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Comparison Of EPOS Printers

EPOS printers come in various shapes and sizes with different functions relevant to specific industries such as hospitality or retail. On top of this there are many different suppliers and manufacturers to choose from. With all this choice it can be somewhat overwhelming to understand where to start

epson printer

EPOS Printer Suppliers

The best place to begin your search for an EPOS printer would be to look at the variety of manufacturers. Below are some of the best known or most reliable manufacturers of EPOS printers and their most popular models.

BrandEst.Known ForBest Models
Epson1942• Thermal
• Receipt
• Label
• Epson TMT88V
Star1950• Receipt
• Wireless
• Thermal
• Star TSP100
• Star SP700
Citizen2005• Thermal
• Label
• Citizen CLP-521
• Citizen CLP-621
Zebra1969• Healthcare Industry
• Wireless
• Zebra GK420t
• Zebra TLP2844
Digipos1994• Thermal
• Receipt
• Digipos DSU220

Epson Printers

Epson receipt printers are one of the top sellers on the market and the Epson thermal printer range is also favoured by those for whom it’s relevant to business.

Epson are probably one of the best known companies in EPOS printing, with a range that covers all types of printers in depth, the chances are they will have an EPOS printer to suit your needs.

Star Printers

Star printers well renowned for their high quality EPOS printers. The whole range is popular but the Star TSP100 is the best-seller. It is an all in one receipt printer that is full of useful software and is fast, reliable and affordable. There is also an eco friendly model for environmental conscious businesses.

Whether you require a simple receipt printer or a multifunctional EPOS printer, Star Micronics have a fabulous range of well regarded devices for you to choose from.

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Citizen Printers

Possibly not as widely known as Epson or Zebra, Citizen are none the less well regarded in the EPOS printing industry. In particular their industrial range, including the extremely hardy Citizen clp-521, are well thought of by business owners and office managers.

Covering all types and all budgets, Citizen printers are a fresh new face in the electronics industry with a decent range of products. From labels to EPOS, from low end receipt printers to high end photo quality printers, Citizen products are suitable for businesses of all sizes, scales and types.

Zebra Printers

The chances are if you were asking for advice from someone in the trade, they would recommend a Zebra printer. Their range covers just about every industry that uses an EPOS printer. The Zebra GK420t, for example, is possibly the most renowned in the health care industry and the Zebra TLP2844 probably the most ubiquitous barcode label printer you can find.

Zebra technologies have carved out a reputation that is second to none in the industry. They are one of the most popular EPOS printer manufacturers for very good reason.


The Digipos range may be small but you will be hard pressed to find a more reliable printer from another company. Simple to use, affordable and sturdy, Digipos printers are extremely popular.

With the might of Epson behind them, you can be sure a Digipos printer will be of sufficient quality to meet the needs of your business.

Other Brands

These brands are by no means exclusive in manufacturing high quality EPOS printers. There are other well thought of companies that supply a large and renowned range of products such as:

  • Casio Printers – Particularly the Casio EZ Label Printer
  • Dymo – With their high quality Dymo barcode printer range
  • Wasp – The Wasp barcode printer range is also very highly regarded
  • Datamax – With the extremely reliable Datamax label printer range

Next Steps

The above brands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to EPOS printing, with so many other printers, or indeed EPOS components and systems, out there, it takes a lot of effort to sift through the variety of options, suppliers and prices to get to the product that is right for you.

By taking just a few moments to fill in our handy web form, you can get to the product that is right for your business needs, scale and budget and all in next to no time.