Squarespace Ecommerce: Review and Pricing 2022

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Squarespace is the leader of design, but is that what your business needs? Read on to find out…

Website featuresSales toolsDesign functionsValue for moneyHelp and supportCustomer scoreEase of useTotal rating

Squarespace is one of the more affordable platforms on the market, with its commerce plans costing £20-£30 every month, depending on which of the two plans you opt to choose.

This Squarespace Ecommerce review is backed by research and first-hand experience. By that, we mean that we created our own Squarespace shop to see exactly where it performs well, and where it could improve.

During this process, we reviewed its website features, sales tools, design functionality, value for money, help and support, and ease of use, scoring each category out of five. You can see those scores above.

It's worth noting that this score is a product of our second round of research. Our first round produced a score of 4.1, so there has been a solid jump for Squarespace to get to a 4.3 score. Part of this is due to the big jump in ease of use, as Squarespace has greatly improved their interface.

We also invited regular users to build a Squarespace shop, which gave us an overall customer score. This score represents how likely they’d be to recommend it.

Thanks to our extensive period of research, we can now confidently recommend Squarespace if you’re a cost-conscious business owner who wants strong marketing features to help grow your beautiful online store.

But that’s just a taste of our research. For the entire menu – including Squarespace Ecommerce’s pricing, pros and cons, top features, and more – just keep on reading.

What are Squarespace Ecommerce’s pros and cons?

High-quality features – Squarespace Ecommerce offers superb marketing features, including a free built-in social media live feed for your company’s channels, a feature which costs money on other platforms Supports very few payment processors – it only supports PayPal and Stripe, which is considerably fewer than its rivals – including Shopify, which supports over 100 options
Best-designed templates – gaining the highest design-related scores of any platform we tested, Squarespace offers sleek templates that allow your products to shine online Sales tools aren't perfect – there isn't a bounty of templates for ecommerce stores on offer, which is surprising when considering the amount of other options on offer
Best value for money platform – Squarespace got one of the highest scores in this category (4.2/5) thanks to its generous range of built-in features and affordable price plans
Squarespace Ecommerce offers a 14-day free trial period

What are Squarespace Ecommerce’s features and benefits?

As one of the best ecommerce platforms we tested, scoring 4.2/5 for website features and 3.1 for sales tools, it comes as no surprise that Squarespace packs a punch in the features and benefits ring.

Below are some of the top features that helped Squarespace Ecommerce nail such impressive scores in those categories.

Best templates of any platform we tested

Squarespace Ecommerce templates

Designed for a range of industries including fashion, food, weddings, and non-profit organisations, each of Squarespace’s templates looks stunning, and should help your products – and your entire website – really stand out. You can even preview how each template would look when displayed on a tablet or mobile before choosing one.

Multi-channel integration

Squarespace Ecommerce multi channel selling

Syncing your Squarespace shop with social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, otherwise known as multi-channel integration, is important for helping your business grow and reach more audiences. Thankfully, it only takes a couple of clicks to get started, then all you need to do is paste your company’s social media URLs to integrate the channels.

Excellent email campaign tools

Squarespace email marketing templates

Squarespace Ecommerce makes it really easy to build and monitor your email campaigns, offering a wide range of professional-looking email templates to help you get started. You can even choose to automatically send emails based on triggers, such as whenever a new customer signs up to your newsletter, or when a customer makes a first-time purchase. The total number of emails you’re able to send depends on the price plan you choose, but you’ll enjoy the process regardless.

Sell digital and service-based products

Squarespace Ecommerce sell digital products

During our testing, we were particularly impressed by Squarespace’s choice of product types. You can sell gift cards, and physical, digital, and service-based products, giving your business the flexibility to sell different products and create new ways to make money. Overall, this is one of the main reasons why Squarespace got such an impressive score in the sales tools category.

Squarespace Ecommerce pricing

Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial period, so you can test its design tools and ecommerce features at no cost before spending a penny. If you enjoyed using the platform and would like to continue, you’ll then need to sign up to one of the two ecommerce-specific price plans:

PlanCost (billed annually)What you’ll get
Basic Commerce£20 per month

Point of Sale app to help you sell in person

Sell on Instagram

Limited availability labels

0% transaction fees

Sell an unlimited number of products

Advanced Commerce£30 per month

Everything on the Basic Commerce plan, plus:

Abandoned cart recovery emails

Sell subscriptions

Advanced shipping features

Offer more advanced discounts for customers

Boasting 4.2/5 in our value for money research, Squarespace is one of the best ecommerce platforms for small businesses. It has cheaper price plans than Shopify and BigCommerce, and it offers more built-in sales and marketing features than Wix Ecommerce does, including social media live feeds. In contrast, Wix relies on paid apps for many marketing and sales features.

Squarespace Ecommerce is superb value for money and offers a 14-day free trial period

Is Squarespace Ecommerce right for my business?

Squarespace Ecommerce has all the right sales tools to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. But, is it right for your business?

“I want to create a beautiful online store”

Squarespace is the perfect ecommerce platform for you. Thanks to its clean, stylish templates and impressive design tools, Squarespace has everything you need to create a web designer-quality online store for your business. If your competition is using an alternative ecommerce platform, it’s highly likely that your website will outshine theirs.

“I want to build an ecommerce empire”

For all its excellent design and marketing features, Squarespace Ecommerce doesn’t really have the necessary features that large businesses would need to grow. For instance, it only supports two payment processors, which isn’t nearly enough for large corporations. We rate BigCommerce as the best ecommerce platform for large companies.

If your business is growing to new heights and you want to stick with your Squarespace store, you can install the Zapier plugin to add greater ecommerce functionality to your website. Zapier allows you to connect your Squarespace shop with over 3,000 apps, spanning different areas of ecommerce, finance, marketing, shipping, and more.

“I need a platform that’s really simple to use”

Squarespace isn’t the easiest ecommerce platform to use, especially compared to Wix or Shopify, but it’s still straightforward in the grand scheme of things. It has powerful design tools that give you more freedom than any other ecommerce platform, so naturally that means it comes with a steeper learning curve than its competitors. However, the platform offers tips and pop-up guides while you’re creating your Squarespace shop.

“I need strong marketing features to grow my business”

Squarespace Ecommerce excels in the marketing department. It offers multi-channel integration to help you reach new audiences across social media, a built-in social media live feed option, and an excellent email campaign builder to help you communicate with customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Squarespace Ecommerce has the tools you need to build a beautiful and successful store

What did our research participants say about Squarespace Ecommerce?

Squarespace trumps most of its rivals when it comes to customer scores. Where Squarespace scores a 4.3, only Shopify beats it with a 4.8. Other big competitors don't score quite as well, like Wix (4.2) and BigCommerce (3.6).

We asked our research participants to describe how they found building their Squarespace shop. Here’s what some of them had to say…

“I really liked how there was the option to have promo pop ups on your store. It made Squarespace appear very professional and it’s a great way to really show off about your offers to your customers, right in front of their very eyes.”

“It would be good to have more drag and drop features and maybe a little more control over the general positioning of things.” 

“Its templates look incredibly professional, and Squarespace provides a description of the features that come with that particular template.”

Expert verdict

We’ve shown you every side of the Squarespace Ecommerce story, reviewing its sales tools, pricing, top features, and more.

A design-oriented ecommerce platform, Squarespace does offer some impressive marketing and sales features, too, including multi-channel integration and the ability to sell digital and service-based products. For an overall recap, check out Squarespace’s research scores below…

Website featuresSales toolsDesign functionsValue for moneyHelp and supportCustomer scoreEase of useTotal rating

With these scores in mind, we recommend Squarespace to people who are building sites for small or medium-sized businesses, and are looking for a great value ecommerce platform that combines design and ecommerce to perfection. And with the recent overhaul of their user interface, the platform's ease of use has skyrocketed, making it a lot more approachable. It’s not the ideal option for large operations, but it has everything you need for your small or medium-sized business to outshine and outperform the competition.

Dan’s a Senior Writer at Expert Market, specialising in digital marketing, web design, and photocopiers, amongst other topics.