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Vtiger CRM Review

Vtiger originally formed as an offshoot of SugarCRM, with the intention of it being an open-source CRM.

However, the application has evolved tremendously over the years and now offers a full suite of services through its cloud platform.

Customers have the choice of a sales or support package or a combination of both. This range of options means that businesses can find the CRM setup to meet their individual needs and budget.

Large businesses may require the ultimate package, which arms their help desk, customer service, sales, and marketing teams with a full-service solution.

Smaller businesses can choose only the package(s) they need to support their activities.

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Product, Service and Solutions

Vtiger offers three types of plans, with each plan including two hours of self-service onboarding assistance:


£6.45-£12.90 per user, per month

The sales plan has everything a team needs to manage and close deals, including contact and pipeline management, workflow automation, a quote builder, and advanced reporting. With the professional plan businesses also get access to sales forecasting, social CRM, invoicing, payment processing, and multiple currencies.


£6.45 per user, per month

The Support package is designed for customer service representatives and help desk support teams. The support package includes contact and ticket management, a customer portal, a knowledge-base, and web/email-to-ticket functionality.


£16.10 per user, per month

This package combines both the sales and support modules, pulling all of their features together in one place. In addition to those features, this package includes project management, inventory management, and the ability to build custom modules, among other features.<.p>

While many of the features are basic to CRM offerings, Vtiger adds on features that aren't always found with standard CRM packages, such as invoicing and payment processing. Having this tied into the sales process, means businesses can more easily track sales processes from start to finish.

Case Studies


Contus Logo

Mobility cloud company Contus experienced sudden growth, causing it to outgrow its existing CRM. By switching to Vtiger, Contus was able to increase monthly revenues by £45,000 and saw a 30-percent increase in conversion rates.

Best of all, the company was able to get its new system running within just a few hours using the On Demand feature.


Breezway Logo

Louvre window manufacturer Breezway has sales professionals located across the globe. Without a centralized sales system, the company found that often opportunities were lost due to delayed communication.

Using Vtiger, Breezway's team now have a centralized location to share information about customer interactions, quotes, and orders. This keeps deals moving and ensures any problems are resolved quickly.

Vtiger Benefits and Drawbacks

There are several benefits to Vtiger, including:

  • Top-quality customer support, including a self-service onboarding process that comes with each selected package.
  • Packages are available specific to sales and support, as well as a combination of both if needed.
  • Built-in invoicing and quotes give Vtiger an edge over competitors who don't offer this feature.

Some of the drawbacks to Vtiger include:

  • Lacks the integrations some competing CRMs have.
  • Feature limitations make it better suited for small and mid-sized organizations than large enterprises.

Vtiger Verdict

Vtiger has all the features a smaller business needs to manage its sales and customer support processes, including invoice functions. For businesses that need both plans, there is an ultimate plan that combines both packages and adds more advanced features. The company's support team makes it easy for non-technical users to get answers to the questions they have.

Larger businesses may prefer a package that offers more integration options. This will give them more options to meet their specific needs. But for businesses that want an all-in-one solution for their CRM needs, Vtiger is a great option.

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