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Emperium EPOS Software Review

Established at the start of the century, Emperium have become a global EPOS provider across a vast range of industries. Each part of their EPOS system has been designed and maintained by specialist partners and their support is both global and world class. Each system can be tailored to suit the scope of their clients and their expertise can help you make the right choice for your business.


Because of the way the company works, with specialist partners, Emperium are able to offer bespoke systems and software to suit just about any industry that is able to benefit from an EPOS system. These include:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • E-Commerce


One of the main sectors where EPOS systems are essential, the hospitality industry, is well served by Emperium, with intuitive and simple software that is flexible and easily integrated. Enabling staff overviews and stock management, it can be utilised by restaurants, hotels and nightclubs or bars to great effect.

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Do you already have an EPOS System?

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Another sector where EPOS is very often at the heart of the operation, Emperium provides a flexible and highly customisable system with in depth back office applications and promotional tools. Bespoke software is designed for the specific sectors, including the fashion industry and newsagents.


Emperium have designed one of the most popular EPOS systems in the UK for Wholesale and Cash n Carry enterprises. Software allows for barcode design and printing, in depth stock control and mail orders. In short, this is thought to be one of the best Wholesale EPOS software packages in the UK.


For many, E-Commerce capabilities are an essential part of their EPOS requirements and to this end Emperium have designed a fluent and reliable platform for online businesses. For hybrid ventures, those that sell in store and online, integration is simple and easy to implement and the interface provides a clear overview for all aspects of the business.


EPOS software is often complex with far reaching benefits that go beyond sector based design. It is important, therefore, to understand the various features each provider offers. For Emperium these include:

  • Support
  • Head Office
  • Data Backup
  • Security
  • Free Trials


Although the best EPOS software should be simple to use, the technology it is run on and the design of the software itself can be highly complex. Unless you have in depth knowledge about the various areas of an EPOS system you will require a high level of support from your provider. Emperium offer free EPOS software repair and feedback, rapid response times and out of office hours support.

Head Office

Head Office is one of the most feature rich management tools for both the retail and hospitality industries. Flexible enough to grow with your business, it offers minutely detailed overviews of all areas of the business, helps reduce overheads, integrates multiple outlets and supports various payment methods.

Data Backup

An EPOS system is only as good as the information passed through it so loss of data can essentially bring a businesses to a stand still. The multiple backups Emperium hold of your entire system provides peace of mind and can avoid catastrophic failures to your venture.

Save by Comparing EPOS Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have an EPOS System?

Need an EPOS System?
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As the data processed through any EPOS system is inherently sensitive, any provider must supply the very highest levels of security with their software. Emperium are one of the most trusted EPOS providers, offering extremely powerful security software with all their packages as standard.

Free Trials

The most trusted providers offer free trials of their EPOS software and Emperium are no different. All packages, including Retail, Hospitality, Fashion, Beauty and Wholesale, are available to download for free from their website. The free trial lasts for 30 days and should give you a good idea of what the software and system are capable of.