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Cheap Retail EPOS Systems

You can purchase a new EPOS system for your UK business for cheaper than you think. Economically priced systems that include hardware and software are available for as little as £1,199.00. These systems are especially beneficial to smaller businesses that only require one point of sale system.

retail epos system

Cheap Packages

Depending on the types of business you may have, EPOS system package prices will vary greatly. For example, hair salons will need only one touchscreen and till, whereas a busy pub will need at least three, as well as mobile chip and pin devices.

A good value package for this price should include:

  • Hardware and software with touch screen or conventional terminal
  • Windows operating system
  • Barcode scanner
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • EPOS till software
  • Chip and pin device

Packages are a particularly good value as they will include all you need for a one system operation. Looking for a deal is important when making a purchase decision, but make sure you don’t sacrifice necessary operational features that your store may require.

Doing thorough research before you approach a company, and comparing quotes from different suppliers, will ensure you get the best deal as prices can alter dramatically between companies.

Save by Comparing EPOS Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have an EPOS System?

Cheap EPOS Hardware

If you are buying individual hardware components, buying second hand is great way to get you EPOS hardware cheap. You can buy cheap EOS hardware on platforms like Gumtree, eBay or Preloved.

There are also a range of suppliers specialising in refurbished EPOS hardware, from whom you can buy the hardware cheap. Buying from a refurbishment specialist means that even though the hardware is cheap, it will be in good working order and you will usually get a 12-month warranty with your purchase.

Cheap EPOS Software

If your budget is absolutely minimal, EPOS software can be had for free. Some of these bundles can be quite good, especially if you are just starting out and getting to know EPOS software. But they often have drawbacks such as hidden costs or a lack of features. If you are looking for cheap EPOS software that can really perform, a cloud-based bundle like Vend or Cybertill can be a good choice.

retail epos system in use

Cheap EPOS Systems

Fully integrated EPOS systems are traditionally very expensive, but there are a few suppliers that are shaking up the market. Suppliers like Wasp, EPOS Now and EPOS Direct will sell cheap EPOS systems from as low as £1,199.00. These bundles will usually include installation and some kind of support. You will need to check the suppliers’ quotes to see if the included support plan is enough for your needs.

Adding components, specialised software or support plans to EPOS-in-a-box systems can be quite expensive, so this will only be a cheap EPOS option for you if you don’t need any extra elements.

There are many ways to keep down the cost of investing in EPOS. You can get a top of the line EPOS system but spread out the cost by renting or leasing the system. Find more ways to keep your EPOS system cheap in our EPOS cost guide.

Next Steps

If you are interested in hearing more about how to get the best cheap EPOS equipment for your company, please fill in our web form. The questions will help us to analyse your business needs and provide you with quotes from up to 4 selected suppliers.

We will choose the ones which best match the details you have provided to ensure you receive the service and the products you need. This tailored quote service is completely free, so fill in the form today and find the best cheap EPOS system deals!