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Bransom Review - Best EPOS Bransom Systems 2018

Bransom, or to give it its full title Bransom Retail Systems Limited, specialises in the supply of computer systems, training and support to independent retail jewellers and the pawnbroking industry.

The first Bransom company was formed in 1971. It was an IBM partner whose role was to write bespoke software for a number of companies. The Bransom Jewellery Stock Management system began as a commission to write a jewellery management system. It gained NAG approval in 1982. The present company was incorporated as Bransom Retail Systems Limited in December 1990.

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Product categories

Branson defines its product ranges by their markets which are independent retail jewellery stores and pawnbrokers. However there is a considerable overlap between the product ranges and both include the full range of Bransom retail systems with some additional modules designed specifically for pawn broking.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
POS and related systems for independent jewellery stores and the pawnbroking industry• Jewellery
• Pawnbroking
Bransom POS Jewellery Touch TillsOptimised for independent jewellery stores. Efficient and easy to use
b-smart stock management systemBransom's core product. A complete system optimised for the jewellery sector
b-smart linksAllows stock updating by wholesaler
POS tablet solutionsiPad or Android tablet POS solutions
Mobile barcode scannersFor POS and stock taking
TicketingTicketing and labelling solutions for increased POS security
PledgeA complete pawnbroking system

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Bransom POS Jewellery Touch Tills

Bransom POS jewellery touch tills are designed to be simple and easy to use with a focus on customer service. Their user friendly inputs and intuitive touch technology reduces the risk of errors. The need for staff training is minimised and there are prompts to guide staff at every stage of the transaction.

The tills can provide either A4 or A5 colour receipts including digital images. Valuations, insurance estimates, and custom enquiries can also be printed. The tills include postcode software. Sales transactions can be monitored over a secure virtual private network (VPN).

b-smart stock management system

Bransom b-smart stock management system has received the backing of the jewellery trade for over 30 years. It is Bransom’s core product and the only stock control system that has been endorsed by the National Association of Goldsmiths.

The system removes much uncertainty by providing simple yet effective stack analysis along with intuitive graphical aids allowing retailers to quickly interpret the data. Over 900 of these systems have been installed in the UK and Ireland. The system is modular and can be tailored to specific client requirements.

b-smart links

Bransom b-smart-links extends b-smart by connecting it to the supplier where product data and information can be updated automatically including images, prices and new product lines.

epos system in a shop

POS tablet solutions

Bransom supplies tablet solutions of the iPad and Android tablets that can be used throughout the store and provide much of the same functionality as the touch tills. These both free up counter space, they also improve the customer purchasing experience.

Mobile barcode scanners

Bransom ticketing and barcode systems incorporate a mobile barcode scanner. This speeds up stocktaking and eliminates errors at both POS and stocktaking.

Stocktaking can be further streamlined by using the bsmart2stock and business management system which connect directly to the cloud. Stock counts can be entered or scanned via tills, tablets and smartphones. This makes it easier for staff and management alike.

Ticketing and labelling solutions for increased POS security

Bransom's jewellery labels include a topcoat of polyester and are highly durable even when tested in an ultra-sonic tank. They last longer and retain their attractive appearance and when used with Extreme thermal ribbon they are guaranteed for 10 years. A bespoke design service is also offered.

Pledge - Bransom Pawnbroking Solution

The Bransom pawnbroking system Pledge covers all aspects of the pawnbroking business. The system is modular and con be configured in a variety of ways. The basic modules include similar products to Bransom's jewellery with additional ones including:

  • Buy-ins - keeps control of the gold bought
  • Cheques - handles 3rd party and Payday Loans
  • Buy-backs – a short term loan facility
  • Insurance sales at POS

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If you are an independent jeweller or you run a pawnbroking business then you should certainly look into the Bransom range of products. Designed specifically for these two sectors they should simplify your EPOS and other store functions. Branson has an excellent reputation in the trade for its levels of customer service and training. However don’t expect it to be cheap. It might be less expensive than you think, but if you go all the way expect it to be a significant investment.

Pawnbroking businesses are obliged to install approved software systems that comply with current regulations and are able to comply with future legislation; Bransom pawnbroking systems ticks all those boxes and more.

Next Step

While the Bransom solution is specifically approved by the jewellery and pawnbroking industry, there are other solutions out there too, and some of them are likely to be somewhat cheaper. It’s all a matter of finding the best compromise between quality and price that is suitable for specific business needs; all jewellers are not the same.

If you would like some help in deciding, please complete the web form and we will get back to you with a range of quotations from major suppliers that match your business needs. It will take you very little time, and the information you receive in return will save you much time and hopefully it will save you money too.