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Top 5 Social CRM Software Tools for Your Small Business

What is a CRM System?

A CRM system is an essential multifunctional business software tool that can revolutionise the way you conduct your business.

CRMs were originally designed to manage customer data in companies that utilised a sales force, but are now used by businesses of all sizes and types to manage every detail of and every interaction with existing customers, prospects and leads.

CRM systems can identify sales and cross-selling opportunities, manage the sales pipeline, offer a way to record vast amounts of customer data, identify potential customers and improve communication with your existing customer base.

Essentially, CRM systems have moved from being a nice addition to an absolute business must have.

The Top 5 Social CRM Software Tools for Your Small Business

The advent and increasing importance of social media to business presents a new set of challenges to those looking to invest in CRM. Systems that ignore its existence are mostly irrelevant to small business which rely on social media as much, if not more than larger companies.

Here we will look at the top 5 social CRM software tools designed for small businesses to help you narrow down your options and choose the one with the right fit.


As well as the fundamental basics of a great CRM system, Salesforce is now fully geared up to keep you active in the social media revolution.

This system is cloud based and charged per user, per month, with a range of editions and sizes available.

Salesforce's offline data allows you to keep all social media contact details for your clients and prospects, including pictures and profile information, and will monitor pre-filtered social media conversations to identify sales opportunities and fresh leads.

You can also identify customer service issues thanks to those filters and channel them to the right person at the right time.

Prices start at £45 per user, per month.

2. Sage CRM

Sage CRM is cloud based and prices start at £20 per user, per month. In addition to its wealth of standard features, Sage CRM is packed with social media tools and integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

It allows you to foster relationships through your social media accounts and manage all accounts and communications from within your CRM.

Alternatively, Sage Act! is locally hosted if you prefer an off-the-shelf solution.

3. Conversocial

Conversocial is different to other CRM systems simply because it was designed for social media and has not had to evolve to accommodate it.

This package offers a huge array of social media tools that also help to run your business, managing everything from identifying and handling customer service issues to issuing customer updates and service announcements.

Conversocial helps you get to grips with the world's view of your business so you can adapt your sales and marketing strategy, identify problems, respond quickly and keep your customers happy with fast and effective action.

Prices start at £50 per month (per business).

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4. InTouch CRM

In the information age, streamlining information and software in business is a must. InTouch CRM offers that capability to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to manage your social media, email and marketing campaigns from within the same portal.

With InTouch you can tweet, email, update Facebook and promote your email marketing campaigns across your social media accounts, all without having to navigate to each account separately.

You can also manage all of your contacts across all platforms, easily keeping everything organised and in one convenient location.

5. CubeSocial

Like Conversocial, CubeSocial is a CRM system built with social media marketing in mind, with a simple interface and masses of social media functionality.

Pricing is £9 per user, per month and as there is no contract, is a real pay as you go CRM system.

Cube monitors all of your social media accounts and brings everything to your inbox, as well as keeping conversation history and showing team activities. You can manage all of your profiles, manage your contacts and find new prospects all at the touch of a button.