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EPOS Displays

An EPOS display is simply the screen on which the system is displayed and interacted with. There are quite a few types of EPOS display screens, however, that serve a variety of functions from a touchscreen till to an interactive advertising display.

Types Of EPOS Displays

With so much variety available to you it is important to take time to consider what type of screen your business requires. These are the main EPOS displays available.

Display TypeBest Used With
Touchscreen Display• Retail
• Hospitality
• Customer Interactive
Secondary Display• Customer Interactive
Mobile Display• Restaurants
Pole Display• Customers
• Various Industries
Desktop Display• Various Industries

EPOS Displays For Staff

EPOS displays for staff are screens that are used by the employees of a business.


An every day example of an EPOS display screen for staff would be a EPOS till, an electronic till that has more functions and flexibility than the old fashioned buttoned tills. Although an EPOS system can work just as well without the touchscreen, it is usually more common to get the full advantages of the system with a touchscreen display.

A touchscreen display is extremely useful in retail because you can track your stock levels more accurately. The flexibility such a display has at its heart means the various touchscreens available are perfect for the industry.

retail epos


The hospitality industry probably uses the largest range of EPOS displays. Not only can it benefit from the same kind of functions an EPOS till in retail uses but also various mobile devices can have a huge influence on the success and efficiency of a business.

  • Restaurants - A larger touchscreen display allows the maitre d to organise the diners in a way that best utilises the restaurant’s space while also gives the customer a rough idea how long a wait for a table might be. On top of this he or she can oversee the whole operation from table to kitchen and back again. Only a larger touchscreen display and a fully integrated system can allow this.

    With small mobile devices the waiting staff can take orders that are automatically sent to the kitchen, saving time and lessening some of the chaos a busy restaurant kitchen often endures. In turn the kitchen staff can work with a simple display, interactive or otherwise, that permits the kitchen staff to work efficiently. Once the order has been completed, the waiting staff are notified immediately, all overseen by the maitre d.

  • Bars And Clubs - Bars and clubs can utilise all the above-mentioned displays to speed up their services. What is most helpful in regards to these particular businesses though, is the enormous flexibility a touchscreen display can offer. By calculating any combination offers, bar staff can simply enter the order and serve the customer. With no need to memorise every price, something almost impossible if your bar stocks a large range of cocktails and more obscure drinks. This means the whole process is sped up greatly.

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EPOS Displays For Customers

More and more businesses are using EPOS display screens to interact or advertise with their customers. The range of uses for such screens has changed the face of many industries and as the technology becomes cheaper to manufacture, the EPOS display screen will become common place for a variety of customer interactive functions.


There is very strong evidence that points towards an EPOS screen being a far more effective method of inducing impulse buys than standard advertisment. This is partly due to the fact a large screen with moving images is more likely to catch the customers eye but also because of the ability to change a display often and quickly means the customer’s eye does not become accustomed to the display.

By being able to change a promotion in real time, management are also able to influence the spending habits of their clientele. This is a huge advantage to some businesses.

As the cost of large EPOS screens become cheaper, impressive displays are becoming more and more common an experience for the average shopper and touchscreens that allow interaction only serves to enhance the experience.

Self Service

Most supermarkets now use self service tills as a matter of course but as the technology improves and becomes cheaper to purchase, other businesses are able to use the technology to their advantage also.

Interactive self service EPOS displays are the future of the retail industries. They free up your staff for other tasks and ultimately cut down cost while speeding up customer traffic.

Next Steps

Narrowing down the many options available to you with EPOS technology is a daunting task so to help you compare the products that are relevant to your business we have constructed a simple to use web form. It only takes a few moments and can save you time and effort in finding the product that will be perfect for your operation.

Remember EPOS systems and their components have the ability to transform your business, by purchasing the correct equipment you may make your operation more efficient, dynamic and successful.