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EPOS Company Review 2018

Based in London, the EPOS Company has been operating in the UK since 1968 and with over 45 years of providing the right solutions for businesses, from fast food restaurants and supermarkets to retail stores and service outlets, it is one of the major players in point of sale technology. Incorporating its own EPOS software with state of the art hardware that gives businesses exactly what they need, EPOS Company touchscreens allows greater customisation and flexible functionality including coping with staff security control, operating customer loyalty schemes and inventory management.

From installing an EPOS Company till to training up staff and providing ongoing support, EPOS looks to provide the full experience for a range of businesses, geared to optimising any installation to meet the user’s needs. The range of EPOS Company touchscreens means that businesses can operate more flexibly. They are ideal for events, exhibitions and market places where it is often problematic to set up a till. The systems take advantage of the latest technology from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to tablet and other mobile devices to make sure businesses get a high level of functionality at competitive prices.

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Products and Features

At the heart of the EPOS company provision is its own specially developed ECTouch software that is easy to use and can be run on any touch screen hardware. It is designed to help businesses keep control of stock, check on customer loyalty and undertake a host of other tasks as well as billing and payments. In restaurants, for example, staff can take orders on a tablet which can immediately be relayed to the kitchen and in retail outlets it can keep track of valuable stock or check if items are available.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
EPOS Software• Retail
• Hospitality
• Education
• Healthcare
EPOS Company ECTouch, ECPOS, ECMobileVarious including payments, stock control, time sheet management, mobile
EPOS HardwareWiFi Mobile EPOS PackageOptional hand gun and scanner available
Cielo Mobile TabletIntegrated EPOS tablet solution with ECTouch software
Splash & Shock Proof Mobile EPOS Bluetooth PrintersFully functional bluetooth printers ideal for all EPOS setups

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EPOS Company Software

ECTouch, ECPOS and ECMobile

epos company epos software

The key part of the EPOS Company provision is in its state-of-the-art software that is available in several distinct packages which can be combined depending on the individual needs of each business. The software is developed in-house and has been rolled out to numerous bars, clubs, shops, and restaurants across the UK since it first came online in 2008.

  • ECTouch is the basic system that allows a high level of customisation and provides everything needed for a busy restaurant, pub or retail outlet.
  • ECPOS gives the business control over areas such as stock and product maintenance and integrates seamlessly with ECTouch. It can also be used across different premises helping to keep track of stock and maintain standards.
  • ECMobile enables the business to take on transactions using a PDA or other handheld device such as a smartphone away from the main terminal.

Whether a business wants to keep track of stock or process payments on the move, the range of EPOS Company software allows for a great deal of flexibility and customisation. The latest innovations from the software include kitchen monitoring and online ordering as well as using a screen for advertising to customers.

EPOS Company Touchscreens and Tills

Whilst the major part of the EPOS Company provision lies in the development of software, they also offer a number of hardware packages including touchscreens and tills.

WiFi Mobile EPOS Package

epos company mobile epos system

Ideal for events where a mobile solution is needed such as exhibitions, trade events or market places, the WiFi Mobile EPOS package brings together everything a business needs to operate on the go. A WiFi hub connects the business to the internet and ECTouch software provides all the payment and monitoring options needed to track sales and process payments.

Posiflex Mobile POS System MT-4008W

epos company posiflex epos system

The MT-4008W is suitable for both retail and hospitality with the option of having the system docked or handheld using a detachable pistol grip or strap. Battery operated, the system is very power efficient and incorporates advanced power saving technologies.

Cielo Mobile Tablet

epos company cielo mobile tablet

The Cielo mobile tablet is a rugged piece of kit that is built to withstand the rigours of a busy pub, restaurant or retail environment. It comes with the ECTouch software as standard with the option to order add-ons. Because it runs on a Windows platform businesses can easily incorporate existing software without any problems.

Splash & Shock Proof Mobile EPOS Bluetooth Printers

epos company bluetooth printer

Developed by Star Macronics, businesses can produce receipts with this lightweight printer that means staff are no longer confined to a work station and can print on demand where ever the customer is.

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Many EPOS Company reviews comment on the ease of use and the adaptability of their software provision that helps reduce costs and improve productivity across the board. From a small business such as a dry cleaners to large restaurant chains, the range of EPOS Company tills and touchscreens can be tailored to specific needs.

The good news is that a number of separate systems can be integrated together which means, particularly for busy organisations, communication is improved with the functionality of the software contributing to achieving a better overall bottom line.

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