Epos Now Review 2022: Is Now the Time?

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With this Epos Now review, find out whether signing up is now or never…

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  • Rapidly growing business with lots of investment into new features
  • Rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot from 8,000+ reviews
  • User-friendly software and hardware
  • Offers an ‘Order and Pay’ collection service via Yoello, ideal for a zero contact service


  • No free customer support plan
  • Small number of online reviews report repeated unwanted sales contact

Epos Now was formed in 2011, and currently supports over 30,000 businesses in retail and hospitality sectors across the world. The company’s aim is to level the playing field between small, independent stores and large corporations, by offering affordable yet powerful EPOS solutions.

That’s why Expert Market is proud to work with Epos Now, helping you find the best possible EPOS system at the best possible price.

Used in over 70 countries across three different continents, Epos Now is clearly popular –but keep reading this Epos Now review to learn more about its features, pricing, and what its customers think of its hospitality and retail-based systems.

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Epos Now Retail features and benefits

Epos Now offers an impressive range of features, making it one of the best EPOS systems for retail businesses – from independent vape stores to large scale electronics retailers. Below, we explore some of the features and benefits that make Epos Now a top choice for retailers (and that made us want to partner with the company!).

Real-time automated reports

Using Epos Now Retail’s cloud technology, you can access large swathes of real-time information – including sales figures, employee insights, and stock counts – at the touch of a button, from any location or device across the globe. This makes it easy to track your company’s performance and identify your top-performing employees, which can help boost your team’s productivity.

Seamless integration with ecommerce, click and collect, and delivery

If you’re looking to sell online, you can easily integrate your retail business with ecommerce platform BigCommerce, as well as over 100 apps spanning categories including accountancy, delivery, customer relationship management, and click and collect service providers. These apps typically cost between £15 and £25 per month.

Wide choice of payment processors available

Epos Now offers integrations with all the major payment processors – including WorldPay, takepayments, Google Pay, and Apple Pay – to give your retail business the flexibility it needs to take more payments from a wider range of customers.

Epos Now stock report
You can view your stock at the touch of a button
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Epos Now Hospitality features and benefits

As one of the top EPOS solutions for hospitality, Epos Now Hospitality boasts plenty of features that could help your business grow in the post-COVID climate, whether you run a pub, cafe, restaurant, or hotel. Below are some of the features that should make it onto any Epos Now review…

Online ordering, delivery, and pay-at-table options

Future-proof your business and become more robust in the post-COVID world by integrating your business with the major food delivery apps, including Deliveroo, and by offering pay-at-table services to help your customers feel more comfortable.

Epos Now has also teamed up with the mobile platform, Yoello, to provide a fully-contactless delivery and collection service, which is ideal for orders during lockdown. You can get the first 90 days of this feature for free, with bespoke pricing available after that period.

Epos Pocket app

You can use your mobile device to take payments quickly and easily from any location in your hospitality business. This can help reduce long lines at the till, remove physical receipts, and minimise physical interactions between staff, boosting your overall efficiency.

Real-time stock control

With Epos Now, you can get real-time stock counts down to the ingredient level, across all your different business locations. You can also automate purchase orders so you never run out of your most important ingredients or inventory, and create drinks recipes to help reduce the overuse of certain ingredients.

EPOS Now on multiple devices
You can use Epos Now on different devices to help future-proof your business
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Epos Now pricing

Epos Now offers subscription-based pricing for its ‘Complete’, ‘Handheld’, and ‘Tablet’ systems, all of which are suitable for both retail and hospitality businesses. Each system offers good value for money, and it’s worth noting that there is no contract when you pay monthly, meaning you can cancel anytime. You’ll also need to pay for customer support, which costs about £30 per month as a 12-month subscription.

SystemAnnual costMonthly costWhat you’ll get

EPOS software

Cash till

Cash printer

Handheld£29 (plus £0 upfront)


£15 (plus £149 upfront)

EPOS software

Mobile device

Epos Pocket app



EPOS software

iPad POS stand

Receipt printer

Cash drawer

Installation and training

Extra hardware costs

If you’d like to buy extra hardware, these are the individual costs for each item:

  • Tablet: £599
  • Barcode labels: £25
  • Staff swipe cards: £39 each
  • Cash drawer: £49
  • Receipt printer: £130
  • Barcode scanner: £180

In a nutshell, Epos Now offers affordable and transparent pricing, making it one of the best value for money EPOS systems out there.

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Is Epos Now right for my business?

Epos Now is suitable for every business in the retail and hospitality sectors, but is it the ideal solution for your business? Below are some common scenarios and responses that will help you decide.

“I need features that can help my business during lockdown restrictions”

Epos Now offers numerous features to help future-proof your retail or hospitality business during the post-COVID era, including integrations with various delivery companies and ‘click and collect’ software. It even offers a mobile EPOS system, enabling you to take orders on the go and manage your business with minimal physical interactions. These integrations are priced monthly, and typically cost between £15 and £25 per month.

“I don’t want to pay for customer support”

While you do get full installation and training when you sign up to an Epos Now subscription, you’ll need to pay extra for customer support. It’s a 12-month subscription that costs approximately £30 per month, and includes software updates, online backups, and next-day replacement of damaged EPOS equipment.

“I don’t have a massive budget”

Epos Now’s ‘Complete’ EPOS package costs just £47 per month, and comes with zero contract fees, meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time if you can no longer afford it. This package can also be paid for upfront at £799. If you run a very small business, you can sign up to the ‘Handheld’ package, which costs just £29 per month, or £15 per month when you pay £149 upfront.

What do Epos Now customer reviews say?

To give you a clearer understanding of what real life customers of Epos Now think of the software, we scoured its Trustpilot page (which boasts an ‘Excellent’ rating) to see the Epos Now reviews:

“I've worked in Hospitality for 30ish years and I’ve seen many till systems in my time. This one is fast becoming one of my favourites.”

  • Drew, Epos Now customer

“A fairly good system with good hardware. The software is fairly straightforward, although there are a few tweaks needed for the takeaway operator. The onboarding support was very good, with helpful and timely advice provided by Lorna.”

  • Syeda, Epos Now customer

“A very patient Jakub took me through the sales procedure, answering many of my questions. I was then passed on to Christopher Sillis who was a superb trainer, guiding me through everything in a professional but friendly way.”

  • Cheryl, Epos Now customer
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Expert verdict

We’ve now concluded our Epos Now review, showing you exactly what the provider has to offer. It’s a user-friendly EPOS provider, offering transparent pricing and a strong selection of features to help your business thrive in the post-COVID world. We’re particularly impressed by the fact that you can integrate your business with over 100 apps to give you the flexibility to navigate this unpredictable world we find ourselves in.

We recommend Epos Now to all businesses within the retail or hospitality sectors, which is why we’re proud to work with the company, helping you find the best EPOS suppliers at the best price.

Dan’s a Senior Writer at Expert Market, specialising in digital marketing, web design, and photocopiers, amongst other topics.