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Best Restaurant POS Software & Systems

No other industry has been affected by the integration of EPOS systems more than the restaurant trade. Every part of running a restaurant can be markedly improved by using restaurant POS software and systems.

Advantages of a Restaurant EPOS System

Full restaurant EPOS systems give businesses an interactive overview of the running of the operation and staff, keep a check on stock levels and help run the entire ordering process efficiently.

  • Real Time Stock Control
  • Overview of Sales
  • Handheld Devices
  • Integration


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Iiko’s heavily touted restaurant management software is the real deal. The system tracks data on everything from popular menu items to quantities of ingredients ordered each month, then turns it into actionable insights. Fast to configure, easy to use and hosted in the cloud, iiko is a fantastic choice for teams spread across multiple locations.

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TouchBistro's EPOS systems are designed with restaurateurs in mind. Their goal is to make the lives of busy waiters, chefs and restaurant managers easier through quick, easy to use and reliable technology. Fill in the form at the top of this page to get tailored quotes from TouchBistro and other EPOS providers.

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Real Time Stock Control

EPOS systems help all hospitality and retail sectors in regards to stock control. It is one of the most crucial aspects of incorporating the system into the set up and restaurant POS systems are particularly effective at transforming a business.

In the hectic world of restaurants, and hospitality in general, it can be tough keeping track of any potential issues with staff helping themselves to stock. As the EPOS system is so accurate and can be viewed in real time, not only can you keep a watchful eye on what stock is unaccounted for, you can see exactly when it disappeared and who may have been on duty at the time.

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Overview of Sales

Although it may be fairly obvious which dishes are the best sellers to a mindful owner, a restaurant EPOS system can give you more in depth and essential information that might be otherwise overlooked.

As the system tracks every order in real time, you can clearly see which meals are popular at what specific times of the day, week or year. This may help when drawing up menus and organising promotions.

Handheld Devices

Handheld EPOS equipment is fundamental to the efficiency of a restaurant. The speed in which these wireless devices work saves huge amounts of time when taking orders from the customer and by sending it to the kitchen staff automatically.

As well as the time saved with input and integration, the orders are far more likely to be taken and distributed accurately. This means less time spent correcting mistakes and a happier clientèle.

Finally, bills can be easily merged, split or amended as needed and at the customer’s convenience.


The integration of restaurant POS systems is central to the running of the business. As the order is taken from the waiters, the kitchen staff receive it instantaneously with no need for face to face interaction and the confusion this can lead to, especially during busy periods.

The head waiters also have an overview of every table taken, booked and likely to be free in the near future. This helps with booking tables and informing any customers that might be waiting for a table that suits their party size and preference.

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Restaurant POS Software

Within the restaurant POS system, having the correct software is critical to getting the most out of your business. The variety of restaurant POS software is immense, meaning you can find the right program to suit your business venture to perfection.

Restaurant POS Software for Security

Problems with customers are less likely in restaurants than they are in nightclubs and bars but it can be helpful to oversee any possible problems with hygiene and work practices in the restaurant’s kitchen. Many restaurants have lost their license due to actions that were beyond the knowledge of the owners, so overseeing the process and training staff accordingly can be of the utmost importance.

Next Steps

The options available to the restaurant sector are huge. Software alone has a variety that can be overwhelming to even the most tech savvy owner. By filling in our very simple web form, you can quickly and accurately discard the products that are not relevant to your business needs, scope and budget.

An EPOS system is one of the most important purchases you will make. Taking time to select the right products could be crucial to your future success.