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Sales professionals across all industries struggle to remain organized. Zoho seeks to make it as easy as possible, providing tools that help professionals manage sales activities and track leads. With its overview of each sales team member’s sales cycle, Zoho allows teams to easily identify trends and spot opportunities to improve results.

In addition to its CRM software, Zoho also provides tools to help businesses manage email, provide customer support, handle invoicing and expense reporting, and manage HR activities. Zoho has a user base of more than 13 million.

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Product, Service, and Solutions

With a free plan, businesses get up to ten users and access to many of the app’s best features. This includes sales force automation tools such as the ability to manage leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. The free plan also includes integration with Twitter and Facebook, as well as email templates.

Upgrading to one of the paid plans gives businesses access to more advanced features, including sales forecasting, the ability to capture leads from social media sites, and mass emailing capabilities.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Zoho CRM offers several benefits over some of its direct competitors:

  • The free version of Zoho CRM has features that are sufficient to many businesses’ needs.
  • Bringing contact lists over from Outlook is a simple process.
  • Quota management allows sales managers to keep track of individual team member performance.
  • Businesses can capture leads from website visits, as well as importing leads from external sources, such as conference attendee lists.
  • Managers can match leads to the team member best suited to convert them.

There are also a few drawbacks, especially when compared with competing applications.

  • Creating custom reports is difficult within the application, with users limited in the number of fields they can choose.
  • Integration with QuickBooks is limited and costs extra.
  • Offline access is not available in the free or professional version.

Case Studies

Among Zoho CRM’s many users is Logitek, a company that provides technology solutions to industrial markets. Logitek migrated to Zoho from Salesforce, moving its marketing, sales, management, and technical support processes to the platform.

Through Zoho, Logitek now has a 360-degree view of its client relationships. This insight has allowed the company to improve internal processes and identify opportunities that might have otherwise been missed.

Independently-owned companies benefit from Zoho CRM, as well. Fitness product company Natural Hero Ltd. chose the software to replace a process that involved a combination of emails, spreadsheets, and documents.

After a gradual introduction to the software, the company has found value in the reports, which show where they need to put their focus in order to increase their bottom line.


With its easy Outlook integration, Zoho CRM is a natural choice for businesses that use Outlook for email activity. Because the free version includes so many features, it’s also a good option for small businesses interested in trying out CRM software. However, many larger businesses have converted from competing apps to the service.

Zoho’s cloud-based interface works across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows devices. This gives users a lot of flexibility when adding notes and update contacts on the go.

Many of Zoho’s other solutions are free, as well, so customers can also add billing, help desk, and HR modules without additional fees. This makes the system fully scalable, especially if a business is willing to upgrade to a paid version as it grows.

Customer support is available, but some users have reported complaints with the quality of support provided. However, Zoho offers a webinar to introduce new customers to the software, as well as a forum in which it allows customers to pose their questions to other users and Zoho administrators.

Overall Zoho’s CRM software is a great choice for a broad range of businesses.

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