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EPOS Software for Mac

There was a time when EPOS software for Mac was quite a small market with few choices for businesses in any sector. In the last ten years, however, most providers offer Mac friendly software alongside PC and other operating systems, including Android and Linux and some provide specialist software for the operating system. For this reason there are many options to choose from but not all suppliers are equally well designed, so a high level of research is required to ensure you are employing the right software for your business.


Mac EPOS software has almost identical capabilities to its PC equivalent but there are cases in which the Mac system excels or fails to match it. Most reputable providers have a consistent level of quality across all operating systems, however, and any differences between them will be cosmetic. The best EPOS software providers for Mac include:

  • Lightspeed
  • NCR Counterpoint
  • Booker
  • Snapfulfil
  • Ambur POS
  • Acumen
  • Maitre D
  • EPOS Now
  • Retail Express
  • Touch Bistro
epos for mac


With packages to suit various sectors, including retail and hospitality, Lightspeed are one of the most popular EPOS software designers in the UK. Affordable, simple and perfectly suited for all sizes of business, Lightspeed are a top provider for Mac systems.

NCR Counterpoint

Another popular supplier for Macs, NCR Counterpoint is a mid-level priced software that provides high end benefits. Although the package is not available on Cloud, the system has great scope for integration and there is an option for all sizes of business. There are more expensive and high end products available from NCR as well.

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With a focus on businesses that require online booking, appointment making and e-Commerce, Booker offer a highly affordable, concise and intuitive software whose capabilities far exceed expectation. Suitable for SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises), they are a terrific entry level system for Mac users.


At the other end of the scale is Snapfulfil, a high end provider with enormous capabilities for more complex ventures. Cloud based systems are reliable and backed up thoroughly, plus the interface is as complex or simple as you need it to be. Suitable for all sizes of business, it is most popular with larger enterprises due to its scope and price.

Ambur POS

Reasonably priced but with a myriad of features, Ambur have designed EPOS software with a focus on small restaurants and other similar hospitality sector companies. The software is well-suited to iPad and iPhone and automatic integration makes the entire system easy to manage.


An SME software with in depth qualities, Acumen are essentially a high end, small retail business EPOS system provider. Integration is key to its success and, although it isn’t the cheapest option, it does provide value for money with the quality of both the technology and its service.

Maitre D

As the name suggests, Maitre D is designed for the hospitality industry, specifically restaurants or venues that provide food. Small and large businesses are catered for and a flexible design means that there are little to no issues regarding integration or application of the software.


One of the larger providers of EPOS software, EPOS Now software is perfectly suited to SME retail ventures with straightforward needs and a tight budget. This is not to say that the software is of low quality, however, with broad payroll and inventory capabilities it is a great option for many.

Retail Express

Another retail platform for Mac, Retail Express are a mid range and highly regarded provider with a flexible online cloud system. Internationally implemented, it is particularly popular in Australia and New Zealand, it is capable of all the basic functions you need from an EPOS system but with great overview interfaces to help manage your business to minute detail.

Touch Bistro

Despite its name, Touch Bistro can be utilised to great effect across a number of hospitality sectors and is a particularly popular option for hotels. This is due to its great potential for flexibility and its highly scalable design, allowing businesses to grow without restriction. Offering enormous capabilities at an affordable price, it is one of the most popular systems in the UK.