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Bleep EPOS Review

Founded in the early 1980’s, Bleep are an almost unique EPOS provider in the UK, by virtue of the fact they design and manufacture their own EPOS equipment. This gives them an insight into the industry that few have. With a focus on retail and hospitality, Bleep are committed to providing innovative devices and software for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Bleep provide a varied range of devices and software that can tailored to suit each industry within the retail and hospitality sectors. From entry level simplicity for small retail outlets to high end complexity for large hotels, Bleep have something to suit the needs and budget of all their customers.

Products include:

  • Terminals
  • Payment Devices
  • Software


Bleep terminals are customisable and beautifully designed. From the entry level model TS 915, which was used at both the London and Rio Olympics, to the feature rich TS 910, with its innovative two screen interface, multi-directional laser scanner and high performing printing. All models are robust enough to be used in the most challenging environments, such as bars and clubs, yet subtlety complex in their capabilities.

Payment Devices

Being an innovative manufacturer and designer of EPOS devices means Bleep are able to provide bespoke handheld and wireless devices for every environment. The Global Pay Now model processes wireless payments with ease, while allowing customisable billing for table services at restaurants bars and clubs. Their chip and pin devices can be wired, an affordable solution for small retail businesses in particular, or wireless.

There is also an all in one payment solution, which integrates card readers and EPOS terminals in one easy to use package, the complexity of which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Finally, there are mobile payment devices that allow you to process payments outdoors. The Bleep tablet has an advantage over those that aren’t specifically designed for taking payments in specific industries. There are three models, from the affordable WF 43, to the higher end WF 360 and its quad core processor and long battery life.

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While the ability to customise hardware is important for EPOS, software is where such abilities really count. Intuitive overviews can be tailored to each business or used within a standard set up. This allows you to create a more complex interface and scope of the system itself.

The WB 80 Core back office software is a web based, multi-faceted program that provides a huge range of capabilities. From the standard package, with its real time sales reports, to security systems and sector specific customer experience overviews, the WB Core 80 package is in an award winning, in depth program that can help you get the most out of your business.

epos system in a cafe


As previously mentioned, Bleep provide EPOS products for the retail and hospitality sectors, but due to the fact that these industries are notoriously varied in their needs, it is important for any supplier to offer bespoke devices and software. With decades of experience, and a vast number of satisfied customers, these industries include:

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Take Aways And Fast Food Outlets
  • Bakeries
  • Outdoor Events
  • Retail – Including Newsagents, Fashion And Grocery Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Universities

Buying Or Renting

For many businesses, particularly start ups, they simply do not have the capital to cover the initial costs of implementing an EPOS system. For others, such as one off events, they do not require the long-term use that would warrant purchasing often-expensive EPOS equipment. For these businesses, Bleep offer rental services for all their devices and software, no matter the duration they are required.


Support from Bleep starts from the moment you approach them. Due to the fact they design and manufacture their own products, they are able to provide profound support for any issues you might encounter, while tailoring a package that suits your business to the smallest detail. Office hour’s support is available throughout the week, where they provide immediate feedback. As many of their customers do not trade during daytime working hours, such as bars and nightclubs, you can access the out of hour’s service if you are a member of their Bleepcare Customer Plan. This service provides peace of mind 24/7.