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MarketingFile Review for Direct Marketing Lists

MarketingFile Review

Labelling themselves as the ‘largest online supplier of direct marketing lists’, MarketingFile are a professional and reputable direct marketing service provider who offer many marketing solutions for both small and large businesses in the UK, including direct marketing lists.

They work with a range of companies, from large corporations through to schools and colleges, showing off a diverse portfolio which proves they are capable of handling any job.

Expert Market UK can help you find companies like MarketingFile in order to select the best direct marketing list providers for you and your business.

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Complete Marketing Solutions

MarketingFile specialise in providing direct marketing lists for customers, but also offer a range of marketing solutions for businesses such as email broadcasting, direct mail print, data cleaning and others. Helping your business to reach the full potential of direct mailing, MarketingFile offers to take care of everything on your behalf, from providing you with comprehensive marketing lists for consumers, businesses and organisations to the printing and distribution of your mailings.

Competitive Pricing

With some of the most competitive pricing on the market, MarketingFile offers both fantastic value and high quality services. Current advertised prices are:

From 49p for Print and Post mail fulfilment. This includes printing, supply of envelopes and postage.

From £49 for email campaigns, either to existing customers or to new prospective customers.

Checking of Online TPS (Telephone Preference Service), FPS (Fax Preference Service) and MPS (Mail Preference Service) from 1p per number/address.

Great Reputation

MarketingFile have been in the industry for over 15 years, and claim to be the first company to offer direct marketing lists online. They have evolved and expanded to incorporate a thorough and efficient direct marketing list service which includes the provision of Business Lists, Consumer Lists, 100% Delivery Guaranteed Lists, Email Lists, Postal Lists, Fax Lists and Telemarketing Lists. With so many options on offer, MarketingFile can produce the most appropriate direct marketing lists for you and your business’ needs. They possess the largest selection of lists available in the UK and are also a member of the UK Direct Marketing Association.

Working with trusted, well-known companies and organisations including Experian, Equifax and RGA, MarketingFile have access to resources that are unavailable to smaller, less established firms.

High Quality Services

With high standards of customer service, and a dedication to their clients, MarketingFile can offer a lot to businesses hoping to boost interest and profit through direct mail marketing. Not many firms offer affordable pricing and a personal service, which is why MarketingFile makes a great choice for any business, whether they are start-ups or more established companies. A quick call or email to one of the team will soon get you on your way to accessing a large number of potential customers, including enquiries for single or one-off projects.

Compare prices and get the best deals on direct mailing lists from top UK providers.

What Others Say About MarketingFile

The MarketingFile website provides plenty of critical information about the company and its services. It is fairly rare for companies to advertise their prices online, but MarketingFile can give you an indication of the costs involved, before inviting you to easily obtain a quote for your specific needs. Reviews of the site are positive, praising the company for its comprehensive and professional approach.

If it’s a service provider with an established reputation and the largest direct marketing lists database in the UK you’re looking for, MarketingFile is the ideal provider for you.
There are many other fantastic direct marketing list providers online which cater for a range of business needs.