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EPOS Systems For Spas

As EPOS systems become more complex and have a profound effect on just about every area of a business, systems need to be ever more tailored to the specific industries they are used in. In recent years, bespoke packages for health spas have grown in number and capabilities, so it is important to understand the possibilities each package should provide.

epos system in a spa

Useful Features

While some features for EPOS spa have much in common with typical retail or even hospitality sectors, there are some unique elements specific to this industry. Important features include:

  • Full integration
  • Loyalty rewards
  • In depth customer information
  • Individual discounting
  • Multiple payment options
  • Gift cards
  • Staff management
  • Appointment management
  • Inventory management

Full Integration

Even the smallest of spas has different areas and treatments across its business, so it is vital that, whichever EPOS system you implement, it is able to integrate everything in one easily managed overview. This can help with planning, both in the long term and short, as well as the ability to access important parts of the business remotely.

Loyalty Rewards

Encouraging customer loyalty and frequent use of your facilities is key to running a successful spa, and loyalty rewards are a tried and trusted method of achieving this. Platforms should allow for easy design, editing and implementation in order to make the process as efficient and targeted as possible.

In Depth Customer Information

Partly relating to reward schemes, keeping important customer information, such as history of treatment and regular services accessed, allows spas to provide advice, preferred services and complimentary treatments to each customer. Not only does this provide a user friendly service, it also makes the business more efficient and allows some degree of automation.

Individual Discounting

This in turn can help you tailor your rewards for individual customers or treatments, and is particularly important when attempting to attract new customers. What might be enticing for one potential client is not necessarily relevant to another, so allowing staff to customise offers is proven to pay dividends.

Multiple Payment Options

Industries such as spas rarely deal in cash payments and therefore need to implement a variety of payment options for their customers. Card payments are the most common method of payment in the industry, so chip and pin and wireless readers as part of the system is essential. You may also wish to implement mobile phone payments, such as Apple Pay, as this is one of the fastest growing transaction methods on the UK. Another option are top up cards, where customers are able to use pre paid cards instead of credit cards. This engenders a higher degree of loyalty and can be encouraged with unique top up card discounts.

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Gift Cards

As spa treatments are often given as birthday or anniversary presents, gift cards are a convenient way to ensure your business is able to stay competitive. Gift cards can be given for one off treatments or even to sign a person up for a membership over a longer period of time.

Staff Management

Because some staff at spas are skilled workers, some of whom may be the only ones capable of performing specific treatments, it is vital that staff rotation is easy to manage and organised to avoid customer disappointments. A transparent overview is at the heart of an efficient EPOS system and that is never more important than in the often complicated area of staff management.

Appointment Management

Fully integrated EPOS systems for spas are essential, and this is particularly keenly felt when combining appointment management with staff management. While there are occasions when unforeseen obstacles can occur, being able to inform customers of cancellations at the earliest possible time is important. Well designed EPOS platforms should also allow for long term planning, which is often imperative for clients who access your service for recurring treatments.

Inventory Management

Although the inventory needs of a spa are different to that of a typical retail enterprise, in practice they are highly similar. Automated reordering or low stock alerts ensure you need never run out of supplies, while usage overviews can help you save money by purchasing larger quantities of certain items if relevant.