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EPOS Systems For Hospitality

EPOS, Electronic Point of Sale Systems, help make businesses within the industry more efficient, streamlined and profitable in many various ways. The larger a business is, the more prevalent the need to implement such a system is. EPOS systems have become the norm for even the smallest hospitality ventures and can be affordable, simple to use and highly effective.

EPOS Features

Any EPOS system should be flexible and designed to suit the industry it will be used in. For hospitality, these are often features that are unique to the industry and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each business.

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EPOS For Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs often have explicit requirements from the systems they utilise, whereas smaller ventures may only require a desktop system, which is essentially an electronic till. The advantage for either is that staff need not memorise prices for each transaction as all products can be selected from the touch screen provided by the electronic till. This cuts down on costly errors and the need for extra training as well as making the entire process vastly more efficient.

For some bars and nightclubs there may be the need to provide table service, which will require handheld, wireless devices. This technology allows for far greater efficiency, helpful for staff and customers alike. What’s more, both methods can process card payments and cutting edge mobile transactions, keeping businesses ahead of what is becoming a fast moving technological field.

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EPOS for Restaurants

Restaurants are possibly the industry that has been most transformed by EPOS technology. Whether the restaurant is a busy one with large premises or a small intimate venture, EPOS systems can be enormously beneficial.

To begin with it is far easier to plan and keep track of which tables are free or booked for a certain time. This overview allows a maitre d or manager to supervise new arrivals efficiently, making the business run smoothly and more profitably.

Orders can be taken from customers and sent automatically to the kitchen, giving waiters more time to serve customers and remain a helpful and welcoming presence on the restaurant floor. Cooking, processing and the serving of meals also becomes easier to coordinate or adjust should the customer change their mind.

Transactions can be simplified enormously, with the latest forms of electronic payments processed on the previously mentioned mobile devices in a matter of seconds. What’s more, bills can be split, combined and adjusted as to the customers convenience.

Pros and Cons

As with any technology there are some pros and cons to consider. As previously alluded to, however, almost all hospitality industry companies can benefit from EPOS systems and their technology but these will vary from business to business.


Other than the previously mentioned benefits relating to the day-to-day processes of a business, there are some advantages to implementing this technology that go deeper.

Stock taking and checking can also be automated, meaning you need never run out of essential products. You can also oversee which products are selling well and at which time of day, week or year they are most popular and adjust your menu accordingly.

You can also benefit from a clear overview of many staff related details, including where individual practices might not be efficient or how an entire system of working might need to be replaced.


There are some considerations to take into account before purchasing EPOS technology or signing up for a service. These are typically specifically related to choosing the correct products rather than issues with the concept in general.

Reliability and Security

Not all EPOS systems are created equal. Some systems might be lightweight and not suitable for the busy and physical work that the hospitality industry presents, for example, some providers are unreliable and offer poor support.

As with any transaction method that uses the Internet or wireless technology, security is also an important consideration. Most reputable providers have up to date and powerful security measures in place, however, and should never present a problem.


While entry level EPOS systems are very affordable, some of the more complex systems can be extremely costly. The issue here is making sure you get the correct system for your particular business; this includes a degree of flexibility if your business is likely to grow or is particularly complex.

Top EPOS Systems

As the requirements for EPOS are varied, even within one industry, the range of systems available is quite wide-ranging. It is important to make sure the systems you employ are from a reputable provider. Thankfully there are many of those to choose from. These include:

  • Maitre D
  • Southwest Systems
  • EPOS Company

Maitre D

As the name suggests, Maitre D are an EPOS system provider that is uniquely tailored to suit the needs of the hospitality industry. Each system is customisable to a high level of detail and businesses can choose from a full range of features to suit the size and scope of their venture.

Southwest Systems

Providing systems, devices and apps through their EPOS service, Southwest are one of the best cloud-based EPOS system providers for hospitality in the UK. Boasting a high level of security and expertise that stretches back to the 1940’s, they remain one of the most trusted providers in the EPOS industry.

EPOS Company

Providing bespoke EPOS systems for a range of industries, EPOS company manufacture and sell some of the most sturdy and innovative EPOS technologies in the UK. With video systems, specifically designed wireless devices and powerful security software, they are considered to be one of the most trusted EPOS providers in the UK.