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By Dan Barraclough | Published: 23 August 2019

If there’s one thing you’ll take away from this article, it’s knowing which EPOS system is best for your business

Running a takeaway business is a fast-paced, fried chicken-eat-fried chicken world. You’re competing against several other takeaway shops – often on the same street – for speed, tastiness, and customer service. 

Whether you’re stir frying noodles, deep frying chicken, sizzling spices, or serving up something a little more niche, the essence of a takeaway business remains the same – serve customers as quickly as possible, while producing top-notch food. 

So where does EPOS come into this? EPOS companies are producing software and hardware that can facilitate the fast food process – right from when your customers order, through to them sitting down to a well-earned dinner that they haven’t had to cook. 

However, we at Expert Market have discovered that some EPOS suppliers do it better than others. You can find out about our pick of the best EPOS systems for takeaways in the section below. Or if you own a restaurant business too, why not take a look at the best POS systems for hospitality?

Alternatively, you can use our comparison service to receive quotes from top EPOS suppliers. Simply provide us with a few details about your business, and the best suppliers for your requirements will be in touch with prices and more information.

The best EPOS systems for takeaways

Based on our independent research, the best EPOS systems for takeaways are:

These EPOS systems may be the best, but which one should you choose for your business? Have a think about your priorities, then take a look at which takeaway POS system best matches them in the table below. 

Takeaway POS SystemBest for
Lightspeed RestaurantMenu management
TouchBistro Quick ServiceLoyalty schemes
Fusion POSSoftware-only
Revel SystemsPOS hardware
Nobly POSCustomer service

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1. Lightspeed Restaurant

Best takeaway EPOS system for menu management

Lightspeed’s restaurant POS is packed full of features, with its self-order menu helping it stand out from the crowd. According to Lightspeed, customers order more when they’re left to their own devices – and with some mouth-watering images on display too, you’ll really be able to make the most of your customers’ hunger pangs. And don’t worry – your customers will still be able to order from the counter, and even online too. That’s all bases covered.


  • Heaps of features
  • Sales-orientated menu management

X Cons:

  • Individual features don’t offer as much as other systems’

2. TouchBistro

Best takeway EPOS system for loyalty schemes

The millennial generation loves to feel appreciated, and while they probably don’t make up the total amount of your footfall, it's likely that they do make up a large percentage. But when several takeaway shops on your street do exactly the same thing, how do you keep your audience returning to you? With customer relationship management. TouchBistro serves this up on a platter, allowing you to offer loyal customers exclusive offers and one-time deals.


  • Set up customer accounts
  • Manage your deals and discounts

X Cons:

  • One of the more expensive POS systems

3. Fusion POS

Best takeway EPOS system for software-only

Sometimes, you don’t need a load of fancy equipment to make the most out of your takeaway business. Fusion POS offers powerful software that you can download straight onto your mobile phone. And the provider will even build you a website, too – absolutely commission free. You’ll be able to take orders, manage deliveries, get to grips with your sales figures, and even manage your eat-in customers – all from the same app. All in all, Fusion POS is perfect for those looking to broaden their takeaway business horizons. 


  • Can accompany your current POS system
  • Packed full of features

X Cons:

  • Doesn’t include POS hardware

4. Revel Systems

Best takeway EPOS system for POS hardware

When you’ve got walk-in customers to think about, in addition to a backlog of delivery orders, it’s good to know that your takeaway POS system has it all under control. With self-service kiosks allowing customers to order their own food, and a delivery management system providing you with everything you need to manage orders from door to door, Revel Systems is all about enabling quick service. 


  • Innovative hardware options
  • Both eat-in and takeaway management

X Cons:

  • Can be complex to set up

5. Nobly POS

Best takeway EPOS system for customer service

The Nobly POS system is a great all-rounder, making it ideal for delis, cafes, burger joints, and other eateries that offer eat-in or takeout options. But that’s not the only thing that makes it great. According to the company, Nobly POS offers the number one customer-rated system on the market. And with a five star TrustPilot rating, plus heaps of great reviews across the web, we’re pretty sure investing in a Nobly POS is only going to be a positive experience.


  • Great customer service credentials
  • Suitable for quick service restaurants and takeaways

X Cons:

  • Back office interface isn’t the smoothest

Expert verdict

There’s literally a POS system for every type of takeaway restaurant – whether you’re looking to adopt a McDonald's-style self-service menu, concentrate on customer loyalty, or venture into delivery. But you need to think about more than that. 

Choosing the best takeaway POS system for your business isn’t just about picking one that seems to offer the functionality you need. There’s also credit card fees (which differ according to whether a customer orders online or at the till), hardware costs, and installation fees to consider, too. 

We recommend that you use our helpful service to match you with the best supplier for your requirements. Just fill in our form with a few details about your takeaway business, and the best suppliers will be in touch with advice, as well as quotes for you to compare.

What are the benefits of a takeaway EPOS system?

Did You Know?

A report by site Business of Apps states that there are 45,000 daily Deliveroo users, 51,000 daily UberEats users, and a staggering 500,000 daily JustEat users

The figures above show how important it is to have a system that allows you to tap into your online audience as much as your footfall – and a takeaway EPOS system allows you to do just that. 

But that’s just the start. Here are some other reasons to invest in an EPOS system for your takeaway business:

  • You and your customers can easily input and select menu items
  • You’ll be able to send orders straight through to the kitchen
  • Customers can self-order with front of house hardware
  • You can integrate your business with delivery apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats
  • Customer loyalty schemes can encourage customers to return
  • You’ll be able to purchase additional tablets for waiting staff, both for eat-in and takeout businesses

What is the cost of an EPOS system?

The cost of an EPOS system fully depends on the hardware you require, and the number of employees that will need an account on the software. This makes it hard to work out an accurate cost of an EPOS system for your takeaway shop.

We’ve put together an article which will give you a rough idea of how much an EPOS system costs, but for an accurate quote that includes any setup and installation fees, it’s best to talk to suppliers. 

Expert Market’s quote-finding service makes it easy for you to discover the total amount you’ll need to pay for an EPOS system. Simply tell us a little bit about your business, and the suppliers that match your requirements will be in touch shortly. 

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