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EPOS Printers

EPOS printers are specific kinds of printers that are manufactured to deal with the needs of the particular needs of a business. In this regard they are very much different to the printer you may have set up at home and are usually far more complicated.

Depending on the type of industry and the function of the printer, there are many types you will need to choose from. To help you narrow these options down we have outlined the types of printers available. For further and more in depth assistance you can fill out our handy web form.

Different Types Of EPOS Printers

If you have done a bit of research on EPOS printers you will know there is a staggering variety of printers to choose from. These include:

  • Serial impact printers
  • Mobile printers
  • Label and barcode printers
  • Special function printers
  • Business colour network printers
  • Receipt printers
  • Multifunction printers
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Selecting The Correct EPOS Printer For Your Industry

Usually you will need to select the right printer for your particular business. This may not be as easy as it sounds.

Printer TypeIndustry Suitability
Serial Impact PrintersRetail
Mobile PrintersHospitality
Label And Barcode PrintersHospitality
Special Function EPOS PrintersVarious
Business Colour Network EPOS PrintersOffices
EPOS Receipt PrintersHospitality
Multifunction EPOS PrintersVarious

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Serial Impact EPOS Printers

Serial Impact Printers are available in 9pin or 21pin outputs and are well known for their speed and precision. They are capable of handling industrial sized jobs but are just as well suited to smaller businesses. Particularly suited to retail, these printers range from the simple to high end.

Mobile EPOS Printers

Mobile printers are basically handheld printers used in industries like restaurants and bars. As they do not need to be connected to a terminal with wires, the portability of the device means it can be taken table to table as needed.

Label And Barcode EPOS Printers

Available to purchase as static or mobile, the barcode and label EPOS printer is suitable for various industries but usually used within the retail and hospitality sectors. A must for businesses that need to speed up their operation for an affordable price.

Special Function EPOS Printers

Special function EPOS printers are those that are manufactured for very specific functions. These can be produced for all manner of printing needs and are invaluable to some very technical industries such as banking. Usually more expensive than most types, the special function printer suits those with a deeper understanding of the technology and an explicit requirement.

Business Colour Network EPOS Printers

These printers are well suited to office environments. With high end results and enormous flexibility from wireless to PCL versions, the business colour network EPOS printer is perfect for professional presentations, brochures and leaflets.

EPOS Receipt Printers

EPOS Receipt Printers are simple devices that print various receipts depending on your business. Available in various forms from wireless to validation printers and kitchen to standard desktop models, the EPOS receipt printer is mostly suitable for the hospitality and retail industries.

Multifunction EPOS Printers

At the very top end of the EPOS printer scale, multifunction EPOS printers can be used in just about any industry. Flexible, mobile, fast, efficient and less likely to need maintenance, this is the type of printer if you require if printing is integral and ubiquitous to your business. Unless you need the many functions this top of the range printer provides, however, a simpler and more cost efficient option might be better suited to your needs.

Next Steps

As you can see from the options within the subject of EPOS printers, these systems and components can be complicated and extremely various. To help you save time and view the specific products to suit your needs and budget, we have constructed a simple to use web form that can guide you through the more complicated choices.

It only takes a few moments to fill out and can save you both time and money as well as making sure you are comparing the right devices and systems for your industry and size.

All EPOS components and systems are capable of transforming your business enormously. We recommend you provide yourself with the best advice available.