
  • iPad stand
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • iZettle Card reader
Retail accessories bundle
  • iPad Stand
  • BlueTooth barcode scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • iZettle card reader

Cheap EPOS till systems for UK businesses

You don’t get something for nothing in life, and EPOS systems are no exception. Cheap EPOS till systems are often tied to the longest contracts. But if you’re looking for a long term payment solution, they’re a great way to reduce your monthly costs.

Top tip: Another way to reduce your overheads is to look for an all inclusive EPOS rental package that includes:

  • EPOS hardware
  • EPOS software
  • Card payment processing terminals
  • Installation and support

Tips for getting the best EPOS till rental deal

Ask yourself these three questions to get the best EPOS rental deal for your business:

1. How long do I need to hire an EPOS till for?

The longer the contract, the lower the fees. A rolling weekly rental agreement won’t prove cost efficient if you keep hold of the system for a year.

2. What support are they offering?

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Double check the support and service provided with cheap offers, you don’t want to be left high and dry if your system breaks.

3. How do I know I’m getting a good deal?

The only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal on EPOS till hire for your business is to compare quotes from multiple providers. You can fill in our webform
to request free, no-obligation quotes from leading UK EPOS suppliers.

Top tip: Finding the best EPOS system deal

The best way to save money on EPOS till hire for your business is to compare quotes from multiple suppliers. And this is where Expert Market can help.
Click on one of the link below, fill in our webform and we’ll contact leading suppliers to get quotes tailored to your specific requirements. It’s completely free and the whole process only takes you a minute.

Use our quick quotes-finding tool to get started.

EPOS till rental FAQs

How many products can be programmed into an EPOS till?

There should be no cap on the number of products you can list on an EPOS till.

Can I change the name and price of items on the till?

Most EPOS tills are intuitive to use, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to amend product names or prices on-site. But if you have any issues just contact your supplier and they’ll be able to talk you through it.

Can I print a logo on the receipt?

Yes! Just send your logo across to your EPOS supplier and they’ll upload it to the system for you.

How many employees can use the EPOS till?

As many as you like, and you can create a unique login for each.

Will it have a customer facing display?

Cheaper EPOS tills tend to have just one display and if you want to show customers something on the screen you’ll have to swivel it around. For a little extra you can add a dedicated customer facing display to your system.

How long can I rent a till for?

For as long as you need! Whether that’s for a week or for five years — suppliers will be happy to negotiate a deal that suits your business.

Next steps: Cutting the cost of EPOS till rental

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