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EPOS Till Rental

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An EPOS System?

EPOS till rental

An Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is a computerised payment system used by a wide variety of businesses, from restaurants to bars to general retail and beyond. EPOS systems are preferable for businesses and customers as they offer a wide range of benefits that simplify and speed up paying for goods and services.

Basic EPOS systems, consisting of a single till and simple software, start from as little as £24.99 per month. More advanced EPOS systems can cost upwards of £170+ per month depending on the supplier.

Most UK EPOS till providers offer both rental and purchase agreements, so it is important to compare your options in order to find the system and deal that is right for your business.

That’s where Expert Market comes in. If you want to compare the best EPOS deals in the UK for free, we can help!


Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to save up to 30%

Do you already have an EPOS System?

Do I Need To Rent An EPOS Till?

Generally, most businesses could benefit from having and using an EPOS till, simply because it streamlines the payment process for both your team and your customers.

There are many associated benefits to renting an EPOS system, which we’ll look at in more detail later on, but if you’re unsure then it is worth asking yourself the following questions before investing:

  1. Do you sell goods to customers face-to-face on a regular basis?
  2. Do you have more than 10-15 members of staff working FOH or on the shop floor?
  3. Is your company growing? Do you intend to grow in the near future?
  4. Do you want to run easy-to-manage special offers and track these promotions successfully?
  5. Do you need flexible pricing options for complex transactions, e.g. part-exchange?
  6. Do you have advanced stock management needs, e.g.stock across multiple locations and serial number tracking?

If you answered ”yes” to most of the questions above then it is definitely worth considering renting an EPOS till or cash register.

Which Businesses Should Rent An EPOS Cash Register?

Pick An Industry...
pub bar epos rental ukretail epos rental ukrestaurant epos rental ukhospitality epos rental uk
fast food epos systembeauty hairdresser epos system rentalpharmacy epos rental system ukvape EPOS rental system

Bar + Pub EPOS Till Systems

Bars and pubs can be among the busiest of retail environments and so an EPOS till system can really help your team process transactions and keep profits growing.

EPOS cash registers in bars tend to be countertop devices with a fixed location, which ensures a flow of customers along the bar and keeps queues to a minimum.

Renting an EPOS Till for your bar can:

  • Improve security
  • Minimise queuing time for customers
  • Show customers how much they are being charged
  • Track staff and transactions processed
  • Automatically count cash at the end of the day
  • Take full control of stock management
  • Improve staff efficiency with easy-to-learn controls
  • Advertise promotions and events on screen or on receipts
  • Automatically apply discounts for deals or offers such as ‘Happy Hour’

Retail EPOS Solutions + Till systems

While it is almost unimaginable to find a retail outlet without an EPOS system in this day age, for some businesses the additional - and occasionally complicated - features just aren’t worth the hassle. However, this could be costing them hundreds of pounds a year.

Retail EPOS solutions are wide and varied with the individual style and look of the shop determining the system as much as practicality. Some shops want a fixed countertop EPOS till, while others prefer a portable card machine and app-based system.

Regardless of preference, renting an EPOS system offers many benefits to retail outlets, including:

  • Better security through individual staff sign-ins, including fingerprints, ID smart cards, pin numbers and iButtons
  • Cash Declaration functions prevent transactions from not being registered and cash going missing
  • Live remote till tracking from a separate computer, e.g. back office
  • Maximum control over stock and inventory, including on-board tracking of units sold for even better precision
  • Store offers, deals and promotions can be quickly programmed in and applied automatically, saving time
  • Loyalty points can be tracked, managed and updated automatically
  • In-built Age Challenge checks to age-restricted goods
  • Use of approved UK Weights and Measures
  • Integration with payroll software

EPOS Systems For Restaurants

Renting an EPOS till for a restaurant can speed up order processing, ensure customers get the right food quicker and create a central hub for waiters and front of house staff.

In restaurants, it is more common to find touchscreen EPOS systems for simpler order processing as well as mobile card machines that are linked to the EPOS system by BlueTooth or WiFi technology.

EPOS systems for Restaurants can:

  • Improve table management + offer real time status displays
  • Take and track online table reservations
  • Refine stock management and inventory control processes
  • Be used with mobile card payment machines for maximum customer ease
  • Be programmed to prompt staff to upsell certain meal choices
  • Handle daily set menus and rotate them as needed
  • Track and manage customer loyalty points
  • Restrict sales if ingredients are running low or have run out
  • Provide in-depth management and tracking of staff, sales and promotion performances

Hospitality EPOS Systems

EPOS systems for those in hospitality industries, including the hotel and leisure sectors, are designed to be powerful and flexible tools that not only ensure smooth transactions, but also provide in-depth tracking and customer management options.

Depending on the sector, EPOS solutions vary, with hotels opting for a set point of sale and countertop EPOS system, while a more leisurely venue may need more flexibility when taking payments, etc.

EPOS tills for the hospitality industry can:

  • Take and manage online reservations and bookings from customers
  • Be used to manage individual bookings in a single location, e.g. dinner or spa reservations at a hotel
  • Improve stock control, tracking and management
  • Streamline payment processes for customers in every area of your venue
  • Handle flexible pricing systems, e.g. room upgrades/discounts at a hotel
  • Track staff usage and behaviour with required sign-ins and remote monitoring functions
  • Be used to generate cloakroom tickets and entrance tickets along with receipts

EPOS Tills for Other Industries

As already mentioned, pretty much any business that takes direct customer payments can benefit from renting an EPOS till. Alongside the key industries noted above, the following businesses could particularly benefit from also using EPOS tills and software:

  • Fast Food outlets - independent shops and franchises
  • Beauty Salons - including spas and hairdressers
  • Dry cleaners - improve customer and transaction turnaround times in busy periods, generate tickets for collection and more
  • Cash & Carry outlets - quicker process of large transactions and tight stock management
  • Tradesmen - plumbers, electricians, etc could use mobile or portable EPOS solutions on-the-go
  • Pop Up and Start Up shops - maximum flexibility needed when selling from a non-fixed location
  • Vape shops - a growing industry with face-to-face sales

Types of EPOS Tills You Can Rent

The most common type of EPOS till you can rent or buy is a Countertop EPOS system. This isn’t to say it is the only option though!

Countertop EPOS tills are widespread because they can be used in any environment where customer payments need to be taken. They offer better accuracy and accountability than a manual till, help to reduce errors and streamline business practices.

Usually found working together with one of the other EPOS solutions found below, countertop EPOS tills tend to be the central ‘hub’ of Point of Sale for a business. If you need a more complete solution then it might be worth combining with one of the systems below:

Touchscreen EPOS Cash Registers

cloud epos system

Touchscreen EPOS tills are rapidly becoming the standard option for many shops and retail outlets thanks to their ease of use and simple, intuitive interface. These EPOs systems are particularly ideal for the restaurants and bars where speed of service is essential in maximising revenue opportunities.

A Touchscreen EPOS system could be ideal for your business if you are looking for:

  • An easy to learn system that is intuitive to use for both young and older employees
  • A quicker way of processing customer payments efficiently and accurately
  • A space saving solution: touchscreen EPOS systems take up less room as they don’t need a mouse or keyboard
  • A waterproof EPOS till that can handle splashes from drinks in a bar or pub, etc
  • A self-service style checkout that is easy for customers to use
  • A flexible point of sale that can automatically apply deals, offers and discounts

Handheld EPOS Systems

cloud epos system

Handheld EPOS solutions range from simple handheld devices to full-blown iPad/tablet-based EPOS software. It is typically aimed at the hospitality and catering industries where customers like to pay at their table and staff need more mobility and flexibility.

These touchscreen EPOS solutions are easy to operate and can transfer customer orders, as well as specific requirements, to the kitchen or central hub at the press of a button.

Handheld EPOS devices can also track and manage stock, so your team are always on the ball and customers don’t receive mixed messages. Other features of handheld EPOS systems include:

  • Clear and concise touch-screen ordering through the device helps minimise wrong orders and hard to read handwriting
  • Kitchens can receive orders quicker and prepare food sooner
  • Efficient management of tables and staff ensures a smoother shift
  • Easy to sync with EPOS hub via bluetooth or WiFi
  • Enables smarter scheduling of staff, potentially saving you money

Cloud-based EPOS Solutions

cloud epos system

Cloud-based EPOS solutions are becoming a more common in shops as the acceptance of cloud-computing becomes more mainstream.

As you’d expect, being able to access your EPOS system and software anytime, anywhere offers all sorts of business benefits otherwise unattainable through static, fixed points of sale.

Cloud EPOS features include:

  • Access reports, figures, staff information and any other metrics recorded through the EPOS software from anywhere in the world.
  • Software is typically stored on a remote server, with your supplier looking after security, backups and updates, etc. This means even less stress for you and your team!
  • Once you’re logged-in to your EPOS software, you can change product names and prices at a click.
  • Remote management of stock from around the world
  • Not too expensive an option given the additional flexibility and technical demands.

Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to save up to 30%

Do you already have an EPOS System?

EPOS Tills: Renting vs. Leasing

For most businesses it makes sense to rent an EPOS system, particularly at the moment when technology is constantly evolving and changing the way payments and stock inventory are managed.

While some businesses could make savings in the long-term by paying the full-price up front, they will miss out on the numerous benefits that come with an EPOS till rental contract, include software and hardware upgrades, servicing, as well as installation help that would all otherwise be incurred as costs had you bought outright.

If you do decide that purchasing is the best option for your business and a full-service EPOS system is a bit out of your price range, you can set up a lease deal with a supplier. Most leases run for about 18 months and some let you keep your EPOS system after that. This allows you to keep your cash flow free and balance your expenditures each month.

Benefits of Renting An EPOS Till

Is your business looking for an edge in the marketplace? An EPOS cash register or till could give you the boost you need with:

  • Data-rich tracking and improved business insights
  • Cost-cutting reductions in paper use
  • Streamlined payment processing for customers and staff
  • Low cost and flexible rental contracts
  • Customer facing displays for maximum transparency
  • Integrated stock control and management
  • A system that can run across multiple outlets and be managed from a central location

If the above benefits are of interest, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are even more benefits available when renting an EPOS system, which may make it a better option for your business than purchasing a system outright. These include:

  • No large upfront payments to be made.
  • Payments are usually fixed and tax deductible.
  • The supplier will take care of any repairs that are needed.
  • System software upgrades are usually included in the rental contract.
  • Deals are available with no minimum contract term.
  • It is easier to make regular upgrades to the latest EPOS hardware and take advantage of the latest technology.
  • Rent to buy contracts available from some suppliers, allowing you to spread the cost over a longer period if you do want to own your EPOS system at the end of the rental contract.

The benefits of EPOS rental or lease are not just monetary. Apart from the advantage of not having to invest a large sum of money into the purchase of the system, there are added benefits such as warranties for the term of the lease.

This means that if any part of the hardware breaks, the supplier will fix it straight away and at no extra cost. Often, system upgrades of hardware and software are also included in the hiring costs.

It is important to know exactly what you need from an EPOS system. Systems that are cheap to rent are usually quite basic, and often the cost of adding components to the rental or lease agreement can drive the cost up significantly. Being clear on requirements can help to find the right EPOS system for the right price.

EPOS Till Rental Costs

EPOS Till SystemBasic EPOSEPOS for HospitalityEPOS for RetailEPOS w/ Scanner
1 Week Lease£25 +£35 +£45 +£75+
1 Month Lease£70+£85+£95£150+
3 Month Lease
(per month)
Optional ProgrammingFREE£85+£85+£85+
Optional Delivery
& Collection
Refundable Deposit£50+£100+£100+£250+

Note: Prices are an estimate and subject to change. Rates determined by business situation and can be negotiated with the supplier.

Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to save up to 30%

Do you already have an EPOS System?

Short Term Hire

Short term EPOS till rental is a great option for businesses that only need to take and process payments for short or uncertain periods of time. In particular pop-up stores, start-ups without a fixed location and traders at festivals and events can all benefit from short term EPOS rental.

It can also be a solid option to reinforce your existing EPOS systems during peak trading periods such as Christmas, New Year and other national holidays.

The drawback is that you’ll have to keep renewing or renegotiating your short term contract each time you want the EPOS till, you may have to return it right in the middle of an unexpected busy period, and short term rental rates tend to be steeper than leasing an EPOS cash register for a longer period.

Short term EPOS rental is generally charged on a weekly basis and is built around a simple, intuitive system that is pre-loaded with your products and just needs to be plugged in to work.

Long Term Hire

Long term EPOS hire may sound as though it would be rigid and less flexible, however it is the go-to option for most businesses looking to lease EPOS tills. Not only do you get cheaper rental rates, but you can keep the till for as long as you need to without worrying about returning it.

You also get the added bonus of upgrading your EPOS till as and when you need to or if newer software/hardware is released.

The main benefit of long term EPOS system rental is the fact that you’ll be able to build up a data-rich picture of customer buying habits, employee performance and stock management. EPOS systems can track all this and more, and by using the backend software, you can develop real insights that can optimise and refine the way your business works.

The tracking of stock and auto-generation of forms and reports also saves time that could be spent better elsewhere, such as serving customers or restocking goods.


EPOS rental contracts for retail outlets and shops are very similar to mobile phone contracts, in that you pay a set fee per month over a fixed length of time, from 12 months to 60 months, it’s your call.

Costs tend to decrease as the contract gets longer, so it is worth bearing in mind just how long you’ll need the EPOS till and software for when signing a contract.


Nearly all EPOS till rental contracts include installation for free, unless you opt for a plug & play EPOS system, which is more common with short-term leases where the till comes pre-configured and just needs to be switched on.

What you will generally receive when taking stock of your new EPOS solution is:

  • Installation by an engineer who is an expert in the hardware and software you will be using
  • Fully programmed equipment (e.g. with correct logos etc already pre-loaded. Your stock list etc can be added by the engineer/installer).
  • On site training for all staff
  • Quick-start guides and easy-to-use manuals
  • Ongoing support as and when needed if issues arise

Remember, this is all inclusive of your weekly/monthly rental fee.


Servicing is included in most rental contracts, yet depending on circumstances or supplier it may not be. Therefore, as previously mentioned, it is worth double checking your contract to see what is included in the rental fee you pay.

Most EPOS rental companies are quick to respond to any issues you might need to raise and will endeavour to fix any issues as soon as possible in order to minimise downtime.

Part of this repair and/or service may involve directly replacing the afflicted EPOS system with a new, working set up. Your engineer will be able to give you a better sense of whether this is necessary upon seeing the issue.

If servicing isn’t included in your contract, then costs can mount depending on the issue. If hardware is faulty then costs will be expensive due to the physical nature of the work, or the cost of replacing the faulty equipment. Whereas, software issues tend to be cheaper to solve, although can quickly rack up costs if the issue is left to develop over time and become more embedded in your software and systems.

Cheap EPOS Systems For UK Businesses

Somewhat ironically, cheap EPOS system rental deals are tied to the longest contracts. As your rental period gets longer so your monthly costs start to decrease. This is great for your business as it frees up cash flow for more essential business purchases, but also ensures the EPOS rental company recoups the full rental cost over time.

Another way to find a cheaper EPOS rental deal is to look for packages that include an entire Point of Sale setup, such as:

  • EPOS hardware
  • EPOS software
  • Card payment processing terminals
  • Installation + support

To find the most inclusive deals, it is always advisable to shop around and compare prices. Expert Market can help you with this by matching you to the best suppliers for your needs for free. All you need to do is complete the form on top of this page and we’ll be in touch with free price quotes for you.

If you want to push for the cheapest EPOS system deals, then trying to negotiate as much for your money is definitely the way to go if looking to stretch your investment as far as possible. For more advice, we’ve prepared an overview of cheap EPOS systems that should help clarify things.

Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to save up to 30%

Do you already have an EPOS System?

Getting The Best EPOS Till Rental Deal

Renting an EPOS system is very cost efficient, but make sure you know beforehand what functions you would like your system to have, such as reporting features, inventory keeping, portable PDQ machines, and number of tills. The more functions and additional equipment you require, the more you will pay for the total installation.

Some general rules to follow when hunting for the best EPOS rental deals are:

Don’t always go for the cheapest option

Double check the support and service provided with cheap offers ,you don’t want to be left high and dry if the worst occurs.

Make sure you’re insured

As with any important business purchase, if you get the insurance as soon as possible then you’re covered should any issues arise.

Triple check the contract length

There’s no harm in checking and double-checking the length of time you’ve signed up to rent for, as if you only need it for 12 months it’s not ideal if you sign up for 4 years due to an admin error.

Double check pricing

Are you happy with the rental rate negotiated? Are there any extra or hidden costs you might incur at some point? Always make sure you know what you’re going to - and are expected - to pay.

Don’t pick offers by name and brand

Many smaller companies can offer you the same equipment but at better rates with more personable service included. Check our list below for some supplier suggestions.

Are you hiring long-term or short-term?

Either option incurs different rental costs and levels of support. Ensure you’ve hiring for the best interests of your company.

What level of support are you going to get?

Will the EPOS till supplier replace your system for free if it breaks down? How soon will they do this? Does it cost? Or will an engineer come and fix it? The longer your till is broken, the less money you can make, so it is important to know what support you’re paying for.

EPOS Till Rental FAQs

How Many Products can be programmed into an EPOS till?

There should be no cap on the number of products you can list on an EPOS till.

Can I Change The Name + Price Of Items On The Till?

Most EPOS tills are intuitive to use, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to amend product names or prices on-site. However, if you have any issues just call your supplier and they can send you instructions or talk you through the process.

Can I Print A Logo On The Receipt?

Most EPOS suppliers in the UK offer companies the option of printing a logo or company branding on receipts. However, to do so you will have to send over the necessary image files in advance so that it can be programmed into the system.

Be aware that logos will almost always be black and white in colour and can’t be changed or amended on-site once you receive the EPOS system.

How Many Employees Can Use The EPOS Till?

There shouldn’t be a limit on the number of people who can login and use your EPOS cash register, however once you start adding a lot of users, you may need to scroll on-screen to find them.

Will It Have A Customer Facing Display

Cheaper and smaller systems tend to not have a customer facing display as this keeps costs and size down to a minimum. If you want or need a display for customers, then you’ll need to mention this to your supplier when ordering.

How Long Can I Rent A Till For?

For as long as you need! Whether that’s for a week or for five years - suppliers will be happy to negotiate better deals and rates as the contract length increases.

Top 4 UK EPOS Suppliers

Best EPOS Suppliers In The UK
EPOS now system till rentalEPOS Direct till rentalFirst Data Merchant Solutions EPOS rentalIntelligentpos epos till rental izettle

Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to save up to 30%

Do you already have an EPOS System?


EPOS Now logo

EPOS Now are an award winning EPOS till supplier, who’s easy to use software and durable EPOS hardware keeps clients coming back for more. Top notch reporting also helps to improve your wider business practices too.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

EPOS Now offer a collection of award-winning EPOS systems that are super simple to use and can be accessed remotely anytime, anywhere.

EPOS packages are negotiated on a customer by customer basis so that the deal fits your needs and situation. Packages cover both the hospitality and retail sectors and the company stresses the fact that there are no hidden costs involved, which is always welcome news!

As for the EPOS till systems, they are powerful, slickly designed pieces of kit that will ensure smooth, efficient transactions and ordering for customers. The additional inventory control and data-led reports will help to further refine the way your business works now and into the future.

Note: Rates vary by business type, transactions processed and length of contract among other factors. For accurate quotes, complete the help form on top of this article today!

Retail EPOS SystemIncludes: Terminal (2017 model, water resistant, SSD hard drive), Retail EPOS Now software, Receipt Printer, Metal Cashdrawer, Installation & Training£1,199.00 + VAT
Hospitality EPOS SystemIncludes: Terminal (2017 model, water resistant, SSD hard drive), Hospitality EPOS Now software, Receipt Printer, Metal Cashdrawer, Installation & Training£1,199.00 + VAT
iPad EPOS SystemIncludes: Apple iPad Air (optional), iPad POS stand, Receipt Printer, Metal Cashdrawer, iZettle PDQ Card Machine, Installation & Training£549.00 + VAT
£849.00 + VAT (inc. iPad Air)
Android EPOS SystemIncludes: Samsung Galaxy Tab A (optional), Samsung Galaxy iPad Stand, Metal Cashdrawer, Installation & Training£399.00 + VAT
£598.00 + VAT (inc. Samsung Galaxy Tab A)

EPOS Direct

EPOS Direct logo

EPOS Direct are specialists in EPOS till rental and purchasing. They offer reliable systems that are easy-to-use, durable and guaranteed to boost business. Their EPOS tills use market-leading Emperium software, while till rental prices are negotiated on a business by business basis.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

EPOS Direct are specialists in providing EPOS solutions to businesses of any size. Their till rental offers are flexible and fairly priced, with the option to try and negotiate a better price package determined by your business size and situation.

A key benefit of EPOS Direct rental deals is that they are more than happy to offer both short-term and long-term deals, from a single week for pop-ups to multiple years for more established retail outlets.

Additionally, EPOS Direct don’t require credit checks, which can help new or struggling businesses get access to a key piece of retail equipment and boost sales.

Note: Rental rates vary by business type, transactions processed and length of contract among other factors. For accurate rental quotes, complete the help form on top of this article today!

EPOS System ED-850Includes: ED-850 touchscreen EPOS terminal, Thermal Receipt Printer, Cashdrawer, Emperium EPOS Software£1,799.00 + VAT
EPOS System ED-630Includes:Ed-630 touchscreen EPOS system, Emperium EPOS Till Software, Thermal Receipt Printer, Cashdrawer, Product Menu Configuration, Plug & Play - no set-up needed£1,499.00 + VAT
Mobile Cloud EPOS SystemIncludes: Mobile Tablet, Thermal Receipt Printer, Emperium EPOS Software, PRe-Configured to work out the box£799.00 + VAT

Compare Price Quotes from Leading Suppliers to save up to 30%

Do you already have an EPOS System?

First Data Merchant Solutions

First Data Merchant Solutions logo

First Data use their merchant account expertise to offer a selection of high performance EPOS till systems available for purchase or lease. Additional costs may be incurred through a wide range of add-ons.

Supplier Rating:

The Clover Station is WiFi, Ethernet cable and BlueTooth compatible, and also possess multiple USB ports for added connectivity. An fee of £49.99 per month grants access to the Clover App and Software store, where you can further enhance the capabilities of the EPOS till.

The Clover Mobile is a space saving EPOS system aimed at smaller businesses and retail outlets, where space comes at a premium. It can connect via 3G and WiFi, can be logged into remotely from your phone or personal computer, and accepts chip & pin, contactless and Apple Pay payments.

The smallest option from First Data Merchants is the Clover Mini, a portable EPOS system with a space saving design. It has an integrated printer and is built of the same durable Gorilla Glass as the larger Clover models. The accompanying hub provides ethernet, USB and USB type B ports for added functionality.

To access the Clover app store, which contains some great admin support programs for small businesses, you’ll be required to pay £49.99 per month. This is optional with the Mini and Mobile, but compulsory with the premium Clover Station.

Note: Rental rates vary by business type, transactions processed and length of contract among other factors. For accurate rental quotes, complete the help form on top of this article today!

Clover StationIncludes: Touchscreen Clover EPOS Till, Cashdrawer (optional), Receipt Printer, Clover Mini Customer Facing Display, Hi-Res Embedded Camera£1,015 + VAT
+ £49.99 pcm for software license
Clover MobileIncludes: Touchscreen Clover Mobile EPOS system, Charging Dock (optional), Receipt Printer (optional), Hi-Res Embedded Camera,£637.50 + VAT
Clover MiniIncludes: Touchscreen Clover Mini EPOS System, Embedded Hi-Res Camera, Connectivity Hub,£369.00 + VAT


IntelligentPOS logo

Compact, attractive and reliable - IntelligentPOS’ EPOS till systems are what you’d expect from the team behind iZettle. They are ideal for smaller businesses who need to save space whilst maximising their potential. These EPOS systems are intuitive and easy to use.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

IntelligentPOS is the Point of Sale service from iZettle, which you might recognise as the name of the fastest growing Card Payment Machine brand in the UK. Yes, iZettle have taken their retail and hospitality experience and turned out a collection of EPOS offerings for businesses of all sizes.

The bundles vary in size and scope with two large, dedicated EPOS bundles designed for larger businesses being offered along with a selection of smaller, more portable packages based on Mobile EPOS solutions.

As you’d expect from the company behind iZettle, IntelligentPOS’ EPOS systems are intuitive and user friendly, well constructed of premium materials and offered at very reasonable rates.

Note: Rental rates vary by business type, transactions processed and length of contract among other factors. For accurate rental quotes, complete the help form on top of this article today!

Hospitality iPad EPOS BundleIncludes: iPad Stand, Thermal Recipt Printer, Cashdrawer, Ethernet Cable for printer, iZettle Card Reader£449.00 + VAT
Retail iPad EPOS BundleIncludes: iPad Stand (compatible w/ iPad Air + Air 2 only), Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Cashdrawer, Termal Receipt Printer, Ethernet Cable, iZettle Card Reader£599.00 + VAT
POWA POS T25 All-In-One POS For iPad AirA fully-integrated, all-in-one EPOS solution. Includes: iPad Air enclosure w/ built in charging, Termal Receipt Printer, iZettle Card Reader, Barcode Scanner (optional)£549.00 + VAT
Mobile iPad EPOS BundleIncludes: Ethernet Thermal Printer, iPad Stand, Cashdrawer, iZettle Reader, Teltonika Router£598.00 + VAT
Basic Mobile EPOS BundleIncludes: Bluetooth Thermal Printer, iZettle Card Reader (note: iPad NOT included)£349.00 + VAT

Next Steps: Cutting The Cost Of EPOS Till Rental

If you are interested in hearing more about tills and EPOS systems for sale or want to enquire about prices to hire a system for your business, simply fill out the form at the top of this page. You can compare quotes from several suppliers by filling in just one form to ensure you find the best system for your business.