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EPOS Installation

What Is EPOS Installation?

Modern EPOS systems are more than just a cash register and consist of various electronic components, such as barcodes or chip and pin. With this integration companies are able to store all records of transactions instantly and accurately.

It is important to install EPOS correctly so taking some time to consider the technical implications is wise. Having your system installed by a trained EPOS installation engineer will save you time and hassle.

How Is An EPOS System Installed?

There are two options available to you when choosing to install an EPOS system.

epos installation

The Supplier Package

Buying the supplier package from one source means you can rest assured knowing that installation and maintenance is taken care of. As the supplier is responsible for the entire system, you can focus on the day to day running of your business rather than the system’s technicalities.

Installation engineers from an integrated EPOS system supplier will know exactly how all components fit together and often the cost of installation will be included in the package deal.

Ordering Individual Components

Alternatively you may decide to buy the individual components that make up an EPOS system yourself. Although this can work out a little cheaper, it does require a deeper understanding of the system as a whole and must still be coordinated with the EPOS system supplier.

There is also the added problem of finding a trustworthy EPOS installation company to install the entire system properly, not to mention the extra costs that installation might incur.

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The cost of buying EPOS systems varies greatly and which system you buy depends entirely on the size and function of the operation. Systems are available from just £299 so it might be a lot cheaper to install an EPOS system than you think.

EPOS Installation cost depends on the system purchased and the amount of units to be installed but a typical installation price as charged by an independent EPOS installation company is upwards of £200.

Companies such as Orderwork will cover the whole of the UK and employ trained IT professionals who will be able to install components from various systems, making sure they are all compatible and work the way they should in a custom-built system.

EPOS system suppliers will also employ their own trained IT professionals to install EPOS systems. These engineers will usually only have training for the installation of components from that specific system and might not be able to fix issues that arise with hardware from a different supplier.

How Does Installation Work?

Electronics in the 21st century are designed to be easily integrated meaning EPOS installation is a relatively simple process. Typically the work will be completed within a day but for larger jobs, multiple units for example, it can take between 2 to 3 days to fully install.

Should there be no unforeseen problems, a fully qualified EPOS engineer should have you up and running with very little downtime experienced.

Benefits Of Buying An Integrated EPOS System

Although a basic EPOS system can be relatively simple, no electronics are foolproof. With the supplier having knowledge of all components of your integrated system and providing maintenance when needed, you can relax in the knowledge that your business will not be affected for any longer than is necessary.

EPOS Installation

Unless you have professional knowledge of EPOS, it is advisable that you employ a fully qualified EPOS engineer to install it. By purchasing the entire system from one source you are also provided with a specialist who will install the entire system for free.

Next steps

EPOS systems are more than a simple bell-ringing till. What was once little more than a cash drawer can now be a fully integrated part of your business.

Which particular system and features are right for you depends largely on your business type, needs and operation. It is important you take time to consider which option best suits you. An EPOS system has the potential to transform a business so a little time spent on research can deliver long term profitability and improved customer flow.

Remember, by ordering an EPOS system you are not just buying a piece of electronic equipment, you are entering an IT partnership for the entire business.

To get started, simply fill out the web form for a free quote and help in finding the correct system to suit your needs.