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Yardi Software Review: RENTCafé CRM

Yardi is a leading provider of software solutions for the real estate industry, and their CRM application offers centralised customer and contact information within a single database. You can control your property leasing arrangements from the dashboard, and keep track of inventory, properties and contracts.

What features does Yardi CRM provide?


  • Easy search facilities for your portfolio
  • Synchronise contacts and tasks to keep track of tenants
  • Use within Microsoft Outlook
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • View all communications in one place
  • Maintain a library of standard clauses for your contracts
  • Create and track deals
  • Use mail merge features to generate letters and other documentation
  • CRM analytics


Workflows can be pre-scheduled so that you know where you are up to, and tasks are not duplicated by your staff. The fact that all communications are centralised is one of the biggest benefits of this software, as you can manage incoming and outgoing emails and keep track of your clients. Improve your return on investment by tracking and analysing the success of marketing campaigns.

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