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For many decades Casio have been synonymous with quality electronics, so it is no surprise that their EPOS systems are viewed positively by many within the industry. Their range of fully integrated EPOS systems are designed to suit the retail and hospitality sectors, each of them feature rich, durable and intuitively designed.

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Casio EPOS products come in two versions, the VR Series, with a wide range of integrated systems, and the QT Series, with two bespoke models. Both are suitable for retail and hospitality sectors and provide varying levels of complexity within their features.

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VR Series

Casio’s VR Series is the more varied and numerous series, while the QT Series is arguably the more complex of the two. While all models are suitable for all retail and hospitality industries, the VR Series tends to be better suited to the retail sector.

The VR Series includes:

  • VR 100DD
  • VR 200BD
  • VR 7000BD
  • VR 7100BD

VR 100DD

An Android based system with built in printer and small screen, the VR 100DD runs on a dual core processor, more than powerful enough for basic EPOS functions, and is known for it’s lightweight, compact design. Generally known for being an entry level model for retail enterprises due to its affordability, it is a reliable EPOS system suitable for most independent enterprises.

VR 200BD

Similar to the VR 100DD, this model is essentially an upgrade on a tried and trusted system. With faster processing speeds, almost 3 times that of the VR 100DD, but maintaining its compact and lightweight design, it is well suited to small hospitality environments. Waterproof and durable, it is also one of the most reliable entry level systems for small businesses.

VR 7000BD

The feature rich VR7000BD is a high end device at an affordable price. Designed with larger retail businesses in mind, it is a customisable package; tills, printers and card readers are optional, with a large, wide screen interface that allows users greater scope for data analysis. The efficient and highly capable Android 4.2 platform also ensures this model will keep pace with the ever improving EPOS technology market for some time to come.

VR 7100BD

Another upgrade on a tried and tested model, the VR 7100BD provides a more powerful and in depth range of features to the VR 7000BD. Also suited to large retail businesses, extras include improved tools for inventory and staff management, as well as clearer data processing overviews.

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QT Series

As previously mentioned, although all Casio models can be utilised to great effect in both retail and hospitality sectors, some models are better suited to one or the other. The QT Series is generally more popular with the hospitality sector, in particular bars and nightclubs.

Models include:

  • QT 6000BD
  • QT 6100BD

QT 6000BD

Providing users with a large screen and optional external customer display, the QT 6000BD is a more than an entry level EPOS system, even if it does fall into the affordable price range. With many online capabilities, such as cash point integration, and various optional hardware possibilities, as well as multiple printers and wireless handheld card reader capabilities, it is perfectly designed for all hospitality businesses, both large and small.

QT 6100BD

In reality there is little difference between the QT 6100BD and the original QT 6000BD models, other than the fact the former is more compact and flexible. While many businesses prefer a larger interface in order to have access to complex and large amounts of data on one screen, such as for inventory management or reports, a more compact model does suit environments where space might be an issue.


Casio pride their support service as one that is easy to track and access. Aside from an huge library of FAQs, manuals and downloads, there are support lines that specialise in all aspects of the EPOS system and tracking tools that enable you to find out exactly how repairs and general servicing are going.

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