Top 5 Direct Mailing Services in the UK & London

Direct Mailing Services

Direct mail service providers can offer large and small UK businesses easy and affordable marketing solutions to help businesses connect with consumers and clients.

Whilst more traditional than online methods, direct mailings have the potential to create a lot of impact. They are harder to ignore and can feature a more personal touch than an email or a broadcast advert.

With so many direct mailing services to choose from, making the decision as to which one to choose can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together the top 5 direct mailing services in the UK and London.

About Direct Mailing Services

Direct mailing services have many advantages for UK businesses. Companies, organisations and individuals who lack the time, capacity and budget to employ dedicated staff to deal with direct mailing can benefit from outsourcing to a specialised service provider who can take care of everything from designing the materials, producing the copy, printing and distributing as well as provide distribution lists for specified target audiences.

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We’ve put together our top 5 direct mailing services. These are just a brief introduction to what’s available, with plenty more service providers out there to suit your location, needs and budget.

1. Mail and Print

Mail and Print deliver a wide range of professional, affordable direct mail services for businesses and organisations catering from small mailings right the way through to large scale distributions. With a dedicated team of copywriters, designers and marketing professionals, they can take care of all of your direct mailing activities. Prices vary according to the brief but items can be posted from as little as 14.63p!

2. PS Mailing

With an impressive client list which includes YouGov, Cow & Gate, the National Osteoporosis Society and LG Personnel, PS Mailing have an established reputation and provides services all over London and the UK. ‘Helping to deliver your message’ they aim to help clients cover everything from basic mailings to design and copywriting. The friendly team are always on hand to answer queries and discuss how they can help you with your direct mailing activities. Quotes can be obtained by contacting PS Mailing directly.

3. CMS Central Mailing Services

Based in Birmingham but providing services all over the UK, CMS have over 20 years of experience working in the direct mailing industry. They cover a wide range of direct mailing services and can also take care of printing and distribution. With excellent testimonies and feedback from clients, they are a great choice for both large and small businesses. Prices vary according to job size.

4. Lewis Direct Mail

Based in London and working for a range of professional clients which include publishers and academic institutions, Lewis Direct Mail are an experienced and capable firm providing comprehensive direct mail services for a whole range of business needs. They provide assistance at all levels from complete campaigns to simple distribution at affordable rates. Quotes available on request.

5. Washington Direct Mail

WDM provide a complete direct mail service, offering design, print and mailing services from their in house team. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, they come highly recommended by current and past clients and put a great emphasis on building strong customer relations and service. Prices vary according to job size.

Using direct mail services in the UK can help boost your business. An easy, tried and tested method of communicating, direct mail can achieve some fantastic results and return on interest.

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