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The Best EPOS Systems for iPad

As the use of EPOS Systems evolve, the tablet will play a larger and larger role in electronic point of sale systems.

The Benefits Of Using iPad EPOS Systems

At the moment the hospitality industry has the greatest need for mobile devices but as the technology becomes smaller, more powerful and reliable the large bulky systems that are in place now are likely to be replaced by iPads for EPOS.

EPOS Tablet Processing Power

epos software

The best mobile devices that have the ability to take advantage of this evolution are iPads and Android tablets. With a large touchscreen, increasing processing power and lightweight but sturdy design, these tablets will soon be able to handle pretty much all that more cumbersome and space consuming systems are currently deal with.

EPOS Tablet Cost Efficiency

For smaller businesses in particular, the money saved by using an iPad for EPOS can be astronomical and that is just the initial up front cost of installing the bulkier system. This doesn’t even take into consideration the space this frees up for a small restaurant, bar or shop.

The Simplicity Of iPad EPOS Systems

Tablets are perfect for those that neither need the full EPOS system or those for whom the more complicated systems confuse. In particular, small businesses might be able to get all they need from a smaller device like a iPad and not have to deal with the technological barriers that a full EPOS system can sometimes carry.

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iPad EPOS Software

EPOS software is available with many different functions to serve the variety of industries that might use a tablet based EPOS system.

Types of iPad EPOS Software

The Apple iPad has a terrific range of applications to use with EPOS systems. Find some of the best cloud-based software bundles below.

iPad SoftwareIndustryFeaturesPrice
Lightspeed Retail•  Retail•  payment processing
•  inventory management
•  catalog imports
from £49/month
Vend POS•  Retail
•  Hospitality
•  integration with payment providers
  like iZettle and PayPal
•  customisable receipts
from £39/month
NCR Counterpoint•  Retail•  customer history
•  layaways
•  gift cards
from £66/month
Lightspeed Restaurant•  Hospitality•  customisable menus
•  touchscreen support
• special order support
from £50/month
TouchBistro•  Hospitality•  24/7 phone support
•  custom floor layout
•  multiple remote printer support
from £49/month
Toast POS•  Hospitality•  floor management
•  menu management
•  accounting integration
from £33/month
Cloudseeder POS•  Retail•  inventory tracking
•  customer tracking
•  automatic price tag printing
from £32/month

Lightspeed Retail

As the name suggests, Lightspeed Retail is an application for use within the retail sector. It is capable of managing inventory, processing payments, tracking sales and is able to fully integrate with any EPOS system.

Vend POS

Vend POS works with any device that has a web browser, including the iPad. It is a simple yet impressive application that works both online and offline. Simplicity personified Vend POS is a terrific application for retail.

NCR Counterpoint

Customisable, full featured and with multiple channels, NCR Counterpoint has a hugely impressive range. It is a top of the range product for retail as it covers just about every function you might need a tablet EPOS application for.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Much like its retail equivalent, Lightspeed Restaurant is a friendly to use, high quality piece of software. Perfectly suitable for fast food or table service restaurants it is an easily customisable and aptly named application.


As the name suggests this software was designed for the restaurant trade. The beauty of TouchBistro is its flexibility, something that is vital in hospitality. As it is able to customise the order at any time or split the bill between customers and other changeable data inputs, it is a very helpful and easy to use system to utilise in the busy and complicated world of food hospitality.

Toast POS

Toast POS is a terrific EPOS addition to your EPOS system that allows restaurants to take orders through the touchscreen of an iPad or other tablet device. Its various features, such as voiding cheques, merging bills and keeping track of customer loyalty, are very beneficial to restaurants of all sizes.

Cloudseeder POS

Cloudseeder POS is a wonderfully suited application for smaller businesses but can work just as well for larger and more established retailers. Perfect for the iPad it is easily integrated to larger systems and offers a wide range of functions for a variety of retail markets.

Next Steps

With such a large array of devices and software within just the subject of EPOS tablets, it can be somewhat confusing to find the products that are right for your business.

Whether you are looking to install the full EPOS system, specific components or find the best software to run it on, our handy web form can help you. It only takes a few moments to fill out and can save you hours of Internet sales pitches and browsing.

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