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Best Digipos EPOS Hardware 2018 - Review

Digipos provides a range of point-of-sale hardware and related services including support, training, consultancy and maintenance. The company, a part of the Omnicom Group, maintains 9 offices and trades in 28 countries.

Its main customers are in the retail, leisure, entertainment and hospitality sectors and include many major brands. Examples of these are Selfridges, Nike, Harvey Nichols, Vision Express, Nutricentre, Majestic Wine, Goldsmiths, and New Look.

Omnico was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in New York. Its trading revenue for 2013 was around $14.5 billion.

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Products and Features

Digipos manufactures leading point-of-sale hardware. Its products include:

  • All-in-one systems
  • Modular POS systems
  • Peripherals
  • Digipole
  • Mobile POS

The Digipos all-in-one POS systems offer a complete system with a range of options. The entry system is the Toccare, and the most advanced the Digipos A550, with several intermediate solutions. Digipos peripherals include a wide range of items that you can incorporate in your POS system.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
All-in-one Systems• All industriesToccareMost energy efficient & noiseless
Digipos A100Compact waterproof system
Digipos A300Slimlinesystem without a bezel
Digipos A500Latest generation, future-proof system
Modular POS Systems• All industriesRetail ActiveSmall footprint and powerful processor.
Retail CoreEntry level budget solution
Peripherals• All industriesCash DrawersSlide or flip top options
DigipoleCable management and mounting system.

Mobile POS

• Retail
• Hospitality
Freedom TabletPortable Windows 7 based tablet POS system.

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All-in-one systems

digipos toccare all in one pos system


This is an energy efficient all-in-one PSO system that features low power consumption and no noisy fan. It incorporates an easy to use bright touch screen and is finished in black gloss to provide an attractive feature for your selling space. It is waterproof and has several mounting options.

Digipos A100

The Digipos A100 is a compact POS system that incorporates powerful processing with a fan-less robust construction based on a magnesium alloy chassis. There is a range of connectivity options, an external power supply, and the system is waterproof.

Digipos A300

This is a slimline POS system that doesn’t use a bezel. It uses a magnesium alloy chassis and includes a high brightness screen. It is wipe clean and includes a 15 inch waterproof touch screen. There is a range of connectivity options and the system is designed to be upgradeable. The Digipos A350/360 models are an upgrade of the Digipos A300 and include the fourth generation Intel Baytrail processor. The colour and branding can be customised as an option. The A360 includes a USB and there is a HDD and SSD bay.

Digipos A500

The Digipos A500 is the latest generation POS system which incorporates the latest Intel Intel Ivy Bridge processor. This is a future-proof fan-less robust design which can be customised and mounted to either a pole or your kiosk. The Digipos A550 updates the Digipos A500 with an Intel Haswell processor and includes a VESA Mounting Interface. It includes full HD and 3D graphics. Encryption is built into the chip for additional security.

Modular POS Systems

digipos retail active modular pos system

Modular POS systems allow you to build your POS in the way that best suits your business and maintains compatibility with your existing system. There are two alternative systems: retail active and retail core.

Retail Active

This is the latest generation modular hub which helps you maintain the compatibility of your installations and configurations. It has a small footprint and powerful processing features. It is easy to service and requires little maintenance.

Retail Core

Retail Core is the entry level system that includes a powerful POS hub that is dirt and dust sealed, compact, and easy to service.


Cash draws

These include the EC410 which features customisable sections and designed to be hardworking, and the flip top cash draw which includes a media slot.

Customer displays

The WD2030 customer display screen provides your customers with all the information they need and is designed to integrate with the rest of your customisable POS system. It has variable display heights and provides a 2 line 20 column display.


A range of touchscreens are available. These include 17 inch and 15 inch screens, Digipos multiplex screens, and the Tocare screen.


digipos digipole display

This is a cable management and mounting system that allows you to design your POS they way you want. You can combine it with the pole of your choice along with a range of peripheral mounts.

Mobile POS

This is a new range of portable tablet based POS systems. Currently the products are limited to the Freedom Tablet.

Freedom Tablet

digipos freedom tablet

The Freedom Tablet provides full POS capabilities using a 10 inch multi-touch screen. It includes a magnetic docking system and an optional card reader. It uses the Windows 7 operating system. There is a security latch to prevent theft.

Save by Comparing EPOS Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have an EPOS System?

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Digipos is backed by the Omnicom Group, a multi-billion dollar company based in the US. Renowned for its innovative technologies, reliability and high levels of customer service, there are many good reasons for considering a Digipos solution.

With is wider range of choices that include entry level systems along with state of the art leading edge technology, full stand-alone systems; modular customisable solutions; and the world’s first mobile POS system, there is almost certainly a solution for your business.

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