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Cloud Based EPOS Systems

Cloud technology is central to many systems in the 21st century and has inherent benefits regarding EPOS systems. Although these can differ from business to business, there are some universal advantages and disadvantages to the technology and will need to be fully understood before a business implements systems that can have far reaching consequences.


Some advantages to cloud based systems are obvious and understood by most but as EPOS systems become more complex, the advantages to employing this technology becomes more widespread. They include:

  • Remote Tracking
  • Data Backup
  • Lower Costs
  • Automated Services
  • Easier Integration of Existing Systems

Remote Tracking

Cloud technology provides access to real time information about the running of your business remotely and is vital for many ventures. Sales information, staff practice, stock levels and in depth purchasing habits are all available 24 hours a day and can help you maintain control of your business in minute detail when away from the office or premises.

Data Backup

While any EPOS system requires data backup, Cloud systems are uniquely set up to do this efficiently and without incurring extra costs. This extra degree of security regarding crucial and sensitive data is central to all cloud based systems and is a tried and tested method that offers peace of mind to its users.

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Lower Costs

Most cloud based systems are cheaper to run than traditional systems. Setup fees are low or non-existent, upgrades are typically part of the service and technical issues are mostly dealt with by the provider free of charge. It should be noted that this will depend on the nature of the problem and reading the small print in your contract is recommended.

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Automated Services

Updating EPOS systems is a critical part of the technology and can be essential to the security of your business as well as the efficiency of the system as a whole. Cloud based services provide instant and automated updating to their systems at no extra cost.

Easier Integration of Existing Systems

The flexibility of your EPOS system may not always be ideal and as circumstances change, so will the requirements of your EPOS technology. This can often mean integrating existing systems into your new set up, which can be enormously problematic and costly. Cloud EPOS systems are typically best suited to the integration of existing EPOS technologies and are thought of as more flexible in general.


Although there are many obvious advantages to cloud based EPOS systems, there are some possible disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration. Most issues with the technology are easily avoided but it is important to understand what they are before implementing a system. These include:

  • Security
  • Internet Reliability
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Because EPOS systems process the sensitive data of both your business and your customer and clients, it is crucial that a robust security system is used at all levels of the technology. With cloud based systems you are somewhat at the mercy of the effectiveness of the provider so it is vital you employ a trustworthy and reliable one.

Internet Reliability

A cloud based system is only as reliable as your Internet connection. Making sure your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is dependable is therefore essential. For some, particularly those in remote areas, this is not always the case, however. In these circumstances a cloud based EPOS system is not recommended. It should be noted that Internet coverage is reliable in the vast majority of the country.

Top Suppliers

Most EPOS providers offer cloud based systems so there are many suppliers to choose from. Some of the most renowned providers include:

  • IntelligentPos
  • Salesstream
  • Cybertill


One of the most highly regarded EPOS suppliers in the UK, IntelligentPos provide a range of systems to suit almost every industry. Their free support coverage is all-encompassing and all data is backed up eight times to ensure you never lose any important information.


Providing software for multiple platforms, including Mac, PC and Android, Salesstream are a cutting edge provider of EPOS systems with affordable options for smaller businesses and reliable cloud based options. Their technology is easy to implement and support is thorough and free to access.


Offering various E-commerce solutions to UK businesses, Cybertill are a straightforward and affordable EPOS supplier. Their cloud based systems are reliable and well maintained with free updates and support across the board for all clients.