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Choosing The Best EPOS System For Retail

There are few sectors can utilise an EPOS system as fully as retail. No matter the size of the business, retail EPOS systems can have an enormous effect on efficiency and profitability.

Different Types Of Retail EPOS

Although there is a lot of obvious crossover, different types of retail businesses need different types of EPOS systems. Sometimes these can be a difference in components, such as interface (Touchsceen etc) and sometimes it can be a difference in stock control. A newsagents may require a completely different set of components to a clothes shop for example.

epos for retail

EPOS For Coffee Shops And Cafes

Coffee shops and cafes have slightly different needs to other retail industries. Keeping track of customer loyalty and rewards is common practice for some and can be well served by EPOS software that is designed specifically for those kinds of purposes.

As coffee shops often serve their customer at the counter, a back facing till display can be beneficial to avoid disputes and allow the customer to get an idea of the expense of their order before their order is served. Allowing further information than just the subtotal means the customer can change their order easily saving time and waste.

Tracking which products sell best and worst at which times can also lead to less waste and more efficient stock control in general. This alone can transform the profitability of the business from both ends.

EPOS For Off Licences

Off licences often offer deals on multiple purchases and other promotions. Unlike other retail EPOS systems, an off licence, especially small businesses, rely heavily on these types of deals. A system or components that can be easily programmed to allocate such deals can be crucial to optimise the point of sale for off licences.

Itemising each drink is also very important for in the off licence trade. Most EPOS systems program large quantities of stock at the same price but wine, for example, usually has a wide variety of values. An EPOS system and software that allows this process to be done easily can save a lot of time and effort, especially as those prices rarely remain static after yearly budget announcements.

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EPOS For Fashion

Fashion in retail is fairly unique in a number of significant ways. Customer accounts are often at the heart of fashion outlets and rewards are used to gain customer loyalty. By gathering information on each client, shops are able to entice and advertise at will. EPOS fashion outlets need to collect information that is integrated into Email accounts and address books.

At the heart of this is usually a loyalty card system similar to those you find in supermarkets. What used to be a simple gift card for a birthday now contain in depth information on each customer, all processed by the retail EPOS system for the advantage of the business.

EPOS For Newsagents

Newsagents are fairly unique in the retail sector in that there are exceptionally large amounts of customers at specific times, mornings and lunch times for example, and then relatively calm periods in between. This means speed is of the essence to the newsagents and the EPOS system for newsagents is perfect at increasing customer flow.

Simple to use and efficient tills with touchscreen interfaces are therefore the best option, while real time stock control is of the utmost importance. A newsagents inspires very little customer loyalty so the speed of transaction and stock availability are key to keep the same customers returning for those daily purchases.

General EPOS Retail Advantages

Clearly there is a lot of overlap within EPOS retail industries. Stock control is vital to all businesses, although some more than others. Tracking the best selling products is also very important as well as easy to use and efficient tills. Any EPOS system can benefit any retail business but to maximise their advantage, taking time to select the specific system and software to suit your business is highly recommended.

Next Steps

As there are so many intricate and specific needs for each corner of the retail sector, there is also a great need to be able to easily and quickly cut your way through the forest of information, systems and components available. By filling our handy and simple web form you can save yourself a vast amount of time and frustration by viewing the products that suit your requirements.

The Best EPOS systems for retail have the ability to transform any business so getting the right advice and taking time to make that decision is essential.