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Selectabase Review for Business Data Lists

Selectabase Review

Selectabase is an online provider of direct marketing lists, which enable individuals, organisations and businesses to target clients and consumers who may be interesting in their products and services.

Using a company like Selectabase to take care of your business data lists can help you and your business save time and money as well as ensure that you’re using them to their full potential.

Expert Market UK can help you find the most appropriate business data list providers for your needs.

Creative Business Data Lists

Selectabase offer a range of creative business data list services which can be downloaded to your computer each month.

Stand out options which offer something different to other providers include the opportunity to receive lists of businesses celebrating a birthday, for example, from just £49 a month.

With services available for both business and consumer data lists, they cover a range of business needs including B2B direct marketing.
Selectabase maintain their business data lists with current details of companies as well as new business leads to ensure that its customers are always up to date with new developments and are always ahead of the game.

Simply fill in the form above to receive an accurate and relevant list of business data list providers like Selectabase as well as price comparisons to help you choose the right one.

Comprehensive Services

Offering services for both new start-ups as well as existing business, Selectabase have experience dealing with a wide range of organisations and cover services for both large and small UK businesses.

Promising to help you deliver engaging and effective targeting campaigns, Selectabase offer both bespoke and standard packages to help get you on your way.

Readymade packages include New B2B Lists, offering details of new companies emerging every month and Recently Moved, a business list which keeps you up to date with changes in names and changes in addresses – a vital tool for maintaining contact with your target audience.

For other business data list needs, they will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and put together an appropriate package for you.

Easy to use and navigate

The process of working with Selectabase is easy and straightforward. A visit to their website offers plenty of options to view packages and services as well as clear and easy signage for obtaining a quote.

They currently offer a free 10 credit deal when you sign up to the service which allows you to trial its data lists and see if they’re the right fit for you and your business. Following 5 simple steps, you can choose your target criteria, eliminate unwanted address and receive an accurate and comprehensive data list to get you on your way to your email marketing campaign.

What others say about Selectabase

Selectabase’s clients include Auditel, Rowan Marketing, Phoenix Recruitment, TEKNET and the Best of Oxford. Testimonies reveal that they are quick to respond to enquiries, provide up to date, useful businesses and are especially effective at creating database lists for new businesses.

The friendly, approachable staff make it even easier for customers to get the services they want and need and offer full on-going support to those who sign up for their services.

Overall, Selectabase are a trusted and respected provider of business and consumer data lists. Offering great customer service, easy to use packages and affordable, competitive rates, they will make a fantastic choice for anyone considering purchasing data lists and services.

Expert Market UK searches for companies and service providers like Selectabase and offers a detailed price comparison to help you find the right provider.

Simply fill out the form above and we will help you find the best business data list providers for your business so that you can get on your way to creating effective marketing campaigns.