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Email Mailing Lists

Few people would seriously dispute that email marketing lists have revolutionised marketing campaigns over the last 20 years.

However, there continues to be an important role for direct mailing lists involving the sending out of postal communications to target customers.

Yet because of the cost and environmental issues associated with conventional mailing campaigns, it is more important than ever to ensure that your marketing is appropriately targeted at potentially responsive recipients.

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The Benefits of Direct Mailing Lists for Your UK Business

Whilst email marketing campaigns are effective in certain contexts, conventional direct mailing campaigns may be advantageous in other situations.

Why? In practice, conventional postal campaigns may:

  • Be harder for recipients to ignore – This is largely to do with the psychology associated with receiving an item of physical mail which results in a strong urge to open it to see what is inside – even if it is suspected to be marketing. By contrast, emails can be instantly deleted or even screened out by appropriate filtering software
  • Be easier to distribute – Certain materials such as brochures, flyers, booklets, catalogues and so on, may be far more easily distributed than their electronic equivalents
  • Appear more trustworthy – Distributing materials by mail does suggest that the organisation has a certain degree of standing and robustness that isn’t necessarily conveyed by the receipt of a single email that is indistinguishable from any one of a thousand others
  • Reach potential target consumers – Who are still not regularly using the internet. That might be particularly important in the case of some target segments, such as retired people, who are not and may never be users of email services.

Although these are all powerful reasons why direct mailing may be a suitable mechanism for some campaigns, this approach also brings with it a number of key points that require consideration:

  • Overall cost – The cost of producing your materials in paper may be higher than a corresponding electronic product.
  • Environmental impact – In an increasingly environmentally-aware society, distributing paperwork that has not been requested or is not required may prove to be controversial – even where its recycled or recyclable credentials are clearly highlighted.
  • Distribution – Your distribution costs per potential new customer may be considerably higher than the electronic equivalent.

As a result of these considerations, it is even more important for postal campaigns to have accurate and well-segmented direct mailing lists than it would be for an equivalent electronic campaign.

There are organisations that will provide help with such lists and potentially the distribution services too.

Direct mailing Lists Prices & Rates

As is inevitably the case, the amount you will pay for your lists and associated services may vary between providers and will be based upon the specific nature of the lists and ancillary services you are purchasing.

As a broad indication, some entry-level list prices start at £0.05p per address provided, assuming that your segmentation is at the simplest level of geographic postcode.

Prices might typically increase in situations where you require more complicated segmentation by things such as age, occupation, gender and so on.

Prices might also be affected by whether or not you rent or lease your lists. As a general rule, rental prices will be based around a one-time use whereas leasing may allow you to continue to use the lists for a period of up to a specified number of months.

Finally, if you are asking for printing and distribution services as well, then your prices may arise again.

The bottom line price to you will depend very much upon just how many people you plan to distribute your materials to and who is going to produce / distribute them for you.

How to Choose the Best Direct Mailing Lists Company/Service

Although the natural temptation may be to focus very much initially on prices, it might be advisable to think a little more outside the box before you select a provider.

Other considerations that might apply could include:

  • How many mailing lists do they have and how detailed is the segmentation offered
  • Are they capable of offering you a segmentation you require in order to specifically identify your potential targets
  • Do they have an effective understanding of all legislation relating to direct mailing campaigns including opt-out registrations etc.? Even more importantly, can they provide you with evidence that they are going to be able to comply with them?
  • Remember, you may have certain legal exposures here unless you are seen to take appropriate steps

  • Can they assist with materials production and distribution services?

Getting your selection wrong might prove to be both frustrating and expensive. More importantly, it might result in an extremely disappointing outcome to your campaign in situations where your materials are simply not reaching the right people in the right locations.

Direct Mailing Lists Companies/Services in the UK

Just a brief selection of some of the companies providing services in this area includes:

  • iMail – An organisation that provides not only mailing lists but also printing and distribution services
  • DataHQ – A company offering over 36 million consumer mailing addresses together with the details of over 2.2 million business customer addresses
  • DirectMail – This organization provides the full range of services and also specializes in highly segmented lists including things such as the addresses of people who have just moved home
Need Direct Mailing Lists?
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Next Steps?

The final cost of your mailing campaigns will depend significantly upon a number of the variables mentioned above.

However, it may also be influenced, as may its prognosis for success, by you selecting an appropriate provider to begin with.

This is where our services can help by connecting you up to some of the best and most appropriate providers around, given an understanding of your basic requirements.

If you will take a few minutes to provide us with a little information relating to your needs, using the above form as a template, we will then arrange for you to receive some attractive costs and propositions from some of the top providers in the business.

This is an important first step towards running a successful marketing campaign – so don’t hesitate to let us help you to go forward.