EPOS System for Takeaway

In some ways a POS system for takeaway restaurants is unique. Unlike restaurants that require an integrated hospitality set up, a take away restaurant needs the majority of its integration behind the scenes.

That is not to say takeaway POS software does not need a huge amount of flexibility and highly integrative properties. In fact, EPOS for takeaways has a greater need for it than most other hospitality industries.

Benefits Of An EPOS Takeaway System

There are many areas where EPOS can be of huge advantage to the takeaways industry. To run a takeaway as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, an EPOS takeaway system should be at the heart of everything procedure.

General EPOS For Takeaways Advantages

There is, of course, a lot of overlap with other hospitality sectors, especially the restaurant trade. These include:

  • Stock Control
  • EPOS Tills

epos for takeaway

Stock Control

As with most hospitality and retail businesses, stock control is an important part of a venture that sells any kind of product. Making sure you have appropriate levels of ingredients and utensils is extremely important to the running of any successful business.

With a POS system for takeaways, you are also able to track exactly which meals are selling best at which times of the day. Even keeping a careful watch on which meals are most popular during the different seasons can have a colossally positive effect on profit.

EPOS Tills

Efficiency is key to the EPOS till. What was once a complicated marriage of buttons and memory has become a simple to use interaction that all but does away with human error. For the takeaway industry in particular, this is vital to maintaining a well run service with high customer satisfaction levels that inspire consumer loyalty in a crowded sector.

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Unique Advantages Of EPOS For Takeaway

As previously mentioned, takeaway services have specific and unique requirements that do not overlap into other regions of the hospitality industry. These include:

  • EPOS For Kitchens
  • EPOS Caller ID
  • EPOS For The Internet

EPOS For Kitchens

Although EPOS for kitchens is hardly unique to takeaway restaurants, what makes the takeaway industry different to other restaurants is the linking of customer service to the kitchens and then to the delivery service.

From the kitchen the staff must coordinate the order with the delivery driver so the food does not become affected by the environment. Usually this would mean that it does not become cold.

EPOS Caller ID

It is standard practice for most takeaways that they are able to identify any previous customer from the caller ID. This does not end with simply a name on the display like it might for personal calls on a mobile phone however. With full integration to an EPOS system a POS system for takeaway can display the name, full address and post code and that particular customer’s order history.

Not only does this help the customer feel welcomed, it also speeds up the process and accurately passes on all relevant information, eliminating human error.

EPOS For The Internet

It is only when the system is integrated to the Internet that EPOS for takeaway truly comes into its own.

EPOS can help construct the perfect website for your restaurant as well as helping make sure that it is visible and easily found. The system can also help with advertisement so your restaurant can appear as the most welcoming and professional in the area.

Once your presence on the Internet is achieved the system make sure that only customers relevant to your catchment area will place orders. With the system also able to track where each delivery driver is, you can also manage which driver is assigned to which order, saving time and frustration for all involved.

Takeaway POS Software

There are many very useful software application that a takeaway business can use in collaboration with the EPOS system. One that incorporates all the above benefits is key to getting the most of the system but it is also important to find the software, and indeed system, that will provide value for money and cover the needs of your operation.

Next Steps

Once you have decided to purchase an EPOS system the next step is to choose which components, software and hardware is right for you. This can be rather overwhelming when you consider the choice that is on the market.

By filling in our simple to use web form, you can cut through the mountain of misinformation and irrelevant products for you industry, scope and budget. It will only take a moment and can save you time, energy and money.

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