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With many EPOS dealers and systems available to you it may seem like a daunting task selecting the right one for your business. There are several factors to take into consideration when buying an EPOS till, for example:

  • Which industry will the EPOS system be used in?
  • What is the size and scope of your business?
  • Is your business sector specific, for example retail or hospitality?
  • Can you afford to buy the system outright or would it make more sense to rent or lease?
  • Do you need the full system or just a few components?
  • Is your business likely to grow and therefore the EPOS system with it?

All these questions should be fundamental when deciding which EPOS till you will purchase.

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The Best Known EPOS Till Suppliers in the UK

Once you have decided on the type of system you need you then must make sure you purchase from a reputable source. Below is a comparison of the most reputable EPOS merchants in the industry.

SupplierTouchscreenIntegrated FeaturesIndustry CompatibilityHandheldHard Drive

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Sharp offer a comprehensive range of tills from simple numeric systems to fully integrated and powerful EPOS systems. As a company Sharp have been around for a century and have built up a solid reputation that touches upon an enormous amount of electronic industries. With several help lines, updates and warranties available to you, Sharp are a reliable and supportive supplier for an EPOS system.


Although Geller stopped trading as a company in 2012, their systems are well renowned, reliable and of very high quality. Geller still provides a help line for those who own a Geller EPOS till and are in need of support.


Much like Sharp, Casio has a very strong and historic reputation in the electronics industry. Their cloud based storage system is second to none and is well known for having a strong security system to back it up, which is very important in these days of cyber crime. Integration is one Casio’s strongest suits while support is available via Email or phone.


With a strong focus on providing a wide range of functions through their EPOS systems, Uniwell have carved out a reputation to rival their more historic competitors. Distributing reseller channels that envelopes the whole of the United Kingdom, Uniwell have supplied businesses ranging from the tiny to the colossal. From security to retail, Uniwell EPOS tills are well worth investigating.


Although better known for providing other electronic devices, Samsung manufacture parts for many EPOS tills and have a small but highly respected range of EPOS systems available themselves. Their wireless handheld EPOS devices are top of the range and, unlike some on the market, are highly reliable.

Brand Vs Function

Before deciding which you prefer, the first consideration must be does the particular model suit your needs. There is little point in buying a top of the range model if you only need basic retail functions and there is little point in saving money getting something basic when you do not fully benefit from what an EPOS system can offer, so it is well worth ensuring you make the correct decision.

Whatever combination you decide on, it is important you take time to compare the products carefully. An EPOS till has the power to transform even the smallest business

Next Steps

When comparing EPOS tills it may all seem like a fog of tech heavy phrases and confusing choices lay ahead of you. Certainly it is too important a decision to be taken lightly and without proper investigation. But fear not, we are here to help narrow down the search, unpick the most confusing language and make sure you choose the correct system for your business needs.

Fill in our simple web form telling us whether you need the full system or specific components, what features you require and how many terminals are called for and we will do the rest.