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ePadLink Limited was founded in 2009. The company is based in Simi Valley, in California USA and is privately owned. In the UK sales and service are handled by Steadlands International, Blyth, Northumberland.

The company’s main products include a range of ePad signature capture devices for collecting electronic signatures and store and transmitting them electronically. Its latest product, the ePad-vision, represents leading edge technology in signature capture devices.

The devices are known for being ergonomic, durable and flexible. They will work with ePad’s native IntegriSign software or other compatible applications. eSigantures can be securely encrypted, eliminating the need for signed paperwork.

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Products and Features

There are four electronic signature pads available from ePad in the UK. These are:

  • ePad – a low cost entry device
  • ePad-ink – for capturing signature in store or in the field
  • ePad II – a higher performance version
  • ePad vision – the state of the art electronic signature capture solution

All the devices are bundled with IntegriSign desktop software.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Electronic signature capture, storage and transmission• Various industriesePad Entry level model
ePad-inkIncludes interactive functionality to improve customer experience
ePad IIUpdated model with faster data processing
ePad-visionThe leading edge solution with full colour display and several additional features
Electronic signature capture software• Various industriesIntegriSign desktop softwareAllows you to add legally binding signatures to documents

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Signature Capture Devices


epad siganture capture

ePad is a low-cost electronic signature capture device. Bundled with IntegriSign eSignature software and with available plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat, Excel, and Microsoft Word it can be used immediately. SDKs are also available that can be used to use the device with your own applications or third party software. It is USB powered and fully portable enabling you to collect signatures in the field. Although a little lacking in features, it does what it says on the tin and is good value for its price point of £79 + VAT.


epad ink

ePad-ink is an electronic signature capture device with the advantage that the monochrome LCD screen lights up as the signature is written and text is displayed for the client to view. This interactive functionality provides enhanced customer experience. The device is portable enabling signatures to be captured in house or in the field. It is bundled with the same IntegriSign desktop software as the ePad. The price is £191 + VAT.

ePad II

epad II

ePad II is a more advanced electronic signature capture device designed for high-performance applications. It features a higher data report rate than the standard ePad and thus an inmoprived customer experience. Bundled with the same IntegriSign desktop software, it can be used out of the box or used as part of a customised system using third-party or in-house software. The price is around £95 + VAT.


epad vision

The ePad-vision is ePadlink’s latest addition to its range of signature capture devices. It features a large, colour LCD screen where you can display images and text to assist with the sales process. targeted marketing messages can be displayed and customers are able to scroll through terms and conditions, tick check boxes, activate response buttons and so forth. It sells for £262 + VAT. Benefits of the ePad vision include:

  • Customisation – of signature capture display using colour graphics to create your own backgrounds.
  • Marketing – display messages and advertisements, special offers and other promotional material
  • Interactive – use to collect valuable customer data

Signature Capture Software

IntegriSign desktop software

IntegriSign desktop software is bundled with each of the ePad devices reviewed. It enables you to add signatures that are legally binding to all forms of documents using either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. Use it in the field or at the office to automate your business processes. The software digitally encrypts signatures and binds them with the document thus eliminating fraudulent use of signatures. It is free to download.

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There are several alternative electronic signature capture devices on the market, but there are some good reasons for considering the ePadlink range. While the ePad entry level device is fairly basic and a little dated when compared to the latest technologies, it is cost effective and is bundled with IntegriSign software. The advanced ePad-vision is a particularly attractive option and has the potential to boost sales when used in the right environment. Its price offers good value for money particularly when you factor in its potential to engage your customers in electronic dialogue and to increase sales.

Next Steps

To find out more about ePad Link and ePad devices, simply fill out the web form at the top of the page. You will receive completely free tailored quotes to help you meet your business needs, whether it be for siganture capture devices or a complete EPOS system.

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