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EPOS Software

Whether you have a small retail shop and trade counter, are a sole trader or are a large business with several departments, there are EPOS software options for you.

A very basic EPOS system will record what the business is taking every day. A more sophisticated system can provide sales reports, have individual employee and manager programs, report of customer trends and patterns etc.

A basic package of both hardware and software can be purchased for as little as £1,500 and although it is advisable to buy a whole package from one specialist supplier, it is possible to get the software as a standalone package. Whether you are a new merchant or looking to upgrade your existing software package, there are options for you. Many suppliers will offer installation, online support or help in switching from your current supplier.

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Choosing the Best EPOS Software

EPOS technology has evolved over the last few decades and is now the most popular, efficient, electronic financial tool in the developed world. EPOS is suitable for all businesses, small or large, where a product or service is exchanged for money.

Any EPOS system is only as good as the software provided, which can now be tailored to meet the requirements of any business. Many software packages come in distinct bundles tailored to various industry sectors such as retail, hospitality or beauty.

Suppliers that offer full integrated EPOS systems, such as WorldPay or Wasp, will provide software within the system bundle. Other suppliers offer only the software, in which case you will need to check whether the software is compatible with your existing hardware. The benefit of standalone software packages is that they can be quite cheap. There are currently several cloud-based systems on the market which are even free.


Cost from approx.
(software only)

Operating System

Free trial

WorldPayn/a (bundle)Windowsown systems
Wasp£325Windowsown systems
Vend£39/monthMac OS, iOS, Windowsmost systems
Cybertill£30/weekWindowsmost systems
ICR Touch£350Linux, Mac OS, Windowsown systems
iZettle Pro£39/monthiOS

PayPal Here
approved systems
Actinic£15/monthOnline platform-
Emperium£600Windowsmost systems
EPOS Now£499Windowsmost systems
own systems
Intelligent Retail£400WindowseBay Connect
Amazon Connect
own systems

Cloud-Based EPOS Software

Cloud-based EPOS software such as Vend and iPos is currently shaking up the market. These software packages can usually be downloaded rather than coming with a CD, and can be used on most devices such as computers, Macs and iPads.

The software can be accessed from any browser, making POS and business administration very easy for merchants. These systems can be ideal for sole traders and start-ups, but often don’t offer enough functionalities for larger businesses.

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Standalone EPOS Software

There are various suppliers such as Actinic and Emperium offering standalone EPOS and eCommerce software. These software packages can be very comprehensive and usually suited to anyone from sole traders to large corporations.

Standalone software packages can be quite expensive, but are usually a good option if you need to upgrade your current software but are happy with your hardware or don’t want to invest in a new full integrated system.

Fully Integrated EPOS Systems

If you do not own any EPOS software or hardware yet, or are looking to take the next big step with your business, it is advisable to invest in a full integrated EPOS system. A fully integrated system is a bundle where all software and hardware components are provided by the same supplier. Well-known suppliers of fully integrated EPOS systems are WorldPay, Wasp, Epos Now and Intelligent Retail.

Investing in such a system can be very beneficial because it guarantees that all components are compatible and usually it is easy to stock up with system with new components as and when these are needed.

Software will be included in such a bundle and it will usually have the functionalities of controlling all payment lanes such as tills and card readers as well as performing backend analyses, stock control and account syncing.

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